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29 Aug 2013 22:57:38
Talks have ended between newcastle and gomis as salary could not be agreed. Talks have also ended between newcastle and chelsea over a possible loan deal for demba ba. The player himself has told chelsea that he is willing to go out on loan, however only to a club competing in european competition this season. It is believed that arsenal are among favourites to acquire the services of ba for the season. Sources also state that demba ba wasn't too keen on a move back to newcastle due to the current backroom affairs at the club with the appointment of joe kinnear.

Newcastle's business in this window is now over, with it barely starting. Kinnear and Ashley early today held a meeting with pardew to explain the efforts they have made to bring in reinforcements however it just wasn't to be. The current 23 man squad will be the squad that represents newcastle in the premier league up until atleast january.

The yohan cabaye saga has ended soon after it started aswell. Arsenal have moved on from cabaye assessing options elsewhere. Spurs were believed to have enquired about yohan cabaye, however the £17m asking price and £65,000 a week wage demands were far to much for Daniel levy and co. to even consider. West ham could make a late enquiry for dan gosling on a season long loan, with birmingham also weighing up sammy ameobi as a loan target. However transfer business seems to been done and dusted at st James park, for the time being anyway.

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Yeah that's y it's been reported that he will take lower wage than he want and agent fee been dropped only thing holding deal up is the sell on fee Lyon still don't want to. Pay it

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Post is believable apart from cabaye -expect him to leave due to his attitude and a late bid from PSG - we will only get 13m for him as Ashley wants as much money out of the club as possible

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Post is not BELIEVABLE, what is believable is that someone has so l;ittle time on there hands they can sit and write such a long piece of rubbish

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Good post mate. Don't believe that Newcastle will sign anyone now. Left it far too late. Will probably stay up but we won't do anything else. Very disappointing. All this lack of activity points to a sale of the club. let's hope it goes through sooner rather than later otherwise we'll just stagnate.

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Gomis will defintley sign he's demanded that his agents lower there fees and he's dropped his wage demands and I think he will be the only signing we get possibly another so stop talking rubbish you makem

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If Cabaye plays against Fulham it will be a kick in the teeth for all toon fans

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Don't you mean so much time? Looking at that I'd say it was someone making some educated guesses and probably isn't too far away on any of them sadly.

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All completely believable apart from the cabaye situation where I still think he will go sadly.

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29 Aug 2013 12:19:33
Newcastle are in talks with Gomis but if permanent deal doesn't go through, last minute loan. Demba Ba, hmmmm Chelsea say we need to weigh up a permanent bid for the striker

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Neither will join
1. Gomis -wont agree agent fees terms and there are reports now that the salary has yet to be agreed / or the goalposts have moved
2. Ba- we won't pay 3m for a year loan plus the issue with his salary -we will never pay what he is on at Chelsea. There are numerous other clubs after him - he will be attracted by the money from these moves especially if its a permanent move

We will not be buying this window and we will sell cabaye for 13m to Arsenal - they will never turn down the chance of that money even though its miles under our stated valuation of cabye

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We won't sell cabaye for 13 mill he's still on a 3 year contract what a load of rubbish

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If we get a bid of £15M+ (maybe some add ons) he's gone. We may even sell for less on the last day, but reckon he's gone either way

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Wait and see - money talks with Ashley

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Ba is reportedly on 70k a week at Chelsea, we offered him that amount to stay. I think you are wrong on the wages issues for Ba.

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Why would we sell Cabaye for 13 knowing we can't bring a player of his standard in for that type of money. The only thing you can say about our club is that we are far from being an easy club to buy from and we get good prices for our players, just look at AC as an example of that.

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If he plays Saturday he will be staying if not his gone there is no way nufc will risk a transfer incase he gets injured lads

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We won't sell on deadline day, the club put a deadline on any transfer so we don't end up in another Carroll situation where we lost a key player and were unable to replace him. Also give Ashley some credit, transfers are the business side of football and Ashley's a good businessman, a cheap ******* when it comes to spending but when it comes to making money he's very good.

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Shola maybe off to the hammers
Or gosling

Big Sam at match last night

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The real facts are. Nobody knows anything, let's just see what happens come September 2nd!

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Just a conspiracy theory but saying that Cabaye must play on saturday could just be a case of brinkmanship by Ashley as I agree that we would not risk a player they want to cash in on two days before the end of the transfer window, ball is in Arsenals court imo.

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I'd lyk gosling 2 stay I think he could step up n fill cabaye's boots he played well lst nyt n has showed sum class when it looked lyk he wa going to get pushed outta the door by jokinear

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Sooner it comes the better - then we can get on with the season properly and won't hear anything from JFK hopefully

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I hope the club keeps Gosling.

Tiote is a great lad but I would take Gosling over him in the team right now.

I am not writing Tiote off all together, as he is not the only player suffering for form under Pardew. Tiote like the rest signed and was astounding, to the point Manchester United and Chelsea were sniffing around. He either lost form or became 'Pardewed. ' Seems like the latter.

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To the poster who said we can't bring a player of Cabaye's ability in for £13mill all I can ask is "do you watch him regularly"?
His reputation is vastly overrated, he doesn't dominate games from midfield, creates very little, scores very few goals and has a vicious temper when the game is passing him by - which is more often than not.
I suggest we could pay £6-7 mill for a number of midfielders who would be just as effective, if not more so, than our French monsieur.
I think people get an admiring glaze over their eyes just because he is a French international. They are not exactly the elite of the the World at the moment.

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Would you care to give some examples of these players who you believe could do the same job as Cabaye.

Last year he wasn't the best and i'm sure he would be the first to admit that, but with the amount of injuries received to him and others, and the exhaustion from the year before it was partially understanding.

The year before that, he was exceptional, and yes I watch him "regularly", and I know how much worse our team is without him, and how good he can be, scoring goals like against liverpool and not to mention his set pieces (bar ryan taylor who may aswell not be a part of this team) are the best at the club.

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29 Aug 2013 10:58:41
Arsenal have signed Flamini, 2 year contract & 50k a week.

Sounds like a good deal for the player, considering he did not have a club.

Anyways, goes to show how much they really wanted Cabaye. They offered us 10 million, which is below what he is was worth when we signed him. We only got him for 4+ million because of a contract clause.

I hope PSG come in with a serious bid, but it seems like they were only sniffing around because the Arsenal bid was such a joke, and they were thinking if we were stupid enough to sell for such a low price they would get in on the action.

Cabaye of course could have retained some character and nobility and played on while this was going on, under the agreement that if a good bid comes in, he can leave with our blessing. Why would he refuse to play when the offers for him were derisory? very unprofessional. It is the same as us deciding we want to sell him to a club that was offering him lower wages, and refusing to pay him until he left.

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Who says he refused to play, Fat Mike could just have been protecting his prize asset ready for selling?

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No he refused to play. That's why they're having talks with his reps. People have to stop assuming everything is because of Ashley, the players have a right to be selfish, greedy *******s too

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Let him sweat it for a few months in the reserves. I think Anita will step up this season anyway. Cabaye has shown his character and let everyone down plus he goes missing in games far too often. I wouldn't be too sad to see him leave.

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If we keep hi we can't afford to put him in the reserves, he's the best passer and most creative player we've got. If Anita's going to replace anyone it's Tiote which I'm fine with.

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Cabaye's value would drop if he was stuck in the reserves, it would only do the club harm.

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People need to get off Cabayes back. If he refused to play, and that's a big IF then that is wrong and he needs to apologise for that which i'm sure he will, but i'm sure everyone here will admit they would have their head turned and want to play for a club like arsenal with a manager like Wenger especially being french, and with Newcastle in the position they are in at the moment, showing no ambition. They are a much bigger club who can offer CL football something we could never dream about at the moment, the chance to play with world class players like santi, and wilshere. He may have gone about it the wrong way and maybe that wasn't his fault due to his weak mental state, but I for one would love to have cabaye stay at our club and will support him ever more, we need to show support to our best players not childishly force them out. Just look at Rooney and Man united for a great example, or Gerrard and Liverpool a while back.

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29 Aug 2013 10:52:35
If Pardew is sacked Kinnear has already come and said he won't manage us again, Which of these unattached managers would you love at nufc:
Marcelo Bielsa,
Roberto di Matteo,
Bert Van Marwijk
Or Frank Rijkaard


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I wouldn't like to see any of them managers! I would try get DE BOER or VAN BASTEN attacking minded and would have a number of good contact and would know loadsa young good players to buy

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Ed which would you like the most?

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{Ed013's Note - Frank Rijkaard would be interesting, but for Premier League experience I would say Di Matteo}

Why are we talking if's here.

We can play this game all day. IF we had an owner that would put money into the club, and not making the club live off the money it makes. WE WOULD NOT BE IN THE SITUATION THAT WE ARE IN NOW.

Can not blame the manager for the players not coming in when he has nothing to do with it anymore!

We will never get a new manager at the club either. SO GET USE TO PARDEW!

Why will no one ever come. Simple, a managers job is to find players, get them to come to the club, pick the team, train them and what not.

JFK does part of this and takes the manager away from the players coming in and leaving situation. No manager will want to be in that position. SIMPLE!

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Don't expect any of these -would have to be a yes man that can deal with constant interference and undermining -I would put money on poyet if Pardew was sacked

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If Pardew leaves the next manager will be Gus Poyet. His odds are sitting at 6/4 and have been for over a week. You may recall Pards stating in the Ronny Gill that he would be judged after the first three games.

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Of that list Di Matteo would be my choice. What happened to Poyet though? Isn't he still available?

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Bielsa would probs be my 1st choice, rijkaard second. Mancini is out of job so maybe him 3rd

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None of these managers would come to a club on the brink of administration, why would they damage their reputations on a team that are drowning?

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NUFC a long way from administration. Actually one of the financially healthiest Premier League clubs now. But I'd agree that the management structure at the club would put off any serious candidate.

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And you believe Kinnear sorry to burst your bubble but that man will manage you lot FACT! cheapest option as he is already getting as wage of Ashley, step up lambias to director of football

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Thought Mancini was at Monaco?

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We aren't on the brink of administation and betting is just guessing at the moment roberto mancini I don't like him that much

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Its hard they are all godd managers and would be happy with any of them but I would choose
1. Bielsa
2. Rijkaard
3. Di Matteo (Fan favourite at Chelsea)
4. Van Marwijk

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Jurgen Klinsmann would be the man for me to replace pardew but he won't be available to after the world cup next year.

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No high profile managers they are on big fat contracts lads

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I would love to think that Kinnear wouldn't want to manage the Toon in the event of Pardew resigning or being sacked. Like all of his other ramblings, however, it is totally fictitious and a figment of his imagination. He'd be sitting in the hot seat before you could say Yohan Kebab.

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Stuart Pierce might be up Ashleys's street. Or someone as dire as Pardew. Best off looking foreign. English managers are always a decade behind in terms of tactics.

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