Newcastle Rumours Archive February 29 2012


29 Feb 2012 12:09:45
Newcastle installed as favourites for Sunday.


Sorry smbs but what do you think strikers are there for... too look prety? NO they are there to score goals and ours can, maybe the rest of the team doesnt get as many goals but your strike force is nothing compared to newcastles, infact if i had to chose players from the sunderland team to join the newcastle team I would take 2, Sess and O'shea after that your team is full of thugs (i.e. Cattermole), vandals (again cattermole/ bendtner [or however name is spelt]) and a rapist (bramble). just wait for the chants.... we scored 1, you scored 0, 88 mins and bardsley gone with a nick nack padie wack give the dog a bone all the mackems go crying home! less we forget who won the last match

About right FAIRY decent strikers says it all

Oh yes taylor how could i forget a prolific scorer like him

We share goals too, you haven't forgot Ryan Taylor?! or world class goalscorer(makems only) shola ameobi?

We have only scored 4 less than you and have conceded 8 less we share goals out so you will have to keep an eye on every one we just have to mark ba and cisse and no goals

Recently we've played fairy decent strikers... their stikers are no better than besty

I don't feel so confident about this derby especially with the way Williamson has been playing lately.




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