Newcastle Rumours Archive April 02 2012


02 Apr 2012 00:39:43
Erik Pieters was raving on about NUFC today on twitter. Watching the game and cheering us on. In english too. Obviously aware he has some NUFC fans watching him. Being a good friend to Krul, it could be the only reason he's rooting for us. But i do hope he's got a foot in the door and is just waiting on the window to open to finish up his signing on.
Here's hoping!
Follow him on; @_Erik_Pieters_


From sau paulo not liverpool by the way

I would love it if lucas did come but i don't think he will come he will go to the likes of dortmond or something

He replied to a question from a nufc fan asking wether he would join and he said he was very close last summer but has no idea now and hell have ro wait and see




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