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02 Jun 2013 15:26:31
Ba could be coming back when Mourinho takes over with him intending to bring in Ronaldo, and Cavani as well as wanting to keep Lukaku rather than send him out on loan.

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Don't want him - he took the money and ran to Chelsea - then slagged us off
Why would we have him back

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Possible I guess, he has been rubbish for Chelsea and I cannot see Mourinho rating him.

He seemed to leave on good terms with Pardew too.

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Daft as a Bush really
Fans believe anything and when there is nothing they maje something up like this Ba & Remey not coming to NUFC

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I'd prefer lukaku, as he's young and has loads of potential

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Lukaku also has a huge price tag and he'd have a very long list of clubs interested if he was to become available, wish people would just forget about him and Aubameyang sign them on FIFA or football manager because they're not signing for us.

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I don't think Ba slagged us off at all, certainly not the fans. He said he didn't enjoy Pardew's hoof ball but who does?

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Wont get him for 7m though

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Forget Ba,
Forget Lukaku
and Forget about PEA

They'll never come!

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02 Jun 2013 14:07:50
The two strikers newcastle will look to sign in the summer are Bony for around 10 million and Guidetti of man city as his lack of football. Both have been prolific in the dutch league, guidetti could be available for around 7 million.
Cabaye will be sold to PSG for around 25 million and ben arfa will make his way to monaco for 20 million. There replacements will be gervinho who we were interested in before his move to arsenal, he will be signed for 7 million. Cabaye replacement will be McCarthy of wigan for 12 million. This will leave around 10 million left in the kity for siem de jong.

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If you're right, that would be 3 strikers not 2!

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Not Gervinho, he's been absolutely useless at Arsenal, for £7m I'd rather someone like McManaman or Ince or Dries Mertens maybe. As for McCarthy I'd rather Belhanda for £12m or maybe Marko Marin from Chelsea since he's not getting games there and will want to secure a place in the Germany squad for the World Cup next year. As for the £10m for Siem de Jong if I was Ashley I'd tell Ajax to shut up and take my money. Btw Bony's fee has been set at at least £12m

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What about CBs? We'll need one if Williamson leaves, two if Colo leaves. As it is we need a new one. Pardew's said we need a big 6 foot 4 CB who can score from set pieces.

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If Gervinho cannot get his attacking game in order under Wenger, imagine what he would be like under Pardew.

If you are an attacking player and Wenger cannot get the best out of you, then no one can.

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And ashley will just let you spend all that money will he? cabaye 25m your having a laugh, ben arfa 15m tops!

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Guidetti's agent is sunderlands new director od football de fanti. not likely to happen

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Cabaye will go for 15m
Ben arfa will go for around the same

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Just because you've done the exact same thing on football manager, doesn't mean we're going to do the same. Good story all the same.

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Would love us to sign John Guidetti, not sure City will let him go cheaply though.

Pardew has stated that he wants premier league experience so James mccarthy and Gervinho certainly fit the bill in that regard. I personally think we could do better and hope there is some substance in the Boudebouz and Will Hughes links.

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I would hate marin, he has nothing about him all he seems to do is turn and spin. Belhanda would be decent but personally I would prefer we look at more players in the prem, McCarthy would be good. Ince or Sinclair would be ok. I would LOVE Bojan as he is available. If coloccini leaves then I would like vermalean. if tiote leaves I wouldn't mind huddlestone or wanyama

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I think gervinho has showed in glimpses that he can be a great player. Think arsenal might just be to big for him. Think he could do well at toon with a run in the team. Upgrade on what we have and can play on wing in front 3

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I think gervinho would be another Obertan, has the ability, pace and all other assets required but has absolutely no clue how to use them.

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Gervinhino another Obertan?!

No mate, Obertan is absolutely useless!

Gervinhino is a talanted player, just its very hard to break into a squad with the depth of Arsenal for wingers!

Haha another Obertan

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Bojan is junk. if he was that good then big teams would be looking at him.

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No I totally agree with him, another Obertan is exactly what I think Gervinho would be.

He's got the decision making and football brain of a rhinoceros.

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02 Jun 2013 13:57:28
Apparently we're interested in Celtic DM Victor Wanyama. Celtic are apparently interested youngsters in Paul Dummett and Connor Newton who are unlikely to start for us any time soon with Dummett behind Santon and Haidara and Newton behind Bigirimana and would also be behind Wanyama or Hughes if we signed either of them. So if this is true maybe a them and a bit of cash for Wanyama would be a good move.

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Not gervinho we dodged a bullet missing out on him he is useless, he is worth about 700,000k not 7 mil.
Thanks arsenal for saving us a load of cash.

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Newcastle to offer 10 million pounds and Paul dummet and Connor Newton on season long longs with view of a permanent move after the loan is completed for victor wanyana we are Also untreated in Celtic keeper Fraser Forster and west brom James Morrison

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No chance Wanyama leaving Celtic for Newcastle

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Should have got Wanyama when Carr first spotted him and he was 900K

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Celtic won't 12 million and up so yeh should have got him when he was 900k

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02 Jun 2013 13:54:59
According to the chronicle, we are after celtic's victor Wanyama as a replacement for tiote who seems to be off.

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