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27 Jan 2013 20:43:51
Newcastle to get van wolfswinkel for 12 million but tiote will go to arsenal for 15 million and ac Milan want krul and santon in 20 million double deal these will happen on last day of jan window

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I've read some crap on here at times, but that steaming pile might just take the award for biggest!

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Tiote ain't worth 15m

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Ha ha ha ha ha ha that is one big pile of s#*#

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In the words of dr ian Malcolm from jurassic park - that's is one big pile of rubbish

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Ha ha life will find a way, a but like our season will find a way eventually

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RVW, maybe, Tiote, given how poor he's been this season I'd be happy to see the back of him, Krul and Santon-considering AC said they couldn't afford £20 m for Balotelli I can't see them being able to afford £20 m for Santon and Krul also why would we sell our best LB and GK in the middle of the season

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I to have read some sh=te on this site, I've even posted some sh=te but that has got to be the biggest heap of sh=te I have read in a while.

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We missed the boat on selling tiote. been found out this season, the lad can't pass the ball 5 yards. I would give hima piggy back to london for 15mil

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27 Jan 2013 20:31:24
For fans who don't know who Sebastian Frey is he is a French goalkeeper playing for Genoa in Italy that's the country that is shaped like a boot. Age 32. And Maybe something about Harper leaving at the end of the season mate.

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I know G/K go to 40+ but doesn't fit with the age policy. Unlikely.

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I don't know what kind of boots you wear buddy, because Italy is more of a high heel than a timberland...

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27 Jan 2013 14:39:19
pardew desperate for a striker and has 6 bids gone in for players just waiting to see who accepts......8mil aubmameyang...6mil van wolfswinkle...12mil bony...8mil gomis...9mil de jong....3mil thavian playmaker... just have to wait and see now.....

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Not how the club does business - they choose a target, bid and if rejected move to next one
They don't put multiple bids in at the same time

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Well that's a fair few bids, what if they all say yes? I like your optimism but not sure any will happen, and tbh we have den well in this window to get who we have got. But I do agree we need another striker so I hope you will be right with one of them, only one I am not too fussed with is Gomis but its better than shola.

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I think PEA would offer us most, our front 3 could be PEA cisse and HBA, gouffran can play through the middle or out right, ben arfa left or right and we have seen cisse on the right, so I think that would offer us the most options. RVW, is he too like cisse? I don't know enough about him tbh, but why do some people want to push cisse out, you have to remember not many people knew of him last year so he got space and time on the ball, he doesn't get the luxury now, you could argue that all good players will find a way chose what. Maybe so but lets get behind him, not criticise him, he still has goals in him, I would like to see someone fetched in to play the left side of the 3 because obertan isn't up to it (has improved slightly) and jonas hasn't got the pace anymore and tbh every game I have seen him this year he just seems to have lost it.

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Be awkward if they all turned up for a medical, pen shoot out for a contract but i'm afraid that's not how transfers work.

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No bid has been made for Bony.

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27 Jan 2013 13:59:04
Any intreast in seydou doumbia .lacina traore or moussa sow ed {Ed001's Note - not that I know of.}

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Doumbia would cost £15m +, traore, don't know, Sow's only just signed for Galatasary so they won't sell him

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Sow signed for Fenerbache. So your right Galatasary won't be selling him.

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Traore signed for anzhi in summer for like 18£million

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27 Jan 2013 11:45:34
We have made a £3m bid for Sebastian Frey.

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Does he play for Fulham?

If so can him being a quality player in the future!

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Why would we need a goalkeeper?

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Because we are now a French team we just need a goalkeeper. Frey plays for Genoa. One of the best French Keepers around that's why maybe he has been linked to the club by the postee.

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Harper is retiring at end of season by all accounts

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No that would be Kerim Frei who plays for fulham

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He isn't a goalkeeper, he is a left winger

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Seb Frey is the goalkeeper and once upon a time (a while back) was considered one of the best.

Kerim Frei is the swiss youngster from fulham.

Both are rubbish so err no thanks :)

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26 Jan 2013 23:10:02
some sites saying we've put a £10m bid in for Wilfried Bony have you heard anything ed hope its true he, s awesome {Ed002's Note - Wilfried Bony has been of interest to Newcastle and has been a player Chelsea have been considering for a while. Recently there has also been varying degrees of interest from Marseille, Aston Villa, QPR, Liverpool, Everton and a couple of German sides (Hamburg and Schalke) but of these only Marseille seems to still have interest. It would not be a surprise to see interest from other teams, possibly Napoli and Roma. The player has said he would like to join Chelsea. Whilst an offer has been made by Newcastle efforts are still being made to get interest from Russia, any move in January is by no means certain and he will be away at the ACON until the middle of February.}

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