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02 Jul 2011 20:28:51
Wish people would get the Gomez rumours out of there head he would cost £30 million and is on around £90k pw and wants Champions league football also we have Ba and Shola as big strikers we are now looking for a quick finisher that's why were bidding for Erding.

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Sell shola to sunderland hopefully he will take them down

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02 Jul 2011 19:54:04
oooh big news news coming out of Spain ...Huigain on his way to Newcastle airport to discuss possible deal maybe a similar deal to HBA. Loan for 6 months 5 million down payment then 15 million if we keep him at the end of the season. Source? Espana sports

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Go back to your own page scum

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You mean big news coming out if your mouth which is bull crap. Way to gOod to play for us

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It says nothing like that

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Wot a load of bull have yous still not realised yous are going 2 get any big signings the fat controller wont let yous

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02 Jul 2011 19:19:41
Pards has confirmed 2 more players including a "Top European Striker" hmmm. Erding and N'Zogbia are the rumours, any other signings will be on a like for like basis. Barton out = centre mid in, Enrique out = left back in etc. etc.

Even if we don't bring anyone else in we'll still be twice the side that the sunderland are..... End of

Any thoughts Ed?

ToonBarmy {Ed020's Note - Mackems annoying me too. Ever since they signed Wickham they've never shut up...}

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Sigh sigh think most of the posts on here about wickham ed are replys to sad and desperate geordies silly post, who feel they are getting behind sunderland in the transfers deals dont worry ye still have plenty of time to buy if ye look around apart from sunderland liverpool and man utd everyone else are quiet on the transfer window mind if ashley and pardew think these signings they have made and the curent squad they have is good enough then they are in for a shock like most north east fans sunderlands and newcastles the board must realise that bottom to mid table finishes are not good enough ps i thought ye said ye not a geordie ed or do ye like it when all the mags now post ed after every message makes ye sound important thou. keep up the good work love the banter think ye might lose a few sunderland supporters now they know the eds a mag thou

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02 Jul 2011 18:32:53
deschamps wants s.taylor for £10million plus 3 promising youngsters coming our way either on loan or full contracts. pardew french revolution continues

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02 Jul 2011 18:20:33
Wayne Routledge will return for training tomorrow, before leaving to join Nottingham Forest on a 3 year deal worth around £1.4 Million.

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02 Jul 2011 17:52:01
GooD news ahead for newcastle because mike ashley is going to investigate 40 million into the club:
nzogbia 10 million
GomeZ 22million
taylor 1.5 million
all together = 33.5 million

outs :
barton 4 million
guiterrez 7.5 million
enrique 12 million
all together= 23.5 million
33.5 million - 23.5 million= 10million

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Stop playing on champ manager and be realistic, no way will ashley give you 40m to spend and no way will you pay over 10m for a player

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You must live in lala land...

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I hope that's true mate but with the cash from the Andy Carroll sale he may not be so generous with other money, but hey, fingers crossed

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Why would Gomez come to us?? German international and MA wouldn't spend 22 million on a squad never mind one player we all no he is tight with our money (which technically is as we pay to watch them play which pays the wages of the players) he is using us as an investment so far he has been lucky with how our squad has done

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02 Jul 2011 17:12:35
hi, heard a rumour that when Jose Enrique goes to Barca were gonna get Keirrison as part of the 15m deal

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02 Jul 2011 17:11:25
just put charles nzogbia into google came up with report on espn newcastle put in 10mill bid anyone heard out

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Yes, newcastle are supposed to get him on monday

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Yes i heard this

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02 Jul 2011 16:45:48
i understand we dont have the pulling power we used too , but we should easily be able to bring people like nzogbia back and for the striker issue i think they should go for a good name and use enrique as part exchange , gomez/podolski someone along them lines

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I 100% agree

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The only things yous could pull at the moment is your plonker

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02 Jul 2011 16:44:49
are we looking at sow from lille

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Sow is that not fat mikes wife

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Doubt it, theyve lost cabaye and about to lose gervinho and hazard to arsenal

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02 Jul 2011 16:05:23
Enrique will stay... only if Newcastle sign a big scorer.

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We are looking for a quality striker to wear the number 9 shirt

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02 Jul 2011 15:12:17
Just heard from a good source that Taylor will be an NUFC player within next 7 days he is getting his lawyers involved to force Swansea to do the deal to make his dream move happen also Jose Enrique wont go ro Arsenal if Fabregas leaves for Barca and 1 high profile striker to sign during tour of the US it will all be done over there due to less media hype and the deal breaking out before the ink is dry on the contract the player in question is either Melvut Erding or Klass Jan Huntellar.



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Yes we heard it here first but not from you, most of that has been repeated consistently for the last week scotty2hotty

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Taylor who

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Is this the same huntelaar that was put up on sunderland page yesterday ye must go to bed dreaming of sunderlands links and when ye wake actually think newcastle are after them disilusioned mate

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02 Jul 2011 14:45:51
Is Alan Smith staying or will he go to Leeds on a free?

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Only way it ll happen is if we pay a majority percentage of his wages for the season, might be worth doing anyway, put the extra 15K a week toward a new signings wages, hopefully it does happen because otherwise its a big wage player that wont get near the first team


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Who cares

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:) I think it would be agreeable to all parties really Smithys insane if he thinks he's going to get a look in at SJP especially now you've got new midfielders

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Going back to his old role he used to play at leeds centre forward no chance of him leaving

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You are joking? ed what do you think? {Ed001's Note - I would expect professional pride to see him move somewhere, but I am not sure where, there has been a hate campaign against him by some Leeds fans that must have affected his thinking.}

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Shameful really but I know from the leeds rumours site that there are quite a few on there having a go. Hopefully he reconsiders

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02 Jul 2011 14:20:55
wayne bridge to newcastle on a free (apparently). Contact. The

{Ed022's Note - If its in the Sun it must be true...LOL!}

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02 Jul 2011 13:12:17
pardew to go after victor sanchez who has just been released by the catalan club, sanchez, 23, is an exciting young central midfielder.

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Another exciting mid thats 11 now

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U playing 0-11-0

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02 Jul 2011 12:19:51
Charles N Zogbia to sign for nufc on monday

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Not a hope in hell

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02 Jul 2011 12:07:29
All these mackems keep posting crap on our rumours page face it SMB's you've signed average players who are going to do nowt . I think you scu mmy people r forgetting that its only the beginning of july.

Onto rumours
Defoe (poss)
Erding (likely)
Carlos vela (offered as a loan to buy)
Samaras (no thanks but rumoured)


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Defoe? now whose posting crap

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Sounds good especially vela think he is a diamond in the rough

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