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02 Aug 2013 22:12:23
Gomis fee agreed will have a medical soon :) and also 2m loan fee for remy hopefully with a view to buy if he's innocent with his court case

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Just seen a tweet that Marseille have submitted a matching bid for Gomis and had it accepted and Gomis is interested

Guess deal is now up in the air again

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News this morning is that we need to sort agent fee, can see this dragging on and we don't get him

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Gomis Heskey

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Everyone knows this except Newcastle Gomis will stay in France

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If Lyon think Newcastle are going to fall for some staged trick that Marseille are interested to drive up the price, they are very much mistaken.

Marseille cannot afford that kind of outlay and already have strikers.

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Not a trick to drive the price up as fee already agreed
Gomis wants to stay in France and has been dragging it out for marseille to come in for him

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Remy is in Newcastle at the present moment this information has been provided from my source

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02 Aug 2013 13:58:01
Gomis will be flying into newcastle today to complete a medical, player fees are agreed so is the final price. Remy deal will be delayed more due to his rape charges, obviously newcastle are not willing to pay 8 million only for the player to get locked up. Remy deal will go through as QPR need to get rid of his wage, it may be a late one though. None of the first team will be leaving apart from maybe a few backup players such as obertan to swansea, campbell on loan, shola will leave if we can get remy or another striker in.

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Latest from France
Remy to us on season loan
And gomis permanent
Just need a centre back
And winger please

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You insult Swansea Obertan. And Gomis is on sick leave for 3 days or is it hw will be after he meets the Joker

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Thanks for that Alan, or is it Joe?

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How much do we really need a CB? Williamson as 4th choice is fine no? with Goode and Streete pushing him.

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Shola won't be leaving if we send Campbell out on loan. 2 strikers isn't enough.

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Look how is this unbelievable don't know how anyone can press that when we've agree fee and terms just agents fees to sort out and obv remy won't be at qpr no1 will pay 8m for him at minute so best deal is loan and see if they get promoted frankly if that's unbelievable your a baboon

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Lets just wait til the signing is completed -remember Remy and his u turn and signing for QPR for the money. and that he couldn't get his arse out of bed to come and meet Newcastle

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Cant believe oberton to swansea. like routridge, will come good, he got the pace bla bla just needs a decent coach to help him, that's why they know they can do a job on him, we cant, infact we can't make anyone good, ofside cisse, cabaye totally overrated, tiote stressed and sent off, spiderman playing without any position just cast yuour web and hope, do we have a second striker?

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Gomis saying he could be joining marseille

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'Shola won't be leaving if we send Campbell out on loan. 2 strikers isn't enough. ' surely if the above post is accurate, we'll have four if Shola leaves? Cisse, Gouffran, Gomis and Remy?

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Obertan needs a decent coach to help him?! Pretty sure he played under Sir Alex Ferguson! If he had any real potential, Sir Alex would not have sold him at the age he did and would have worked hard with him to help him in the areas he's lacking.

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Shola has only got a year in his contract so if he stays it won't be long

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02 Aug 2013 13:41:22
Gomis fees agreed. remy Next.
My source is also mentioning Nani and Sinclair are still options

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Would be nice to sign a player like nani for LM but can't see it, sinclair a real possibility and so is Remy.

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What did your "source" say about Nani's £100k pw wages?

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Nani will go to Monaco

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Nani won't come 2 nufc and as 4 Sinclair he's over rated imo shudda got Redmond he went 2 Norwich 4 peanuts the sort of money Ashley lyks 2 pay

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Spolit that and was reletively believable until you mentioned nani


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i doubt we will get him

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I can see most of what you said having a chance of happening, but nani?

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Heh, Nani. Don't be daft. {Ed004's Note - I'd like to point out Nani is on a 'very low' wage. I'm not sure exactly how much it is but I'm nearly sure it's under 60k a week he was looking for 90k a week though}

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Keep off the sauce it's making u sound foolish

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Tried to get Nani on Fifa 13 still won, t sign

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02 Aug 2013 13:37:22
Lyonn president saying �8m agreed wiv toon for gomis. just been on tv. awaiting agent fees. Shuld be done next 24hrs.

Mustve used a thinner brush for that line. hopefully remy to follow.


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Excellent news. Most of us knew we would get the striker or two we craved.

Perhaps the naysayers will start supporting our club a bit more? One can only hope.

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Well said

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"Excellent news. Most of us knew we would get the striker or two we craved.

Perhaps the naysayers will start supporting our club a bit more? One can only hope. "

We haven't got anyone yet.

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02 Aug 2013 13:20:45
Just heard that gomis is pretty much signed they have just got some small issues to iron out abt agents fees & should b sorted in the next 48 hours FIFE TOON

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02 Aug 2013 13:10:15
Remy's agent has said that a deal to move to west ham will be done within 48hours after a bid has been accepted by QPR. This is been reported by the media. I knew this would happen QPR wanted to sell not loan him out. Another target we are not getting and looks like Bent is off the fulham. Let's hope Newcastle give in to Lyon and just pay what they want we need a forward.

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There is no evidence to suggest this

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"This is been reported by the media. "

No it hasn't.

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Remy signed for NUFC. You were wrong to take any notice of an agent.

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02 Aug 2013 08:41:25
We WON'T sign anyone, trust me

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First bit of believable new I have read on here in ages!

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We will. we will sign NOBODY

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Season starts 2 weeks tomorrow. EVERY premiership club has built on their squads. other than us!

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Quick question. I'm a canaries fan and am quite impressed with the business NCFC staff have done this window. It does make me wonder though whether JK is to blame for this lack of signings or whether this always would have been the case JK or no JK? What do you think? Anyway, I wish your team the best of luck this season. Hopefully we'll both be safe!

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What if cisse goes to Turkey?then your proper screwed

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I have said this the whole window its just rubbish after rubbish!!

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Absolutely agree. We won't sign anyone. Unless Lyon relent on their current stance. Just want the season to start and the Transfer window over. So much for all that new TV money. Fans being completely ripped off.

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Just read Anita has said we will shock people in the premiership next season!

I think we are shocking people currently by showing our lack of ambition / ineptitude realting to transfer activity
Does JK / AP truely believe we are good enough as we are? - as all supporters can see we are not and desperately short in places

Our lack of action in strengthening the team and addressing our deficiencies has a relegation season written all over it - do we never learn ( from this time last season)

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It all cracks me up, other teams ie Swansea go out no drawn out saga put in a bid agree terms bony in! Scores 2 last looks the part! We tip toe about trying to get cheap players when they prob are better than we think should pay and end up with no one! Clueless, he runs a football club solely on trying to make money for very little outlay, look at the people who work in his shops! Clueless again! Does my head in

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More chance of getting a real rolex from the lucky lucky man on yer Spanish hols than us getting a striker now, jfk from what I read seams way out of touch with modern day transfer procedures

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When are you all going to start actually supporting the team rather than slagging it off! Yes I agree it is frustrating, and a bit worrying with what other clubs have done. But Pardew has said we will sign players! We have a great squad that needs 2-3 players! Be patient I'm sure when the window closes we will have signed the players we need!

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"we have a great squad that needs 2-3 players" where did we finish in the league last season? and others around us have already strengthened again Swansea, Norwich etc. We have some great players but not a great squad.

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The last comment is clearly from a Naiive fan who knows nothing about football sorry. Our squad is not strong in the slightest.

We need two strikers, who can actually score 15 goals a season.

Cisse is not good enough, unless he gets his head out of his arse.

Collochini is getting old

we need a decent LM /LW Ben arfa on the right is lethal, but we need a similar player on the left. Gutierez is not good enough anymore.

Give Marvoux a chance!

- Anita
- Gutierez
- Shola + Sammy
- Cisse

- Remy
- Gomis
- Sinclair (been told to leave)

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Ah Pardew that well known bastion of the truth!

Yes good squad and a great scout but a poor, poor manager and a clown of a D. O. F.

Nothing wrong with the blueprint it's just the people being tasked to oversee it.

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U can talk. how can u say sell 4 players and bring in only 3. we've already sold 4 and loaned 3. think u are nieve m8. Anita is a very good player just needs a chance. and cisse he knows where the net is. Poor service last year. Poor balls usually means off side.

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Calling someone naive then saying we should sell Cisse and Anita. Haha. Nice one.

Anita is easily good enough to play at this level and he proved that last season once he adapted. Pardew hasn't given him enough of a chance.

As for selling Cisse cause he's not good enough. The less said about that one the better.

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Lyon president has confirmed we they have reached an agreement with us for the sale of gomis.
finally, some good news!

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Cisse not good enough? Coloccini too old!

You must be off your head.

18 minutes into his first game of his pre season and Cisse scores a great goal, Coloccini absolutely bossed the defense for the entire game as well.

We have a very strong starting 11 and bench but we don't have a strong squad. Strength in depth is needed if we had european football but we don't.

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Against st mirren my god world class opponents aren't they for cissey to score against

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"Against st mirren my god world class opponents aren't they for cissey to score against"

You're right. Its a good thing Cisse has never scored against the likes of Chelsea, or Anzhi. Otherwise you might have had a point there.

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