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28 Feb 2013 17:16:24
I have to say with the players we have now and the multi positions that most of them can play is VERY nice to have in our side.

Colo - CB/CDM
Santon - LB/LW (I would love to see Santon given a chance down that left, be a lot better than Guti)
Mbiwa - RB CB LB CDM (any where really that kid, good mind for such a young tallent)
Perch - Any where (we all know he will take playing anywhere for a game)
R. Taylor - RB LB RM LM (dead ball king, hell of a cross on him too)

Cabaye - CM CDM CAM RM (good all rounder, passing is his best game though)
Sissoko - CM CDM CAM (I like him playing more of an attacking role than anything else)
Anita - RB LB CDM CM CAM RM LM (AP will just play this kid anywhere on the park but have to say its rare you see him put a foot wrong)
HBA - RW LW CAM ST (anything as long as he is pushing towards goal, good shot, good flair, hellish pace, nice touch. and he has that somethng special)
Marv - LW RW CM (what we have seen of him doesn't seem to be a bad player, getting on and not getting the games could be his downfall, more game time needed)

Gouffran - RW LW RF LF (give him anything were he can burn that pace, does the same week in week out. pace past someone gets himself into good places for a shot, and when he does shoot there is normally a runner to follow the shot up)

Howa Le Toon. KEEP THE FAITH. Europa League Final this year xD - WE ARE THE FRENCH MAGS FROM NEWCASTLE!



Love the confidence and positiveness! Cmon, europa league win would be the best!

We're going to have trouble against Anzi, more because they play in a warzone than in terms of football although they do have a few good players e. g. Eto'o

Give it sometime Shouting the odds
is crazy let's get Swansea over first
Collo Krul & HBA all out

Just set Yanga onto ETO the mans a beast!

Im not shouting the odds out, they are stacked against us.

Just the cup run does to us what it does to all fan, we are buzzing. admit it you can feel the rush thinking about the final, about Newcastle getting there.

For the first time as a fan (even though I travelled to Cardiff years ago when I was 11 to see us get beat of man u) I believe we can do it.

Why not us? Why does it have to be someone else? It's always someone else. Its the team that turns up on the day that will win it, I know there are a lot of hard team in Europa Chelsea, Tottenham, Fenerbahce, Anzhi, Lazio, Internazionale, Kazan, ZSP and Stuttgart.

But I honestly believe with the team, manager, and the fans we do have they boys can pull the unexpected out of the bag, maybe worth a cheeky £10 on it.



Give your £10 to. Charity
Just goes to show how starved the
fans are. We will Not win the Euro Cup

This team we have are not all On the same page yet

Santon is a RB by trade and is playing out of position. he can play RB, LB RW and LW. oosh

Not playing in a war zone. game scheduled for moscow. be like barca all over. toon fans out number home fans

Whenever Santon has played RB he's never looked as comfortable as at LB. He's so effective at cutting in and creating chances, why take that out of his game?

Didn't realize the anzi game was in moscow, I know they train there but again it's because mackachkala is in chechneya which is a warzone (excuse any spelling mistakes it's russian place names, dangerous territory)

Santon cuts in way too much he needs to start going down the outside more and just use his left foot because he's far to predictable.

Far too predictable yet rarely loses the ball from it if he were the left winger with haidara over lapping him and gouffran on the right I would be happy with that, i'm not saying he's bale but if we look at bale being moved from left back to left wing and look what happened to him, pardew also loves hard working wingers and santon would certainly give you that

Santon shouldn't use his left foot more because its really weak and if he's so predictable then why does he always seem to get a shot away?

This is the end of the road in europe

Why is it?




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