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02 Jun 2012 22:22:10
Hey Ed, where's Clint Dempsey headed? Dreaming he signs for us somehow... Deuce/Papiss/Hatem would be killah. {Ed007's Note - Just keep those dreams of the dry variety.}

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Some people just don't get we don't sign 29 year olds any more

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That front three would tear defences apart although I cant see it happening hes probs off to arse nal and would probs cost 12 milish

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Dempsey would be great, but too old for the transfer policy we seem to have in place

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Dempsey would be a great addition to any premier league team. Playing in his prime and his experience would be good knowledge for our relatively young squad.

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02 Jun 2012 22:42:35
Youssouf Mulumbu has said in an interview that he is in talks with Newcastle and Spurs

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Could be back up for Tiote and especially now that we have lost Guthrie and Smith we do need more midfield cover.

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When was the last time newcastle needed or played smith. along with owen one of newcastles worst financial deals

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Tiote is going . I know this

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On his way to old trafford

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Seedorf to Newcastle. Looks that way.

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We would have 2 amazing cdm. come on nufc

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How come every single player nufc are linked with they are also quickly linked with tottenham and arsenal? Do their scouts follow our scouts or something? {Ed007's Note - Agents are a shady bunch mate, plus you are all probably shopping in the same market (price range).}

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02 Jun 2012 19:24:16
Confirmed players leaving:
Danny Guthrie, Peter Lovenkrands, Alan Smith, Sam Adjei, Phil Airey, Ryan Donaldson, Stevie Folan, Jeff Henderson, Tamas Kadar, Greg McDermott and Patrick Nzuzi.

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Theres a reason why Guthrie has hit peak same with lovn & smith.Youngsters arent good enough but wheres Dan Taylor.Also on Released players no Juniour Hoillet

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That's because the list is for Premier League teams, Blackburn are no longer a Premier League team.

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Smith just got a new deal for 65k a week and he accepted it!!

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Im sunderland and like reading the banter but that last one about smith signing a new contract is terrible releasing him will save ye club over 3 mill a year think most mags will be glad to see the back of him

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Why are people disagreeing with original post? Its fact

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02 Jun 2012 16:35:56
Newcastle set to sign Mathieu Debuchy and Yacine Bahrami before the euros kick off on friday

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Like to see it happen but I think more chance of winning the lottery than signing at any time not just before Friday

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Any chance of swapping ba for romelu lukaku

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Sorry who does barhami play for ? and love debuchy there

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Brahimi plays for Rennes. Theres rumours he's handed in a transfer request and that we've been watching him.

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Is the Transfer Window open or is it nxt month

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Think it officially opens july 1st, however clubs can still do deals now, just they won't be officially registered till july 1st.

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02 Jun 2012 13:32:55
Luke De Jong to come in to replace Ba who I would like to keep but it will be the players choice. At least Harry th Whore wont get him. also simpson needs to go QPR VILLA he can make whatever back step he wants a good replacement wont be that hard to find kieran N.Ireland

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Luuk de Jong 21 Ba 28 go for Luuk de Jong

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Simpson had the most off the line clearences in the prem last season so it might be kind of hard and he was our mos consistant plyer for us

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Ba's 27 btw.

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Shame he's never marking the players having the shots

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But Still Luuk has better potential

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Simpson offers us absolutely nothing. Yes he's been in the right place a couple of times, but other than that: distribution is horrendous, far too slow, has the turning circle of a train and can't cross to save his life. Let him leave and we can easily get a better player in. I'd even have perch or R Taylor before that mug. SJ
Ps man city after Collo for 8m.. He is irreplaceable to us, so we shud tell them to do one!

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Ba is 26 cisse is 27

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Cisse is 26 Ba is 27

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02 Jun 2012 10:05:12
Got a friend that works at chelsea and he`s well in there and he`s stated that they`re preparing a bid for cisse and that spurs are ready to activate ba`s clause. also heard that newcastle will sign johnson whos been released from fulham to fill in the boots of ba and cisse

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Everything about this is clearly total rubbish, as anyone with any sort of knowledge knows spurs cant't activate ba's clause.

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Spurs cannot activate his clause, only CL teams can do that

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SMB! I bet you don't have anyone who's 'in there' with Chelsea. Chelsea are already buying hulk for 38 million and the kind of money they are gonna need to bid for cisse, he's going to have a spend more money than he has in a long time and with no confirmed manager, they might not want to have someone else's signings so I don't think he'd risk buying players the new manager doesn't want

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Im really envious that you have a mate at chelsea (who is well in, wow) cant wait to get johnson we could pair him with Heskey and join you mackems down the lower regions of the league

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Even with Johnson and Healy up top we would still beat you lot where did you finish 13th not too sure thank you for the 4 points

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I would take Heskey I hear our cleaner is not up to scratch

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May I advise for you to do some research before trying to come up with a false rumour that sounds even slightly credible.

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Who on here has actually seen ba's or anyone elses contracts for that to come on here and say ba can only sign for cl teams ye must be well in at newcastle or either best mates with ba or his agent

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Abramovich likes to sign players wether managers like it or not shevchenko springs to mind

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I'm pretty sure both Ba and Pards have stated only CL clubs can activate the clause.

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01 Jun 2012 22:47:26
ED, do you know if we are seriously interested in Brahimi of Rennes who has supposedly handed in a transfer request. {Ed013's Note - I don't think he has handed in a transfer request, but if he had there would be a lot of clubs interested}

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