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02 Feb 2013 18:59:49
Oh Sissoko, marvellous. Gouffran, Cabaye and Santon outstanding performances, Jonas, got a goal and put in 100% for the team - fair enough. well done, nufc, job well done. next up tottenham, bring on. iToon.

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What's there to disagree with? On above post?

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Theres allways going to be someone who disagrees with other peoples posts ( wonder what team they support?). geordie tom

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Mackems because they're so jealous of us. Some reason mackems want oneill sacked just because they lost to reading and mid table isn't good enough? Sunderland are punching above their weight being mid table.

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Im sunderland and don't think finnishing mid table is punching above our weight as for mon he is the best manager we could have at the club but the main reason I came on here today was to give you credit not for the result yesterday but for the performance some of your new players gave. I for one as I wrote and gave you credit after the result against villa would love to see all north east sides playing in the top flight hopefully sunderland and newcastle can finnish the season strongly and get as high up the league as possible and like I say at the start of the season lad I just hope we finnish a point in front of newcastle

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And as ever that is the extent of the mackems ambition. tragic really.

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Give the guy a break. He's giving credit where it's due. I wouldn't want the mackems to get relegated either. Enjoy the derby too much.

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He's holding his hands up. No need to cuff them.

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Anybody heard of that company from china Ni Ling interested in taking the toon over? big sports company

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Newcastle were punching above their weight in the championship.

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Well said, you can count on any Sunderland fan once their game has finished the first thing they will look at is "How did Newcastle do" or "I hope when the season is over we are above Newcastle" how tragic. Ambition is to be above us, no wonder Wonderland has never been in Europe xD

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I'm a toon fan and the first thing I do after the match is to check if the dirty mackems have lost! enjoy the banter and don't be so serious.

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You need more to do, if the Sunderland result bothers you support them. There is only twice a season the Wonderland result should bother any Newcastle fan, and that's when we play them.

Any other time your just being as sad as them

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Who thinks we can win on Saturday? I do with the team we have and benny boy arfa could be back by then hopefully as it is mid feb

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Don't be surprised if Ben Arfa isn't back for the Spurs game I wouldn't call it the middle of Feb until the end of next week. Realistically I think the earliest we can expect him to be back is the first Metalist game

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Think it will be a spirited performance and i'm extremely interested to see how debuchy deals with Bale, but i'm not too confident about the result also no chance benny will be risked in such a game

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That sunderland fan again and I think if you can play like you did against chelsea you have a good chance and think the 7/2 with the bookies looks tempting lads

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I love playing the SMB and filthy smoggies, easy points lads easy points.

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02 Feb 2013 14:14:35
Really upbeat for this match, apparently we're unchanged with marveaux and obertan on the bench, but don't know why marv isn't starting, much more flair to the team and pace. I'm going for a 2-0 win to the toon with cisse and sissoko scoring! Come on lads! We can do this!

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Great result everyone. I only saw the extended highlights on SKY but what a performance, absolutely great. For my sins I was watching West Ham (only because I live in Essex) and I must say that Andy Carroll was brilliant, not just in the air but his hold up play and lay offs were also top class. He also created several good chances for others including Nolan and the Swansea defence just had no answer to him all game long. He would be some player back at Newcastle next season on this form.

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Settle yourself down Andy, we're not interested in you.

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Carroll would be terrible for Newcastle, ANY YEAR!

The lads on close to £100,000 (which Mike would never pay him) and he has played 12 games all season : -/ he can't even keep himself fit. And its only his second goal of the season too

I can see were your coming from though, what a bargain he would be for ten/fifteen million : -/

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Agreed stay at west ham please andy.

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Too busy getting hammered with Nolan.

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