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26 Mar 2014 15:25:06
So after admitting he wanted to sign Lukaku in the summer Pards again says he would like him this summer, and of course to keep Remy.

So what are the chances of Ashley stumping up £40m to give us an amazing strike force?

Get real Pards and stop spouting rubbish to try and persuade fans to cough up again and again.


Everyone complains about lacking in ambition then when there's a hint of ambition we get this.
Firstly in the actual quote he likens the Lukaku and Everton situation to us and Remy-great player, club wants to keep him but it'll be tough-at no point does he do anything more than hint at a possible interest in Lukaku.
Second where are you getting £40 million from? Remy will cost £15m at most and is basically Demba Ba but a better player so we won't get him. For some bizarre reason Chelsea seem to be willing to sell Lukaku (even though he's better than all 3 of their first team strikers) and he will likely cost £15m give or take as well so we could get him.
Remember we've got the Cabaye money to spend and don't say Ashley's pocketed it because it's baseless nonsense caused by the fact that he's running the club in a different way to how you want it run.

Don't half make me laugh, why do you think lukaku would take a second look at you. he wants champions leauge football and at your rate you'll be playing second string English football, youse would be lucky to keep remy. stop thinking your club is bigger than it actually is.

Our club whether we are in the champions league or Europa league or not, we are still a big club, whilst fans moan about Ashley he has saved us believe it or not if it wasn't for him we would have never come straight back up from the championship, It will never be transfer fees for players unless they are too ridiculous its players wages, I think cisse needs to be moved on and hopefully keep remy and sign another decent striker I would be happy with that.

Efcp you are not wrong about Lukaku
or for that matter any top class player coming to NUFC
The heart has been ripped out of NUFC by Ashley However Everton will not play in the Champions league in the near future and Lukaku will be out of Everton in the Summer.
Remember NUFC 2 seasons ago 5th and look what Ashley did sweet FA Everton are a top 7 seven club and NO more.
Tooner you are absolutely wrong Ashley took us down Houghton brought us back up NOWT to do with this person Ashley.

He paid the players there full wages so they stuck with the club and hughton did the dirty work for us, Ashley still needs to dip the hand in his pocket in the summer though, it could be worse though art we could be like Leeds where do you think we need improvement then?

Ashley brought us back up, what are you on? If it was not for his ridiculous decisions regarding Wise, Jimenez and Keegan etc we would never have gone down in the first place, and he only paid their wages in full because there were no relegation clauses which is why he wanted rid of Collo/Jonas/Enrique/Barton but they refused to move AND if he has had to put his hand in his pocket it is to make up for the loss in revenue caused by relegation caused by his decisions so we come full circle AND let us not forget that the so called elite business man did not do his due diligence before buying the club so did not realise that the loan for the development of the stadium was guaranteed by Sir John Hall and in the terms of the loan it had to be repaid in full if Sir John left the club so get of the Ashley love in and realise what he is doing with our club. using it as a shop window for his stack em high sell em cheap sports tat. As for Lukku going for £15m get real, they paid more for him than that when he was just a potential talent and now he has proven he is a top striker you really think they will make a loss on him? £25m is he minimum they will get. Look at Mata he was nowhere near the side yet they got £12m more for him than they bought him for. As for Everton, you will go backwards next year when Martinez takes over at Manchester United once they sack Moyes.

Jesus Spire! you need to take a chill pill mate everyone entitled to an opinion whether you like it or not mine and your opinion and everyone elses on here counts for nothing what happens at Newcastle happens for a reason!

When did we make any attempt to sign lukaku actually when did AP say owt about any signing. I want us to sign Messi, bale n ronaldo. doesn't mean I will put a bid in

Spire well said at least you are off the fence. & stating what is going on
Our support will continue but we the fans have to accept this club at best will try to finish each season between 10th and 8th so for those that accept that stop writing s. e and concentrate on how that is achievable season after season and keep supporting the aimless owner we are saddled with
Newcastle United is a joke. & will continue to be as Ashley alienates us from the rest if the Premiership

TAKE A CHILL PILL! Tooner Maybe you and other Ashley lovers need to take a case of red bull so you actually wake up to what he is doing. Easy to say we all have an opinion but that is a cop out, if you disagree about my points then offer a reasoned balanced reply to add to the debate. You are entitled to your opinion I was simply trying to enlighten you with some facts that may make you think again. One thing you are right on though is that it does not matter what any of us write on here or what we think or do Ashley will do what he wants regardless.

If Ashley went out and signed Bale, Messi, Ronaldo and Remy fans like Spiretoon would find something else to complain about. i'm no lover of Ashley and he makes some ridiculous mistakes but where do you think we would be if Shepherd was still in charge?As for relegation clauses how do you know this?




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