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28 May 2013 18:30:05
Taylor defo going to Hull - seen him with Bruce earlier today at Scotch Corner! Fact!

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Do hope so

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Why would Taylor got to a team like Hull just to struggle under Brucie

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Because he is with a struggling team with Pardew. You were wide open for that one.

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Must be the mushrooms. Abysmal season forgoten about So any tripe about transfers will appreat On here without any foundation Ashley has a lot
answer for sending us fans all doolaley

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28 May 2013 17:07:31
Newcastle for the second time in 2 years, have been linked with 23 year old algerian winger, ryad boudebouz, who currently plays for socheaux and has 1 year left on his contract. The youngster who looks to be a very exciting prospect has also been linked with Real Betis and Marseille.

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Seen a lot of people comparing him to HBA, to the point that he's openly said he's sick of it.

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Watched a couple of videos of him and he's a similar player to HBA but a bit more flashy. Would be a great signing by the look of it, might allow HBA to play just behind the striker which I think is the position he prefers

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To 3rd post. or might allow HBA to be sold more like!

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If we sold HBA and got Boudebouz I would not be that bothered because they are essentially the same player, the only difference being that Boudebouz is 2-3 years younger

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'Linked with' - most over-used and unreliable words in the English language.

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28 May 2013 17:05:27
Villa fan here. reading a rumour that Ben Arfa is subject of interest to Monaco for a 10m bid.

Surely Newcastle would not be interested in selling such a talent, and certainly not for 10m?

Sounds odd to me at least.

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This is why it is rumour and not fact.

& Sunderland are going to sign Cavani if you believe rumour.

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Ashley will want at least 20m

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10m sounds good buiness to me always injured only get half a season anyway

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I love ben arfa me, but to be fair, he is never fit

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Don't recall B/A having much impact in his time here, he is just like Robert he's in and out of the game. Scott Sellars gave more than both them put together

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He got fit then our stupid manger played him on a plastic pitch and injured him again

oh and the first time he got his leg broke so not really that unfit

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28 May 2013 11:17:21
Villa to release Given. NUFC to sign him up as back up to Krul

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Wont happen. Given wants playing time as he is fed up being back up.

Would love to have him back though what a servant.

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Why? He's got one maybe two years left. We've got Elliot who's showing he's a decent keeper and Jak Alnwick appears to be improving all the time so I don't see why we'd need a new keeper, the only reason we would is if one of the teams rumoured to be interested in Krul buys him and even then there are better keepers than Given available.

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Newcastle United won't be signing a new keeper what so ever. They want young Jak Alnwick to step up to senior level

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Given is off to Hull

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28 May 2013 09:50:27
Looks like HBA could be leaving. One bookies has him at evens to join Monaco this summer.

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He loves it here, and he is loved, he won't leave.

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He won't be leaving mate. he says he is loyal to us and monaco are in for Kevin prince Boateng

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They've just signed those two players from Porto for 60 million. Its not like they can't afford him.

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Whether he leaves or not is ultimately down to him, if he doesn't want to he won't

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He loves it here, and he wouldn't go home to take a pay cut. The only team that would tempt him away from the toon is his boyhood club PSG.

And in all fairness you couldn't blame him if he did go there, its his boyhood team!

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I think there's a few people here overestimating his loyalty to us. He's not a geordie. i'm sure he does like it here, but there's clearly more ambitious clubs than us out there at the minute to join.

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He will go if the money is right.

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Which the money won't be right, they will have to pay him an excess of 180,000 a week just so he is on what he is on now. Can you see it happening?

Or can you see him moving for less than he is on now. His loyalty might not be with Newcastle, I have already said it is with PSG

But the french are coming here to avoid their high earner tax code of 75%. WHY WOULD HE GO BACK THERE FOR THAT?
Hes not a stupid lad.

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Monaco is tax free so the 75% won't apply

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I don't think it's tax free but it definitely has no income tax which is why so many rich people live there e. g. lots of F1 drivers live there because there's pretty much no tax

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28 May 2013 07:45:17
Steven Taylor defo leaving - Hull are favourites to sign him - top money and the captaincy for him offer. HeatonBilly.

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Steven Taylor. leaving? More chance of seeing us sign Messi, besides, have you ever been to hull before? talk about grim. :-/

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I live in Hull!

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You can have him, he is not that good anyway.

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Even jimmy bullard walked about with a grim face in hull, that tells you everything you need to know about the place! steven taylor stays!

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Then you sir have our sympathy

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Would love it to be true but sadly no

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Taylor leaving. yer mate, we are Newcastle United we're not that stupid to get lose our two centre backs in one year. STOP READING THE NEWS PAPER!

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Yes we are

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Hull is grim, agreed, but Sunderland is much much grimmer. I lived in Hull once, and I visited Sunderland once.

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27 May 2013 22:12:10
Newcastle have a delegation in France including Derek Llambias right now with the intention of tying up the signing of Aubemayeng by the end of the week. Llambias has supposedly been told by Ashley to sign him no matter what the cost.

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Would love this to be true. PEA would be a great buy and hopefully a sign of actual ambition on Ashley's part. Him, Bony, Eder or Ideye (two if Shola/Cisse leaves) a cb (N'Koulou maybe?) and a winger (Ince?) and we should have enough to see us through assuming we hold on to Colo, Cabaye, HBA etc.

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We could have Messi. Players aren't the problem, it's the clown in charge of them.

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Sakho as CB?

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Sakho would be a good shout a t cb. We need at least one, two if Colo leaves

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I would prefer Kolo Toure, he would not cost anything in transfer fees and has the experience that Pardew wants.

That would save money that could be spent in other areas.

P. E. A

Arshavin is available on a free, again he is a player with experience, at 31 years old and coming on a free the sell on fee has no bearing, as we would not have anything to pay for him.

Arshavin on one side, Ben Arfa on the other with PEA through the middle.

PEA and Arshavin could interchange between the forward right and centre forward position, a bit like Messi and Villa used to do.

Unlikely I know, but could be a good idea.

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Arshavin has just signed for a team in Azerbaijan making him the highest paid footballer ever. Reports suggest upwards of 400k a week.

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Kolo Toure maybe. PEA and Belhanda, would love that. Arshavin, dear god no. There's a difference between getting more experienced players and going back to the time where we'd sign players with 2-3 years left out of desperation. 28 is probably the oldest you want to go because they'll just get worse after that.

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Sorry but who or what is PEA

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Sorry but Troue, when did NUFC say they would smash their wage bill? :-S

Not going to happen

Arshavin a come to this contry as something epic, scored four past LOLpool. never seen him since. just what we want. isn't he!

PEA - think we need to stop dreaming here, highly unlikely he will come to the toon, when we have heard the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham are after him!

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PEA is Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, he's a Gabonese striker and has pretty much carried Saint Etienne to 5th in the French league. He's the second highest scorer in Ligue 1 with 19 goals. He's essentially the Bale of Ligue 1.

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Arsenal are chasing Jovetic and Spurs are after Villa and Daimao (sorry if I spelled his name wrong). Them being linked is just paper talk because it sells papers. 90% of their rumours will be made up to create interest.

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Kolo Toure is going to Liverpool. They confirmed it.

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Lescott would be a great buy

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