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27 Jan 2014 22:43:07
BREAKING Newcastle and PSG agree Cabaye fee of 25mil

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Now we've got the rest of the week for us to pretend we're going to sign someone while Ashley goes on holiday and leaves Pardew to fend off the fans with a stick.

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Typical that we sell a player with no one to come in or any plan - most clubs generally have a replacement signing lined up -we won't have even thought about it!

Sounds familiar doesn't it

Only good point is that we are safe this year

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We need to do something about this. Honestly, I know I keep repeating myself and others but we need to make a stand. Do we really want to put up with anymore of this BS from Ashley and JFK? No. They are tearing this once great and unique club to pieces while spitting the money we give to them back out at us. they don't give a tosh about anyone but themselves and their business. We have now probably lost our best player, our season is over and am fearing the worst for the derby.

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All we can hope is that the rumour about Grenier is true and Ashley will pull his head out his arse for long enough to sign him (Look, flying pigs!).

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What you suggest JToon?

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Vida, I live right in the South of England, so unfortunately I cannot attend home games very often. But you know there has to be more campaigns, whatever, whether the police like it or not this is our club and we're not going to let it be torn down by ar$eholes like Ashley and kinnear.

Not going to be able to sleep tonight

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JT we already have it is like sticking your finger in the Dam

Just give it until 11pm Friday and possibly you can get some sleep.

The assesment of this transfer window should be left until then. But I agree the only way is to stay away from Home games but as has been said before that will not happen AND Ashley knows that.

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27 Jan 2014 22:32:10
The telegraph is saying Cabaye has asked to go to PSG. They've not even cited a source (seriously this is less credible than ssn) so this is likely them talking utter crap so people will remember that they exist.

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{Ed001's Note - it is not crap, he has asked to go there.}

Well said Ed

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27 Jan 2014 13:53:47
It appears that PSG Sporting Director, Olivier Letang, is in Newcastle to finalise the Cabaye deal. An offer of £21m (around 25 million euros) coming in soon.

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30mil is the least amount we should accept, we need him for the rest of the season.

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Not long now lads. as you have done keep the faith who knows if we buy we don't and cerianly the people who should know don't.

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£25million for him with that money buy a few People

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Matt, but we're not going to buy anyone because we have JFK and Cashley!

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JFK will be over the moon -it'll deflect things away from his utter incompetence
What has he done apart from pocket Money and speak drivel over the last year -wasn't he the one that said cabaye wasn't leaving in this window just a few short days ago

About time he started earning his money or do us all a favour and disappear for good

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27 Jan 2014 11:13:02
Rumors from France (L'Equipe Newspaper) that we have had an £11m offer for Clement Grenier rejected.

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{Ed002's Note - Putting aside the amount, it is true that Liverpool are trying to get Lyon to sell Grenier. It will be tough but might be possible to get him in this window - certainly if cash is offered.}

I've never seen grenier play is he any good?

I think Cabella would be better, but we probs can't get the deal done until the summer

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{Ed002's Note - If a deal can be done you will be very, very happy with the kid.}

Watched Grenier a few times and he would be a perfect replacement for Cabaye, He has great feet and decent pace and finishing. Also he is only 23 so we could sell him for a lot more later

But I doubt we are going to get him as he said He only heard about it in the press.

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Why wouldn't psg just go for this guy instead of cabaye if as good as and cheaper with bigger sell on in future.

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