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27 Jul 2013 12:44:38
Apparently we've raised our bid for Gomis and we want remy on a season long loan deal with a view to buy because of his court case. But QPR may want to take him back if they get promoted again.

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Qpr don't look like they'll get promoted.

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That could be a gOod shout as Adam cam another year older loaned more exp may be ready in a year?

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You would think our arms would be tired scraping the barrell. Nothin but survival for Newcastle whist teams promoted over last few seasons are really trying
Good luck to them NUFC is finished in all but name.

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Last time qpr DON'T WANT TO LOAN Remy. u can't afford to buy him or pay his 100k a week wages. give up

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Has any body heard any more on baby drog, and the jail bird? Seems quiet atm, I hope we can also sign 1 or 2 British players this summer,

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What's the big deal with British players?
Technically nowhere as good and with huge prices

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Two things.
Firstly, Remy is NOT on 100k a week.
Secondly, we won't buy him with his case hanging over him, and QPR haven't got a choice.
It was well documented last season he had a relegation clause in his contract. so it's HIS decision, NOT the clubs.

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Yes if you give them what they value him at. they won't let him go for nothing! So it's qprs decision not Remys. 100k or not he's gona be on twice as much as u can offer that's why he went to qpr in the first place. well that and there a bigger club

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8million 4 and a half year contract on 75 grand a week. u think qpr gona let him go on loan for a year pay half his wages and get nowt back?no chance

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Of course they have a choice - the clause states if relegated AND an offer of £8m is received he can go

Til both are met QPR do have a choice -and why would we even consider signing him due to his past actions (putting money before us and messing us about by not even turning up to speak to us) and the court case that is looming

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Well documented that he has a release clause in his contract simalar to the ba contract if qpr go down then he can go if the buying club offers a release fee? Maybe a free? In the ba case it was a free? At the end of the day we could pay qpr what we offered remy in wages they then pay the difence?

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QPR have already said they wouldn't be against a loan deal, as they would then have the chance to keep him IF and that's a big if, they get promoted next year.
Also when people are talking about QPR and decisions being made by them not many make sense, eg: buying chris samba then selling him 3/4 months later back to the club, great piece of business there, spending huge amounts on signing and agent fee's.

And to the person who said QPR are a bigger club, do you call football soccer, because you seem to have 0 idea about football. A very small west london team who has a stadium of less than 25,000 and has spent 2 seasons in the prem in the last 20 years, yeah that signals greatness, and a big club.

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Ba release was due to dodgy knees he went to west ham for next to nothing

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Remy wants to play in the world cup and he is good enough to get 15 goals or so. He is on £75k

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April are not bigger than Newcastle they died out 20 years ago he only went because he was lazy and tired what's the difference if he gets 5grand he would of got a bigger bonus if he stayed and w survived. Knowing Ashley he loves to give out bonuses

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Bid for Gomis has been rejected -will we go back with a third offer -I seriously doubt it as Ashley doesn't do things like that

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Bramble has left the club.
Newcastle are looking at Bardsley.
Cattermole is a tremendous player, but does not seeem to be in PDC s plans.
All in all keep up to date.

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Lyon are getting a bit greedy, sounds like they want around 8 million in sterling, quite a lot for a player with 1 year left on his contract.

We sold Enrique for less than that with a year left on his contract, and he was valued in the 20 million bracket at the time.

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There were reports of clubs accusing Lyon of being greedy with the fee for Gomis about a week ago. I know they're short on cash so they'll be looking to get as much for Gomis as possible but when a player's in the last year of his contract you take what you can get surely

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Remy has allready stated that his preferred clubs are West Ham & Fulham.

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Gomis is not an 8M player, have you actualy seen him play you lot?

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When was Enrique valued at 20mil? Baines is rated about 20 and he's far better than Enrique.

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27 Jul 2013 10:57:55
a lad on twitter is reporting that h was on the same plane as gomis heading to newcastle

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Newcastle have increased their bid for Gomis to £6.9m
also approached QPR for Remy on season long loan

source : tv

fingers crossed everyone


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Redknapp doesn't want to loan players, sale or nothing. Ashley's no fan of loans as far as I know either, he prefers to buy the player.

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Gomis has gaone awol from Lyon after falling out with the club.
Should fit in real well at Newcastle.

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Yeah he should. He's a full international player for a good international team. Unlike the dross you've signed up, excluding Giaccerini who I think is a top signing.

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Fit in well at newcastle jeez? i'd of thought that players that go awol fit in well at sunderland considering you've got players like bramble, bardsley, sessegnon and cattermole there!

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Why is that Jizz? He is to good for Sundeland that's for sure.

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Offer 4mill the chairman says double it his yours no more no less so Ashley offers 6. 9 which now gives other clubs the chance to sneak in with spurs also interested

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Qpr want to sell not loan don't u watch telly?gomis is 8million. uve bid and enquired about them they NOT signed. remember bony and pea were signing and they went to bigger clubs so keep on wishing boys

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Why u want a player that dropped u in it for money and sum1 who spits his dummy out because he can't get his own way is beyond me but he might be sulking to go to spurs no1 says he wants to go to u

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We'll get remy and gomis. I see the mackems are getting jealous!

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Remy - jealous? Why? he knocked you back last time, played in a relegated side, is due in court on serious charges and really wants to go to West ham. get real.

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6th post your in for Beardsley lol bet he's a great signing if he goes eh. FICKLE

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Beardsley retired years go. Where you been hiding. Guess you on one those fair weather Sunderland fans who comes out when thing are looking up.

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I think its funny that you get Sunderland fans on this site. as a nufc fan I have better things to do than read/post on a sunderland site. I guess there club is so S%#T thay have to come hear for there football fix. ;)

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We come on for our laughter fix. lol football fix u make ya headlines off the pitch than on it. didn't kinear say today your going for champions league lololololololol championship more like. at least he got sum of ya players names right this time

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Theres been more geordies posting on the sunderland page than on newcastles for the last couple of weeks, the difference is when we post on here we say we are mackems! Not like your lot on our page, cowardly trolls.
We are PROUD to be mackems, we wear the badge with pride!
Liono74 ftm

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Sess that player who scored the 1st goal in the 0-3 drubbing you took at home to us. Bramble left the club a while ago, bardsley is actually linked with you haha

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27 Jul 2013 08:55:38
Reports suggesting we're going to look at the Portugese market as Pardew's been impressed by some of the talent there. Could mean we may go for Eder if the Gomis move doesn't happen.

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Deer is likely to cost 16m and is injured which he is likely to fail his medical

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I was in Albufeira last year and there was some cracking stuff in the Portuguese market. Top drawer tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges etc, etc.

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27 Jul 2013 07:19:51
The lyon president has said we have to double our bid for Gomis (thought to be around £5 million) as he doesn't want to sell for less than £10 million and is also hoping to grab an extra couple million from additional clauses. The accusations of Lyon wanting an excessive fee are starting to make sense considering you'd think they'd take what they can get for Gomis rather than lose him for nothing next summer.

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