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28 Jul 2013 14:51:14
Cissie not in the team or squad for today's match - looks as though things still aren't right between the club and Cissie as I would have expected him to be a sub at least - how else will he be ready for the start of the season

Expect Cissie to be sold before the start of the season - Gomis is lined up as his replacement not to add to Cissie


Or maybe he hasn't trained with then team

They did say if he wasn't ready for today's game he would play some part in the game against St Mirren on Tuesday! He will stay at the club and play on Tuesday!
This is what parses said last week!

Cisse still lacking match fitness, Pardew has come out saying he will play Tuesday. Tony Fernandes tweeted that he expects 2 players to leave on loan next week. Remy?

Plenty of news outlets reported he wouldn't play in this match. stayed back in toon to work on fitness along with ben arfa and coloccini

What was he doing when the team were in Portugal? Obviously wasn't training!

Wet Spam are supposed to be talking with Remy's agent tomorrow. with the court case looming, the thought is to stay in London.

It will probabaly be cesar and taarabt that go out on loan but I think remy will get sold

So much negative threads! Why bother? Ciss not involved cause club decide not ready! Not trained with group! End of story!

Like to say if we after bardsley then the club is taking the mickey out off the fans because he not good enough to play Sunday morning football

Thats why paulo is getting shot of him.

All the makems happy at the moment
Wait till there crying when di cant'io
Tears the club to bits
Average un tried and tested players coming in

Berdsley is not coming to Newcastle nailed on he is going to WHU




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