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29 Jun 2012 21:33:19
Luuk de jong deal off as lambias and Mclaren couldn't couldn't agree a fee but the Douglas deal still on :/

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Oh dear .

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Sorry but IMO they wouldn't exactly travel over to negotiate deals if they weren't basically 100% sure it was basically a done deal why waste travel expenses mike Ashley wouldn't be happy

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Why would lambiass be agreein a fee with Steve mclaren. Surely it would be with the chairman or director of football get your facts right before commenting on rubbish!

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Liar liar pants on fire!! 2.30pm ish the mora u will see yellow band on bottom sky sports news....... breakin news luk de jong arrives for a medical then signing a 5yr deal!!

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Llambias wouldn't negotiate directly with McClaren and it wouldn't be up to McClaren to reject the bid anyway.

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Seriously. "Chairman: Joop Munsterman". Straight off Wikipedia/Twente. Took me 5 seconds.

A little effort next time would be greatly appreciated.

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FC TWENTE owner is not like English owners he allows Steve mclaren to have his say and I guess if Newcastle play there normal game he is worth 10 million we will offer 5 game of corse they will just say go home your wasting ours and your time

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McClaren said yesterday that NUFC would have to pay stupid money for De Jong - but the key phrase that everyone keeps skipping past is the bit where he says "if it were up to me". The fact is that its NOT up to him and I'd guess from the fact that he even said it, that he has very little influence at all. Basically he's just ensuring that the Twente fans know that De Jong is being sold against his wishes.


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Be very surprised if Newcastle could afford DeJong

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The douglas deal being on is just a media rumour as well we never said we were interested in signing him still so congrats for one of biggest lies so far and we've seen some whoppers, and as everyone has said mcclaren will have no say in what happens with the players and the money, plus where you there at the meeting?

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Yeah but we wouldn't fly out to offer them 5 million when that can be done via fax.

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We already offered 8 million which was rejected

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Mclaren will be doing the translating he speaks fluent Dutch that sounds very similar to English with a pants Dutch accent!
Leases end mag

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How are you surprised if we could afford him? Newcastle are one of the most financially stable clubs in the premier league, not like other big teams who are loaded with debt duet silly transfer prices and ridiculous wages!

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"How are you surprised if we could afford him? Newcastle are one of the most financially stable clubs in the premier league, not like other big teams who are loaded with debt duet silly transfer prices and ridiculous wages!"

You mean the "silly prices" and "ridiculous wages" that you are proposing Newcastle will easily give DeJong? Non-starter.

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29 Jun 2012 19:26:58
the exodus begins guthrie to reading on a free whos next

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Best? we wont sell any of our starting 11, unless its simpson of course

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Guthrie got released weeks ago

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Hardley an exodus losing guthrie and best

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Guthrie was always going to leave to get first tam football and was a free agent so no surprise there. Best will go for a good fee imo

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Sorry, What? We are getting short of the fringe players who were sitting on high wages.

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Ahh yes sunderland fans have woke from hibernation,wondering when they would be back on here!!

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Yep, Obviously Ashley is just in it for the money by Selling Guthrie and Joey Barton, Its all about the

Oh Hold on a minute, They were released for free. doh!

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29 Jun 2012 17:20:11
Newcastle are confident of swinging a deal for De Jong by tableing a straight forward cash bid. Unlike most clubs who pay a fee over a period of time.

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Since ashley came we have allways paid cash upfront just like chelski and man city...

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Edd have you heard that since ashley came we pay for players upfront just to confirm if its true or not...thanks {Ed001's Note - there are no longer long term payment terms under Ashley. He doesn't want payments on the never never hanging over the club's head, that was what caused Pompey all their problems.}

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29 Jun 2012 16:50:54
Luuk De Jong set for Newcastle, Newcastle officials fly over to FC Twente for talks for De jong and douglas

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29 Jun 2012 13:45:48
Lile head coach Rudi Garcia has confirmed Debuchy wants to leave, but will insists he will not be sold until a suitable replacement is identified.

Looks like this transfer could take a while to happen, if it ever does!

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29 Jun 2012 10:50:11
Derek Llambias and secretary Lee Charnley are in Holland today, in an attempt to progress a bid for Luuk De Jong.

Their story i just read suggests that Newcastle are increasing their bid from £8m to £10m.
I hope they get this right lads!!

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Also think douglas involved in the deal they are doing come on the lads

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OH I hope so, this lad has the lot and would demolish PL defences.


Debuchy STaylor Collo Santon

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I'm a bit worried about this. He looks a good player but only at finishing and hold up play, which Cisse can do noticeably better. He also wouldn't fit into a 4-3-3, so we would most likely be playing 4-4-2 and we didn't look as creative in the latter. I think he's a good player, but not for 10 million. With our scouts we could probably pick up someone better.

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29 Jun 2012 10:07:53
Lambias has flown into the Netherlands to hold talks with FC Twente over De Jong and Douglas... Source Skysports

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29 Jun 2012 08:50:17
bassong to return from spurs.

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Please tell me you are on something??
Why would we have him back, he jumped ship and is on big bucks not getting a game! No thanks and aint gonna happen

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Isn't he at Wolves now ? or was that just a Loan ?

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29 Jun 2012 07:35:12
not a rumour, just a question... its all very quiet on both the Demba Ba and the De Jong front... Ed, do u know any news regarding them? Cheers. {Ed002's Note - NOthing of Ba, and De Jong is dealt with a couple of posts away.}

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If it's not a rumour, go to the banter page

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Thanks Ed

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28 Jun 2012 21:17:38
Whats the latest with debuchy ed?.. Also de Jong and co? {Ed002's Note - Newcastle have made a second bid for Debuchy but I suspect he and Lille are waiting to see what other options exist. Certainly Inter are very interested. Valencia have also shown an interest after the Van Der Wiel situation finally stalled. Chelsea, AC Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Palermo have also shown varying degrees of interest since the January window. Chelsea have been struggling to strike a deal for Azpilicueta and are looking at Piszczek but with Real MAdrid also interested could look to Debuchy again.

De Jong is interesting clubs clubs from Italy, Germany and England. Interest has been shown by Dortmund, Liverpool, Spurs, Hamburg and Lille and now we are seeing bids being made by Borussia Monchengladbach and Newcastle. It has been suggested to me that Lazio are looking to Luuk De Jong as a replacement for Tommaso Rocchi.}

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Its on Sky Sports now that Llambias and co. travelled down to Holland to try and tie up the deal for both De Jong and Douglas

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Valencia have already signed a right back ED......they signed Joao Pereira from sporting Lisbon.

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