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27 Jun 2013 18:16:15
According to tv aubameyang likes toon link, he says he has heart set on move to premier league and he likes newcastle stadium and the fans, so fingers crossed he might be on his way.

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He'll love the geordie crowd! c'mon ashley pull give them the money for this quality player!

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His Heart IS on either Milan, PSG or Monaco

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We actually have to pay them what they want first. Which is always a massive stumbling block with us.

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And he loves the stadium and fans! Ahem! Absolute rubbish - if the money's right he will sign, if it ain't, he won't sign - simple! Bing

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Apparently because pardew wasn't happy about kineer Ashley has given him full financial backing to get PEA

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Most clubs go to waitrose or sainsburys, we have graham carr sitting outside farm foods! don't hold out much hope.

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Carr at Farmfoods? Don't talk nonsense. And if he is, he's getting branded food fo' cheap.

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God half you lot have serious negativity issues really reading half the drool youz churn out is despairing, he says he has heart set on premiership so some brain comments he has his heart set on inter or psg really read what's happening half you not fit to support the club

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Not fit to support the club because they're cynical (and rightly so. ) about our transfer dealings? Grow up mate.

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Mate, telling him to grow up really. Have you seen the transfer dealings we have done, why go out and spend 20m on a player when we can get someone for 5m of the same quality (Cabaye, Sissoko, Tiote). Saying about farm foods and what not, Graham Carr was the best things since sliced bread for you lot not long ago. We get bargains, players who are cheap but quality players.
You lot need a slap around your head, you forget this is only our third season out of the championship, and we have more internationals now than I think we have ever had in one team.
So really, stop dissing Ashley and just get on with it, and do what supporters are meant to do, support. We are financially stable, people say we sell our best players, well yes, it is a business at the end of the day. 35m for Carroll, if you wouldn't take that your understanding of football is a lot lower than first thought.
I don't like some of the things Ashley has done, but Shepheard and Hall were no better. It makes me laugh how short your memories are. What did splashing loads of money ever get us. nothing. Let's build a squad for stability and support our famous colours. I will proudly sing my heart out for Newcastle through thick and thin, because at the end of the day, they are in my blood!

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I think its fantastic that you got all of that from me saying fans are allowed to criticise our club and our transfer dealings. We've done some good business, but we've missed out on plenty by being stingy and messing about with transfers.

Now if YOU had any understanding of football, you'd understand that we should have actually strengthened the squad last summer for the long season we had ahead of us. Now tell me, whose fault is it that we didn't? Oh yeah, the great Mike Ashley.

He's done some good, but plenty of bad.

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If every top-league club in Europe has, say, three strikers, that's 600-odd for us to choose from. Some too dear, some crap, but why get fixated on just Bony and PEA? Let them go, sign Suarez and Bale. (Just joking, but you get the idea).

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27 Jun 2013 18:03:18
Aubameyang is making comments suggesting he'd like to move to Newcastle despite Saint-Etienne rejecting an 18 million euro bid (£15 million, which rumours are suggesting could rise to £17 million) in favour of a 20 million euro bid from Anzhi. Aubameyang has been quoted saying "I will choose England before any other destination. " "My dream has always been to play in one of the top two leagues in the world. " "Newcastle is a good club and St James's Park is a monumental stadium where there are passionate fans. " Long story short these comments suggest he'd choose a move to England and us over a move to Russia.

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Don't get too excited, he will go to the club that gives him the most dosh, its human nature, more so with these greedy people.

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Would be nice, let's see if his heart lies with passion and football or russian wages, I think the latter! hope not tho,

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Com on Ashley spend some money

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27 Jun 2013 15:40:06
Montpellier confirm they have received "two concrete bids for Y. Belhanda with whom we are in agreement, it is up to the player to choose". Newcastle and also Spurs are very interested, along with a few big clubs from across Europe.

If (big if) we can sign him, he could score goals from midfield. He plays just behind the striker, so would provide some sort of link-up with Cisse.

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Pardew would play him right back

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Or left back because pardews a bellenda

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Would be much easier to recruit if we had a ood manager

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27 Jun 2013 12:29:33
Bid for wilfreid to be made 1st of july when the expected signing of douglas is to be announced.

If no joy with bony then attention will turn back to pea.

Both players mooted to be in same price bracket of 10 to 15 million

1 striker 1 defender. that's all the transfer business done unless someone leaves.

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Douglas is a free agent so would not cost 10 million

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Should do more research into your rumors. Douglas is free so will cost nothing add to the fact that deal has been switched off by JK. Why wait until the 1st July to make the bid? You can bid anytime just can't register them until the window opens on the 1st.

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He didn't say Douglas was 10 mil he said PEA and Bony were around the same price

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He means Bony & PEA are in the same bracket, not douglas.

Besides, Kinnear has pulled the plug on Douglas.

We need 2 forwards & 2 wingers.

Think we'll get either Bony or Pea (and/or Bent). Wish we'd get Ince & Redmond as cominbined they couldn't be more than £10 million.

Adventurous this but hear me out. Nani's available for around £8 million. I think he's very good, better than 90% of our wide players. something to consider

Watch the freebies though, wouldn't be surprised to see some people like Malouda or Gallas on a year deal.

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Comment two and three LOL

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Nanni thinks he is better than he is. he is leaving United because he wants something like 100K per week.

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According to tv website Bony close to signing for Swansea. We need to to some work or the shelves will be bare and we will end up shopping in Lidle rather than Marksies

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Wilfreid bony has pretty much gone to Swansea for 10 million

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Swansea have beaten us to it. Can't even compete in the transfer market against teams like Swansea now!!

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Swansea have agreed a fee with Vitesse Arneham, they haven't spoken to Bony yet

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Looks like we will miss out on Bony, and I would have taken him over PEA. Hopefully we can push on and get PEA now though.

The worst thing is that there are no believable rumours for us

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Players pick winners and Swansea have won something

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Danny Simpson has signed for QPR

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We will be going all out for PEA I can guarantee you, as bony is going to swansea

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Vitesse are wanting about £15 million for him and we apparently made a £12 million for him so why would Vitesse accept a £10 million for him? That makes no sense at all.

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Think our first choice is PEA and we are suppose to be about 2 to 3 million awat from there valuation (surprise surprise) when we should of bought bony and bent got rid of 2 ameobi, s. k

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I think you will find that we are not going for Bony because PEA will be on his way in the next week or so.

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Vitesse have outright denied that Swansea have had an offer accepted for Bony, it appears to be his agent firing his mouth off and that for the time being Bony 's going nowhere.

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City and Chelsea both have some level of interest in PEA

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27 Jun 2013 12:07:08
I think we should buy Darren Bent for around £6m. Tomkins for £4m. Also PEA for around £13m and also Nathan Redmond for £2m plus Ferguson on loan for a season.

Sell Williamson for £2m to Cardiff, loan out Gosling and Tavenrier, sell Shola for £1m to whoever wants him, Amalfitano to Nice on loan, Abeid to Millwall because Steve Lomas likes him for around £0.8m, Jonas for £3m, Obertan for £3m, with Harper and Simpson released.
So we spent around £25m and nearly £10m from sales and save wages.
So we have
S. Taylor

With players like Bent, Gourffan, Marevaux, Yanga-M'Bwia, Perch, Tomkins and Elliot all on the bench.
With Anita, Bigirimana, Haidara, Campbell, Tavernier, R. Taylor, Alkwick, Vuckic and Sammy Ameobi also on the bench incase of injuries/supensions.

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I agree but don't think we need bent. Gosling will be sold so will amalfitano. would like to see richards though.

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Football manager craic that. we'll be lucky if we sign 1-2 players with 1-2 more going out (prob Willo & Shola) not including those already identified as surplus.
Also is S. Taylor just in everyones line up because he's english? M'Bwia a much better/fitter player imo

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Are you Northern Irish/Irish person above? Because you said "craic"
We always buy 4 or 5 players each season, which is what I said, 2 strikers, a winger and centre back

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27 Jun 2013 11:18:08
Apparently we've made a £15million bid potentially rising to 18mil for PEA. We're going for quality rather than quantity. Would love aubameyang, exactly the type of striker we need, quick, agile, lethal. Would be a massive signing

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Can't see it happening, but if he did come in other then a replacement for Williamson (who needs moving on) I'd be happy if that was it for the summer! with 2-3 fringe players shipped out.

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I reckon we'll be going all out for him. now that bony is off to swansea

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27 Jun 2013 10:52:04
Dont think anyone was slagging anyone Off From what I read
Just pointing out JH Started something special & ran when the going got tough
& lost KK's trust & have us his son Douglas & then Ashley

JH made a fortune out if NUFC and reneaged on promises to seat holders of which I was one

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27 Jun 2013 09:43:39
Don't know why people banging on about tomkins from west ham in my eyes he would be a waste of money, I would like to see a few English guys in our squad and with pellegrini taking over at man city I think we should put bids in for RICHARDS, RODWELL, SINCLAIR! I would also bring in REDMOND in from Birmingham he will be a bargain at £2m and only 19! Striking options I would go for are GAMIERO and defender either SAKHO or KJAER! All of these players are either out of favour at there clubs or contract is close to ending.
JONAS, GOSLING, SHOLA, WILLIAMSON, OBERTAN, SIMPSON, should all be first to go as they are terrible and are not good enough to play for nufc!


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I agree with richards and sinclair but not rodwell, he won't leave and I don't want him. Disagree with Sakho, richards can play CB and can cover debuchy. Don't rate kjaer either. We don't really need that many players.

IN: 30m
Richards (9m)
Sinclair (6m)
Aubameyang (15m)

OUT: 7m
Harper (free)
Simpson (free)
Gosling (1m)
Perch (1m)
Obertan (1m)
Jonas (3m)
Shola Ameobi (1m)

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I think Jonas is ok as backup, but the problem is that he is Pardew's favourite, and keeps Marwaux out of the starting 11.

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Richards will cost too much and his wages would be too high, Rodwell is always injured. Sinclair I think would be realistic. As for outbounds I would keep Jonas as a squad player, same with Willo and I think if he can stay injury free and is given a chance then Obertan will come good.

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Sinclair is good but prefer Redmond, cheaper younger and at 19 is better than when Sinclair was 19

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I agree with the second post, but you missed Williamson off your OUT list! Also I'd probably keep Jonas for another year as long as he isn't starting every game, particularly at home!

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Richards will be on MAX 50k a week. I think we can do a lot better than rodwell or gameiro. And I agree with 2nd post.

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The problem with the City players, is they're all on big wages. They get lured there and when they don't get first team football they want to leave, but they aren't willing to take a big wage cut. Hence they usually end up farmed out on loan forever.

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27 Jun 2013 07:17:04
Reading today we are after Bent and Tomkins. A never was. and a never will be. And we needed to bring joe K back to scour the earth for this? I mean I like to have English players as well, but for the money I'd those two will cost we could get Pea OR bony.

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Carr's recommendations: PEA, BONY and SAKHO

Pardews: Bent, Tomkins Gignac!

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To be fair to jfk he seems to be the mediator between carr and pardew who look to have completely differing opinions on what's needed let's hope he chooses well, bent wasnt played by villa because he was close to owing another 4-5 mill in app money to the makems I think he's still good for 15 plus a season, tompkins well who knows but he's better than willo and close to taylor

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No wonder pardew is being over ruled, carrs targets are much better!

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Would like to have Tomkins if WHUFC reduce their asking price. Looks to have a good future if he can get a good run in the first team. Can't see us breaking our transfer policy on Bent. There's better fish in the sea (as it were) and money we could spend on better quality

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Are you even a nufc fan or a mackem in a dress, targets son that's what there called ie we sign either aubameyang-pea-or gignac and get bent in as well on cheap i'd rather have bent on bench than ameobi or campbell he knows were goal is proven point as for tompkins better than willo and no fan can disagree with that sure i'd love pepe or kompany but ain't gona happen

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Why should we spend 12 million + on a centre forward in the French league who has scored a few goals when we can get Bent in for cheaper and is proven in premier league. No brainer for me. Bent along with PEA/Bony and a centre half for cover. With Sinclair or Redmond. I would be happy with that. Then selling the fringe players.

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2nd post says it all! JFK will turn us into Wimbledon x2 : (

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Think pardew had a bust up with carr over some of the crap he got the club to sign last season so carr will recommend the players joe will look them over either say yes or no and if signed its pardews job to coach tham and play them simple as

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27 Jun 2013 07:04:23
Supposedly where after Darren bent, James Tompkins and either PEA, wilf bony, or gingac

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26 Jun 2013 22:04:41
linked with gignac another French lad 12m, striker

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Waste of £12m

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The Marseille fans generally don't seem to rate him that highly!

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Fat, slow and cannot finish. Sounds a lot like Sholas replacement.

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Think Stephan Givach (sp?)!

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