Newcastle Rumours Archive March 02 2012


02 Mar 2012 15:24:30
I aint saying we are gonna finish 4th, what with Chelsea being where they are - however we could cement 5th if we can beat the filth on Sunday and then beat Norwich and then if we can get a result at Arsenal.

I know it may be a tall order, but bar the spurs game, we have played really well all season.

I think that we have put all of the doubters in place and all of the haters too who said we would be for the drop. Carr has scouted some real tallent this season and we look to be on a sound financial footing now.

Hopefully we can get some euro footie next season where the loosers from the champions league group stages cannot drop in.

Lets hope our dirty neighbours are sent packing back to their caves with their tails between their leg - quite literally tails too with some of their fans!


I love the confidence that the VD supporters have (Village of the Damned). They never beat us and were VERY lucky to hang on to a point yesterday.

What a fantastic, balanced and erudite argument you put forward.golly, I'm so convinced by it.


Arrogance will be your downfall SGB, prepare to be beating tomorrow and it will be 7point behind with 3 points back to wearside I think you will find!

Go with your head, not your heart you smb. you all know your going back to scumberland with 0 points and 13points behind the 'topdogs' or whatever you like to call yourselfs

Is it me but you played crap against villa, QPR, wolves at home for starters. the only filth is newc9st1e! Sunderland will win march 4th at the SPORTS DIRECT ARENA! SGBS

How long ye been a fan 3 weeks as i cant remember ye playing well at fuham

If if if is that all you got. we can all if and but lots of games left for you to lose no europe im afraid




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