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27 Aug 2013 14:22:37
arsenal are not willing to spend the 20 million to get cabaye and it is believed that tottenham are o the brink of offering townsend and defoe plus 10 million to keep him from joining there rivals.
PSG are also trying to fabricate a move back to france with a 12 million bid including sakho in the other direction.
Newcastle desperately need 1 or 2 strikers so if the psg offer is accepted we would need a CM, LW, and ST
it. we are still chasing english duo ince and hughes but both would cost are 20 mill together ( hughes 12 and ince 8). Carr will tempt ashley to spend this by telling about future sell on money if both get an england place or a big team comes calling. This will still leave the striker issue which will not be resolved.

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The way Townsend has been playing we would be lucky to get him by giving them Cabaye plus 5 million

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Dream on! Townsend is bales replacement had 2 great opening games, Defoe will not come past watford gap and + 10M he isn't worth 10M that's why no more bids

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No way is townsend for sale, and less of a chance he will be used in a swap deal to bring in a position they clearly don't need. You just have to watch his performances of recent (this season and last) to know that, I doubt a 15mil bid would even prise him away from spurs.

As for defoe, we wouldn't take him, old and on ridiculous wages just another darren bent.
One of the worst rumours i've heard so far this year and there have been some rumours.

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Have you been sniffing mate, Cabaye will fetch 8M tops, he goes missing in games & has no heart.

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We really need some more english players as we are getting cllose to the boundry of minimum homegrown players. Also how badly england are doing atm I can see the FA enforcing a minimum of say 4 english players in a matchday squad to improve the national side. if that happend we would be ****ed, so ashley will be likely to invest in young championship talent or young prem fringe players such as hughes, ince, cresswelll, chalobah, lingard, carroll

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{Ed001's Note - there is no minimum homegrown players limit, so how on earth can Newcastle be close to the boundary?}

If Carr and his team are as good as we think they are, why can he not scout the UK for talent before they become too pricey.
Hughes, Ince, Rhodes, Austin should have all been on our radar long long ago.
really frustrated about toon's French policy. we got told beginning of summer that they'd move into Dutch and Belgian markets but that clearly is way off the mark. We never even got close.

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27 Aug 2013 09:56:23
Heard from a friend at Wigan AFC McCarthy definately leaving but he wants Everton not Newcastle with all the turmoil and is very unimpressed with Joker.

Ayew will be priced out of Newcastle range and will not sign for the Toon. Aparently Joker has had Championship players covered as they are a lot cheaper. and will act when rebuffed for the players he is supposedly made offer for and is interested in.

Here is to ready made Relegation just a few more days for the actual truth and awful workings of Trashley and Joker to come out. Knobs the pair of them.

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{Ed002's Note - Newcastle has informed Marseille that they will be making an offer for Dede Ayew.}

Can't exclude pards either. he is as bad as the rest.

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Now this sound a lot better. We are aiming for Championship players!
That actually sounds right!

For once people aren't posting on that we will sign Eto (highest paid player in the world)
we will sign Troure (get real)
we will sign Willian (yer while we are on we will get Bale, Ronaldo and Messi!)

JFK will screw us over this year. and why, just because of who he is and his attuide of thinking he is the Top Dog at everything. What player would want to have talks with us when you have to speak with him first?

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I completely disagree with the Pards comment. The guy has his hands tied completely. He has been calling out for signings all summer and we haven't seen any.

You could bring the best manager in the world into our mess and they couldn't do any better than Pards has.

P. S. I actually wanted rid of Pards in the summer particularly when Benitez was available. But what difference would that have made?

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I live n breath everything nufc but sadly these days everytym I hear wot jokinear has 2 say n wot Ashley doesn't say batter's a little nufc outta me everyday! People say but Ashley's got us back in the red or witout Ashley we'd b gone because of wot Freddy did when he wa chairman well all I can say 2 them is go crawl under yr rocks because its people lyk u that give's Ashley the power 2 destroy our great fc i'm sick of. these jokers killin the club I love n I 4 one will not. b buyin a shirt or steppin back in sjp till they have ****in gone! Support the team n. not. the regime York mags out

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Pardew has his hands tied being such a poor manager. We have the 7th most expensive squad but the worst manager.

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Guy who won't be stepping back inside st James park. you're the kind of persons this club doesn't need. Starting with "I live and breathe everything nufc" then ending with the rubbish you did makes you not worthy to wear the shirt or step in the stadium. You say support the team but how can you do that when you're not there? No point being with them in mind if you cba to in body. Disgraceful so called "fans"

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In with you there mate people keep saying keep the faith what a load I can't just accept our club been run by jokers and been abused when it could be run a so much better

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How you going to support the team by sitting on your couch to watch the matches, and commenting on forums how bad a state our club is in. That is far from "supporting the team", well unless you love directly opposite the training ground or SJP and they can hear you shouting encouragement, chanting their names, or cheering a goal, win or something similar. Yes we all hate MA but some of us realise that supporting our club and team means over coming that and still turning up in our thousands come rain come shine, in any country round the world, and showing what Newcastle means to us. But i'm sure your couch is just as effective.

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7th most expensive & 2nd worse squad in the prem. CP have the worst

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Mate to be fair I also live and breath Newcastle United and have never had the pleasure of attending a game at St James (one day I hope) not all of us live in newcastle mate and trust me there are many more Supporters than just the 52000 that attend matches, that love and support the team and that are as equally frustrated in the way OUR club is run. even way over here in South Africa.

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You attack people who say they won't be go to the games, but have you ever thought actually the fans walking out in middle of a game might start to make ashley realise the fans aren't happy, sitting on your arse eating pies and booing doesn't make a blind bit of difference to owners

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Newcastle have fans all over the world. Naturally the majority of these fans won't be able to afford to go to a game. I personally can only afford to get to a few games a season as I live 200 miles away. This elitist attitude of not being aloud to comment because we don't live in the city is ridiculous. If you've ever bought the shirt, tickets, merchandise you've paid into this club nevermind the emotional involvement of supporting this club. So back off with you couch supporter bxxxxxks. Remember it's because off these fans that Newcastle gets the sky money.

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Why would Cashley be bothered if fans walked out half way through a game?
They have already paid to get in. he couldn't give a s*** if they left, he's already got their dosh.

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