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27 Dec 2012 21:41:29
Suggestions for left backs in january so we can switch santon to right back? I've got a few:
Andre Santos
Assou ekotto?

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Assou-Ekotto is Spurs first choice left back why on earth would he come to us?

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All absolutely useless.

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Pieters is the only decent option and even then he's not that great

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Laurens De Bock, hes young and from belguim so he's guaranteed to be fantastic at the minute

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Rather bring in a right back and keep Santon left back.
Don't change something that isn't broken!

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28 Dec 2012 14:09:00
so padew wants a new contract for Ba? well that is because he wants to get rid of this 7 mllion hanging arond his neck so he can sell him for more.

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He does right why let him go for peanuts when he can get a good price once that clause has been removed

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Get Enrique back, sign Debucy too and play Santon further forward in a 4 3 3. If Ba wants to go let him sick of hearing about it. Just hope we get a CB fed up watching Williamson impersonate a cross between Bambi and Mr Bean every week. He literally poops himself with the ball at his feet

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Newcastle have always held on to our best players given big contracts and theyve turned to mush...get rid when they peak keep doing this for a few years until we can grow and stabalise as a football club, as hard as it is to sell your best players at the top of their game right now it is the only way we can grow as a football club !

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French young lads Sakho and Mbia both can slot into LB and they are both extremely good players. Its going to cost us quite a bit to pay a team to take Williamson off us though.

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'selling best players' and 'stabilise the club' sound suspiciously to me like conflicting phrases...

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We have to turn players into stars then sell at top value. sorry but its the only way of keeping ourselves top flight for next 20 years

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Massadio haidara is a good solid left back only 19 and could get him for about 2m

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No the way we stay up is we get good players and win games we should only sell if we have a viable replacement ready

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Whats the problem with santon at left back ok hes made a couple of mistakes but hes been our best player this season he gets forward but never gets caught he always get back into position
We need a rb a centre half and creative midfeilder not a leftback

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Nobody has a problem with him playing LB it's just putting him on his stronger foot so he can whip crosses into the box when he gets forward.

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Santon always gets caught, no other big club hav a right footed LB, haidara is a good option.

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He's better on the left because it means he can cut in onto his right foot at any time, makes his runs less predictable and he can still make a cross

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Our lads just need a lift, getting debuchy in and a solid centre half will be the catalyst to push forward with more confidence!

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27 Dec 2012 19:24:41
Ba will go to either QPR or PSG in January. He's not happy at the moment and will look to go a team in London (QPR) or his boyhood team (PSG)

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Nonsense, QPR have offered him a similar package to us, and why would he go to a club starting at relegation.

PSG have Ibra and Lavezzi, behind that their number 9 Horoau? plays for France and they have Gamiero. PSG do not spend 7 million on players, they buy high profile.

Just because Ba is a PSG supporter does not mean that PSG are going to buy him.

Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick.

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It will be PSG or arsenal, he's already turned down qpr. I'd rather him go to psg coz its the best for him and we don't have to play against him.

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I've already heard he's turned down QPR. Besides isn't 'arry worried about being able to pay wages for his potential targets?

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QPR would be a massive backward step,even if they offered him stupid wages.

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Pretty sure he'll be off to Turkey with Galatasaray most likely. Could be wrong but think the 7, 000, 000 is only Champions League teams and PSG and Arsenal have already stated their lack of interest. QPR would have to pay well over the odds and Harry's already said he doesn't want to get bent over for players.

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Funny how his other boyhood teams are all the ones run by bazillionaires to try and coerce a nice salary package together. He a canny player like but apparently none of the lads can stand him, and his knee is scientifically F**KED. its not going to get better, sell and buy some real talent, quick, composed players. theres quite a few out there that would love to play at st james and in EPL

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PSG wouldn't buy him they would probably get someone overated.

Galastaray why would you join them in Turkey, life Ben Arfa and Cabaye left the Champions of France to come to us and France is a lot better than the Turkish league nevermind the English league.

QPR step back
Liverpool could of got him I think but Sturridge is going to join
Then Arsenal, I think this one could of been very likely but Arsene denied it.
So Ba will stay like he did last January and in the Summer.

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27 Dec 2012 15:57:05
ben arfa to chelsea 12mil... anybody heard anything?

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You're funny. (not)

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No chance

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Yep he is going for 12million euro

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Daily mail ran with this story. says it all really

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Considering that the same people who are making this claim also said Arsenal were going to bid 15m (also rubbish) I somehow doubt it

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Only sell him for at least 20mil

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Why have they offered euros

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Newcastle will buy the Jabberwocky to replace him? If Ben Arfa leaves it will be in the summer but most teams are put off by injury record and attitude neither of which have been resolved during his time at Newcastle.

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