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02 Oct 2013 15:52:37
Newcastle have been given the go ahead to sign Remy permanently as redknapp has come out and said he hopes his loaned players stay at their clubs, and good luck to them.

Meanwhile Alan pardew reportedly offered to resign, Ashley turned the offer down but told him he needs to do better.


Meanwhile Pardew did not offer to resign and Redknapp has the last laugh on Remy
Redknapp can ask what he wants but 8 or 9 million would be too much Ashley to make this deal permanent

Remy still has the rape trial to come -we won't consider signing him until after the outcome of that is known

Gus poyet will our next manager unless pards turns things around.

No self respecting manager would wanna come 2 nufc especially when a little pokey club like Brighton got more ambition than us he''ll end up at 5under1and n we''ll b stuck wit jokinear

Gus poyet? No thanks, Laudrup please.

Our next manager will be Coko the Clown with own owner we have!

If AP goes everyone needs to see NOTHING WILL CHANGE!

How will it, do you think a change of manager will make MA start to spend his money?
No matter who we have, we are in the same situation!

Say we sign a manager who everyone wants, a good talented one.
He will still have the same team, the same back room staff, same training ground, and same owner not giving him money to spend.

There is also the tiny thing. AP goes MA will look for a CHEAP option. He won't go for a world class manger that you all want.

I say its better the devil you know!

How many teams have a front 3 of Ben Arfa, Cisse and Remy? We have the players, just need a proper manager

Ha Cisse can't hit the target, can't score goals. i'd actually love to see how many shots he has on target this year.
He is totally fantastic at getting caught off side and missing the target.

HBA is a one match wonder! He can't string more then three games together playing well. He gets caught up in his own ego thinking he can go alone all the time. Did you actually see HBA at Everton. He look as brain dead as Mbwia running away from the ball!
We all know the problem with him, his attitude.
The players around him to don't make it any easier on the lad comparing him to Messi all the time!

Remy isn't our player, so we can not rely on him all the time doing the business. The end of the season he will be back with QPR in the Premier League (unless rumours are true and that Arry has said that all the loan players can stay where they are) scoring goals past us again!

We can rely on Remy he's been our best player so far this season n don't 4get it's world cup year next year

He's not our player though.

Your missing the point here, Cisse can't fire goals for us, they are coming froma player who is on loan.

We are relying on him to score for us, if he keeps doing it you know we won't get money in January to bring in another forward.
When Remy goes back to QPR we will be lost again without a striker who can score goals!
Just what happened with Ba when he was sold, he was firing for us, Cisse wasn't then we got stuck with Cisse not been able to score all last season!

Doesn't Pardew owe MA loads of money?

No he doesn't. Makums made that up

It's no secret that AP had gambling debts. Rumour has it as part of his contract and agreement to join Newcastle was that MA paid all of Pardews debt off. Rumours though

For the comment about Harry Redknapp having the last Laugh and saying he could more or less ask for anything is completely incorrect.

When Remy signed it was well publicised that he had a clause in his contract, this was also confirmed by Redknapp. Remys clause was for between 6 & 8 MIL, No doubt there will be a price already inserted into the loan agreement.

We need to Snap him up in January tho, we won't have a chance next Summer with the FORM he is in at the moment.




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