Newcastle Rumours Archive April 27 2013


27 Apr 2013 15:07:18
Newcastles willingness to pay for their transfers in full has placed them in pole position in the Nicolas N'Koulou race. Crazy rumours of Steven Taylor being part of the package have come to the surface. N'Koulou can play CB, DM and RB and at 18 mil is viewed as Coloccini's replacement and cover for Taylor and the impressive Yanga-Mbiwa.


From what I've heard of him, although it's not much, he's probably better than Steven Taylor and is one of the only reasons that Marseille are still challenging PSG for the French title

Replace collo better than taylor and impressive mbiwa have you noticed how many goals that defence have conceded

Has the penny dropped yet can't score goals and worst defence in the Premiership
Ashley you are a disgrace 9 goals at home do far
Get out of Newcastle & take llbiasarse and pardew & carvet with you

Sunderland fan coming in peace
Hate to say we told u so but, shouldn't have give him an 8 year contract

If you want rid of him, got to pay up to the 7 years of money left on his contract

You're right, and I never wanted him as manager and have been telling anyone who would listen this guy could take us down but usually I just get told I'm not a real fan!

Actually it's only a one year pay off to
get rid and maybe not even that as apparently he owes llambias a lot of money.

The only reason Pardew was given an 8 year contract is because he's a puppet. He does what Ashley tells him to do, when he tells him to do it. As long as Ashley is at our club, Pardew will be.

If he gets sacked, he should do the honourable thing and refuse the money as its his own mess

Ashley isn't that mad - he is a good businessman so there will be clauses in the contract for getting rid of Pardew
Lets hope he does go. though needs to be at the end of the season

Pardew contract states if he is sacked we only pay him one and a half years wages

How do you know what his contract says. Are you his mam?

No one knows the little fine print that is in his contract! don't kid yourself thinking that you do!

If we want to sack pardew apparently we'd only have to pay out 18months, if not then I guarantee you a great buitvessmen like ashley (Also a bit of an person as well) will of put a number of clauses in there.

Yep, agree with others, Ashley will have himself a get him out early clause.




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