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28 Aug 2013 19:05:50
cabaye and krull will sign for arsenal over the weekend deal will be 20mill plus niklas bendner who is willing to take a wage cut to play for the toon lads

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Cabaye yes krul no! our 2 best players for 20m n a mackem reject lol jog on

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Shows what you know, bentner will be awesome for you guys. I know he can be a bit of a tool but he is as good as ba and is more adaptable. You guys need to get over yourselves a bit, just because he played for us doesn't mean he's a bad player.
Liono 74

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No the fact that he's terrible means he's a bad player

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The fact is pal he is a lot better than any striker at the toon

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I hear he rates himself highly, shame no one else agrees.

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Really? Really?

Shola is a better player then him!

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I said bring bendtner to the toon the other day I think he will do us great I think he is loads better than gomis everytime I have watched gomis he looks awfull

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Shola is no. 1 he's the only one hitting the target

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Strolla was a plank 10 years ago and he's not going to get better over age 30. He scored last night with a shot that needed a double deflection to take it past the keeper. Playing against the likes of Morecambe is about the level he should have always played at. In short he's big and immobile, useless, offside too often, gives too many fouls away, scores once in a blue moon and has a terrible first touch.

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28 Aug 2013 17:04:38
So, we are back in for Gomis. but don't worry, if we don't get him this time we will try and get a last minute loan deal for Demba Ba. How pathetic is this. Why have we left it so late - we have needed a striker since last summer yet here we are again, at the end of a window scrambling around with no guarantee we will get anybody.
On Cabaye, Pardew says, "if we do sell him we will get in someone as good". Please explain with the time left, how we can do that. Who can we find and can we actually get them. More importantly - why would they want to come.
This whole club is now a joke and it breaks my heart.

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Shola just played well. No more strikers.

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Did Pardew really say that, or did he say'We will need to bring in someone as good'?

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Easy to get someone in as good as there are plenty of average players floating around, give yourself a shake Wenger.

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Obviously the whole transfer strategy this summer since JFK returned was based on flogging Cabaye off to PSG for silly money and now that doesn't look like happening they're shrugging their shoulders. I reckon if they can't tie up Ba or Gomis for under £7m they'll just wait for January.

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28 Aug 2013 16:47:59
Why don't we bid for Yilmaz? Gala only want 13 million Euros, he'll cost about the same as Gomis.
Is it wages?

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I don't really rate yilmaz

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This club is skint, 13M Euros? are you having a laugh any money made on transfers is going to pay off the debt from the last 5 seasons of poor transfer activity. Ashley wants his cash back & who can blame him? This is not a game of Monopoly it is real cash & Ashley is a real business man, do you think he is going to let the debt get out of hand again? WAKEY WAKEY!

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The club aren't in debt. All cleared off!

Ashley gets his money back off the club little by little, and doesn't reinvest in the club with he own money!

The only way we buy players is buy selling or using the profit that we have already made. Ashley doesn't put his hand in his pocket for us. end of story!

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Wish these mackems would clear off and get there facts right all this pish about admin you do realise we are actually one of the most financially stable teams in the league the problem is ashley won't spend more than what he considers to be a good value that's the plain and simple of it, you want to talk about admin how secure are your lot

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The club arn't in debt. Are you mad? Its just being used like an ATM. We never even saw the Carroll money. Just like we won't see the TV money. The summer after Carroll left, we still received more money than we spent. We sold the likes of Nolan and Enrique and bought the likes of Cabaye and Obertan for less money. Do the maths. The club is making loads of money, its just we don't see any of it.

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You do the maths. It's not just a simple case of transfers out = transfers in, or even transfers out + tv money. The club has millions of pounds-worth of other expenses. Without the Carroll money they'd have to borrow more just to stand still. And if Ashley starts taking his loan back there'll be even less for transfers in. Like it or lump it, while Ashley's in charge the club will balance its books by selling dear and buying cheap. Vic

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28 Aug 2013 14:37:17
Adam Armstrong who has been dubbed as the young Wayne Rooney has been called up for the match against Morecambe but is not expected to be in the final matchday squad.


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Ived watched adam armstrong a lot and he is no were near rooney at that age he could come good in time but don't burden him with that mantle also the coaching here is no were near everton or man u are best youth coaches never stay long enough OLD PRO

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Isn't that what they also call Adam Campbell.

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28 Aug 2013 12:20:29
A report on TV has said "Demba Ba, although there was an interest - won't be coming from what we hear and Newcastle are now back for Gomis. "

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Gomis is awful

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Of course he won't come back, signed a 3 year contract so his price would be at least 12-15m and his wages are what 90,000 a week? you never had a chance

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Mackem butt out unless you know facts, ba isn't getting a game at chelsea and is even less likely to play now they have signed willian furthermore I believe he's back up incase the gomis deal isn't pushed through, wish people would ignore muppets from other clubs who come on here talking rubbish

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''Of course he won't come back, signed a 3 year contract so his price would be at least 12-15m and his wages are what 90,000 a week? you never had a chance''

We offered him around 70k to stay, which is not far away from what he earns now, besides, we are looking at a loan deal.

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3 other prem clubs after him and west ham faves to sign him, ain't u heard u should never go back to an ex?i bet he has and he'd rather sit on the bench than go to big joes circus of horrors

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Demba Ba had a massive fall out with the NUFC Hierarchy when he left. The club do not want him and he would never come back. Other news Kebabs replacement will be Ryan Shotten of stoke .

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I spoke the truth, they signed him for 7m and gave him 90,000 a week and you think you will get him for cheap plus his wages and not to mention you paying remy's huge wages, can't see ashley agreeing to that, honest opinion so what facts, he started chelseas game against villa, willian is an attacking midfielder aswell or striker so don't think he will leave and if he does it will be to a bigger club FACT!

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Aint willian an attacking midfield players so where would that push ba out its just media hype when they have nothing to write about

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28 Aug 2013 11:52:08
Why don't Newcastle try for Christian Eriksen, Just read on a website and many other places that Spurs have bid £8m but his value is £12m,

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Totally agree, perfect replacement for cabaye. Just won't happen under ashley.

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That was by NUFC4L1FE sorry forgot to put it on

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I'm a mackem but that is really deluded eriksen will only go to a champs league team

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Because we won't spend any money of note, that's why

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Its not really deluded, if we had different owners we'd probably get him

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To the mackem,
at least we aren't the club that was hoping to get cissokho, witsel, sneijder, cavani and more


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Eriksen will be off to Spurs, neither Newcastle of Sunderland have enough clout to get him.

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To the post above but one. Mackem here, and just to say that not once on our page have the names sneijder or witsel appeared, cissokho is not too good for any of us and Cavani wasnt a rumour that was di canio actually enquiring about him. We ALL knew it was never going to happen. BTW Erikson is NOT coming anywhere near the north east.

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28 Aug 2013 10:46:48
Demba Ba back to Toon!

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Got a lot of time for this

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This was always going to come about. With Demba looking like he really won't get any game time under Jose being 3rd/4th choice striker, rumours were always going to start cropping up and with us desperately needing a striker. In reality though I don't see us bringing 2 strikers in on loan, with extremely high wages, and Ba and cisse have already shown they are incapable of playing together upfront, and i'm sure the club are still extremely disappointed at the way Demba left us, I really don't see this happening. Not too sure i'd want him back either.

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We will only get Ba or Gomis and that's if we are lucky. Wont get both. You know how tight our club is.

I personally would rather have Ba back as he is proven in the Premier League. Gomis more of a risk.

P. S. Ba was literally our best player when he left.

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Apparently this will only happen on a loan if Gomis deal does not happen.

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I'd prefer Ba on loan. Him and Remy would be lethal and it'll kick cisse up the backside. We already know what he can do, and let's face it we'd forgive him if he was banging them in every week again.

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Ba & McCarthy would be my choice. I think both would make more of a difference than if we signed Gourcouff, Gomis, Hughes and Ince. Them four are over-rated sacks of wine.

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Don't want him back. He went for money. Also too old now

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Hope this true, but we must include the option of a permanent transfer at the end of the loan. No good putting him in the shop window for another club. Getting Demba back would certainly be a step in the right direction, however will would still require a creative midfielder or winger though.

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Clearly no Ba's on 90,000

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28 Aug 2013 10:02:56
press asoc reporting we have reopened negotiations with gomis, I firmly believe this deal will eventually go through

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Back for gomis is good sign and we in for ba on loan by ssn would great to have him back should never of let him go should if just gave the lad more money

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I have been saying this for a while but the whole Gomis deal in my opinion will rest on whether Lyon make it through to the champions league group stages tonight, or whether they get knocked out. They are a club in need of money, and if they don't make the CL they will certainly not want to have him leave on a free at the end of the season, wouldn't be surprised if we offered less for him as well.

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I think it will be a case of either or tbh. If the Gomis deal doesn't come off we will sign Demba on a season loan. Personally, I would prefer us to use the Gomis money to sign Demba on a permanent deal. Don't rate Gomis at all.

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The gomis deal will happen there's no doubt about it, regardless of lyons game tonight lyon need the money and we are the only club seriously after him yeah its taken a while but believe me it will go through before monday night

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The same Gomis who was supposed to of def signed 2 weeks ago? mmmm bet its another pardew, kinnear ploy to make you think your getting ba or gomis and end up with no one!

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How could he supposed to have defo signed, he either had or hadnt were have you invented this inbetween option from

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28 Aug 2013 09:56:41
NUFC are back in for Gomis. will be completed by Monday morning.

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27 Aug 2013 22:05:43
Newcastle will sell Cabaye to Arsenal. His replacement will be Gourcuff on loan. Expect either Gomis or Gignac as well.

Cheers, Tomo

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Gourcuff is not leaving Lyon this summer, and there is no way we'd bring him in on loan, the only reason Remy is here on loan is because of his court appearance, and potential guilty verdict something we do not want associated with our club. Also no way is Gignac coming here, he has already stated he doesn't want to move to Newcastle and I doubt Gomis will become a Newcastle player, but a lot does count on whether Lyon get into the Champions League tomorrow or not, something I said a while back.

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Cabaye will still be here when the window shuts, they are just trying to unsettle the player which has worked a treat so far I think he will be gone next year.

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You mean the player who three years ago move to Lyon for £22 Million.

Lyon are going to loan us him? Yet Lyon were complaining over about £1/2 million over the Gomis deal!

Blllllaaaaaaaa. Jog on!

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