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02 Jul 2012 20:24:15
Are we still interested in Mulumbu?
Cause i think we should go for him instead of Anita

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02 Jul 2012 18:25:45
Ed, any truth in Stephen Taylor going to Aston Villa ? {Ed001's Note - not that I am aware of.}

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Absolute nonsense. Whoever came up with that rumour has less brain cells than Wayne Rooney has non-transplanted hair on his head

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I fekin hope not!

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Worst rumour i've heard all week, they can't even spell "Steven" correctly...Dirty Mackem?

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If its true and because he,s english and the possibilty of him being an england centre half for many years to come what do you think steven taylor would be worth what do you think ed..? {Ed001's Note - no idea, he is not close to the England squad, mostly due to his injuries, so I don't see that being relevant, at the moment. In fact, I think his injuries mean that his value is not close to what Newcastle would sell him for.}

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02 Jul 2012 14:20:37
Hi Ed. Im hearing that we have made a bid of 6m for Debuchy. Is that true? {Ed001's Note - as far as I am aware, having asked specifically, no bid has been placed. But, the answer could be disingenuous, as Newcastle could have asked if 6m is enough to buy him, without actually making a bid. That is often what happens when a club states that no bid has been received, and strictly speaking they are telling the truth.}

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02 Jul 2012 19:13:20
Reports on skysports that we've moved onto other targets after twente reject the final offer for de jong

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There's nothing on their website

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That's just a rumour. If he really wants the move as much as he says he does, then I expect him to hand in a transfer request to force Twente's hand

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FFS man. short of Strikers AGAIN !!

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Of course it's a rumour... Is this not a rumours site? i'm not trying to prophesize, i'm just relaying what i read on sky sports at the time.

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Ffs, calm down the transfer window has just opened

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Short of strikers? Way I see it, they're playing a 4-3-3 with a focus on one out and out striker in the middle. With rotation between the Demba's, they have plenty of options for the wide players (Ben Arfa, Obertan, Jonas, Marveaux) with a few young players hungry for pitch time (Sammy Ameobi, Shane Ferguson, Amalfitano, Haris Vuckic).

If we lost Ba as well, THEN would be the time to worry about the striker shortage.

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We might not be short of stikers 'now' but if we don't bring anyone in, come Jan (ACON) we will only have Shola! I'm sure we will bring someone or surely we wouldn't have let Best go now...

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01 Jul 2012 10:42:48
hi edd have you heard anything about de jong deal yet..are nufc delegates still there...?. {Ed003's Note - Not sure if they are there,but would imagine talks are continuing}

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According to ssn we have ended are interest in him

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Sky Sports reporting that we have lost interest after the last bid was rejected. New was stating that we will not pay over the odds.

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There's nothing on skysports just a rumour until we hear more from the situation.

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02 Jul 2012 14:38:32
Bye bye demba he's off to either man united or a Greek team SGBS (princey1995)

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Shouldn't you be saying bye to Sessegnon? oh no my bad you're more interested in Nufc.

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Bye Bye Sessegnon. He's off to either Barcelona or some team in Lithuania.

That's about as accurate as your prediction but I'll let it go since you're only 17 and barely out of potty training pants. Be careful though because 17 is close to the average life expectancy in Pennywell with all the pox, malnutrition and TB going around.

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A GREEK TEAM??? come on smb if your gonna try and stir it at least bring some facts eh. Get back in ya hole

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We will see and if he does we will get profit...gyan going at a loss and MON is signing top quality again i see in ceular...think you need to worrie about your own team beacause in 5 weeks time we will be on the SAFC BANTER site proper taking the P*** on the warchest you lot will have spent

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Sess going,richardson going and lots of 30 years old has beens ariving.....smb

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Anything is better than a team in the Middle East with 200 fans per game LALAS SMB

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Ha ha ha touched a nerv lol u sess is going no where unlike ba who is off on his permanent holiday to Greece SGBS (princey1995)

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LOL this is the same princey who has been on the man united page , slavering about how they are is second team ..... Plastic fan, with no loyalty!

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Ba mite be going to greece but will be in a toon top when we tear up europe. Have you ever seen a mackem in Milan.....

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When was the last time 5under1and in europe, can't remember but o well. signing 30 year old rejects from man u and tottenham and even aston villa shows you have ambition and money to qualify for europe. you think your richer than us and more famous. the only reason you're well known is because of the derby because of newcastle and their great history.
lets face it your never gonna be successful as newcastle and will never beat us at st james' park as long as we have shola ameobi 7 in 12.
FYI don't reply saying sports direct arena and btw which stadium is in the background of fifa 13.

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01 Jul 2012 15:00:29
Hi Ed. Any news on Curtis Good? {Ed001's Note - nothing sorry, I don't have any info about him, other than what I can read on the net.}

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Bye bye bestl on his way to blackburn, personaly thought his goal record was ok, unless were going to splash big cash should have kept him

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3 Million plus another player of the books seems like the better option, Ben Arfa can play upfront and De Jong looks likely so Best was not needed, Ameobi will do as 5th option.

1st Choice Striker - Cisse.
2nd - De Jong
3rd - Ba (If he stays)
4th - Ben Arfa (Shifted from the wing)
5th - Ameobi

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01 Jul 2012 13:39:16
Ed is true that De Jong has agreed to join Gladbach? {Ed001's Note - nope.}

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Ed001 is there any truth in nufc increasing there bid for de long to about 10 million which would be roughly 12.2 million euro thanks ....k {Ed001's Note - I am trying to find out mate, not had a reply back to my enquiries yet.}

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02 Jul 2012 21:47:19
Looks like N.U.F.C chase for De Jong is over as Twente reject a 14m euro bid

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02 Jul 2012 10:02:37
Anyone think we should look at balzeretti looked class for italy in euros cheers

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He age may be a problem but yea good shout though

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I agree he did look good, but he's 30 and would carry roughly the same price tag as Debuchy at 26.

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Yeh looks good mate think and rather have Santon tho......

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Nope, 30 years old, better younger options out there

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Would rather santon

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Voted top player in serie a last season so we have absolutely no chance

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Well that's not true because Pirlo was.

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