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28 Jan 2012 20:52:44
nufc to offer 4 mil for nene of psg as carlo does not want him he is a brilliant winger also mariappa comin in for 3 mil

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Nene is 30, fat man wouldn't touch him

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Mariappa has had an offer DECLINED for the price of 2 million, so I doubt they will accept 3 mill when they want 5 at least.-CB

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28 Jan 2012 15:05:49
Ed, Heard a rumour that Graham Carr has been looking at Mario Goetze from Borussia Dortmund. Any truth in this? I can't see it personally he is one of Germany's highest prospect and is playing regular football for the German Champions. {Ed001's Note - erm no, I am sure he would love the club to sign him though.}

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Deluded Geordies, letting there pea brains believe Sir Mike would sanction buying a player rated over 20+m

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Deluded would be to say we are buying him, Not deluded to show an interest, As for Ashley who would have guessed he would have bought Cisse. So to that point no one other than Ashley knows what he will do. If I was you I would be more worried with the ageing Davies and Heskey coming in. SMB.

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Deluded mackem, believing a geordie would actually post that

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Moneys there for the right players, unlike the muckems, hence the link with Kevin Davies who must be at least 47 now.

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Ed are you a mackem?...seems to me some of your answers...geordie tom {Ed001's Note - are you for real? Because if you are that sad and deluded you think I am a mackem for not believing there is any chance Goetze would join, then you need help. Goetze has Real Madrid interested in him, he will cost at least 30m, what on earth makes you think there is a chance in hell Ashley would sanction that??}

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Doesn't really matter who we sign if pardew keeps playing tactics like today's, players out of position in a totally mistifying system!

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Why is lovenkrands on bench today, and why not at least come on for last ten min when getting beat. Must be fit or would not be on bench. best wasted on wing get him in the box with spiderman supplying

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28 Jan 2012 12:41:44
pardew lookin at swansea defender ashley richards for 2 mil and midfielder dyer for 2.5 mil to add some more pace to attacks tryin to get a double deal with obertan and perch going other way in 3 mil plus players deal

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I wish

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What a load of crap.
Why would Swansea want Obertan and Perch?
Couldnt give them away.

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Think you'l find he's called Ashley Williams

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Looking at dyer to bring pace to attacks? and giving them obertan, who could probably do the 100 metres in 10 flat? behave

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Totally agree, Obertan can do 100 meters in under 10 seconds, but ask him to do it with a ball at his feet & throw in the request of beating a man to deliver a cross, then I'd take a risk on Dyer aswell. Fergies simply doesn't let good players leave Man Utd for nowt. We've been sold a kipper!

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There is a player at Swansea called Ashley Richards gets called jazz look it up mate

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28 Jan 2012 11:47:21
does any1 else think jonas used to take people on
every game but now he doesnt do it as often?

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Definitely seems to have lost some of his drive.

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It isn't that he has lost his drive, the style we play is more towards the center of the park, and using the wings as support.

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I wouldnt be unhappy if jonas was encouraged to play right back and we signed a new winger, if he can play there for argentina he can certainly play there for us

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The guy is rubbish.Im a fan of tricky wingers but he just winds me up! He has been better this year covering the gaps left by raylor but thats it.
i agree with trying him right back and getting someone better in his place. Someone who can play and not play to get a free kick or just fall over!

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28 Jan 2012 11:09:36
Couple of quality signings in obvious positions , and couple to strengthen squad , bring kids on and we so close to top four ! Not this season , but so close , we need to keep our best players and then if ma still wants out should be much easier to sell ? What do you think ?

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28 Jan 2012 10:08:44
NUFC, bid to bring in a centre half on
deadline day, wil be the player from Twente

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Aye and colo to Arsenal 15m!

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Why would Colo want to go backwards... which is where Arsenal appear to be going !!

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Colo to gooners for 15m...hahhaha Would snap their hands off for 15m..could get both samba and hangaaland for that... .

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To Arsenal going backward?? Omg you lot are not right in the head!!

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Get on the Arsenal site and see what their fans think. Hardly going forward are they. Also clicking on your own AGREE button is SAD!! SMB.

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Why, if he happens to agree with himself?

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It's like liking your own Facebook status... That's sad.

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27 Jan 2012 23:59:58
Tomas Kadar need to Be given a game in the first team to show ap what he can do. James perch Will play centerback today so expect a pumpy ride

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I too expect a pumpy ride!

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Do you not think, having seen him train week in week out that Pards and his staff are more qualified to decide whether Kadar is ready to play or not?

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Kadar is better than perch stevie wonder could work that out

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If he was he'd be playing, simple as that. Didnt realise you knew the inner workings of the training sessions like.

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Well how long had Ben arfa had to wait to get a game. I say give Kadar a game.

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Certainly give kadar a game he deserves that at the least especially if perch gets games, but hes not any good he just needs time to show that

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27 Jan 2012 23:55:38
Alan Smith gone to MK Dons.

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Haven't seen anything on official Newcastle United site. Would the editor care to confirm? thanks! {Ed001's Note - nothing is signed yet, MK Dons have held talks with Newcastle about taking a player on loan. It is believed to be Smith, though I am not sure how definite that is.}

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According to paper we will be paying 57000 of his wages so whats the point

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Anyone seen anything else re Smith to MK Dons? is it a ploy to try and get someone else in the bidding to possibly take him off your hands permanently?

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Good riddance, he was even appalling in the championship, hence the fact the Hughton dropped him half way through the season. People also forget his sending off against Man Utd cost us a place in Europe via the fair play league, which Fulham then went and got. In my worst ever 11!

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