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26 Jun 2013 18:18:57
What is up with Ed21 why do none of his comments show ever?

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Maybe he's not actually typing anything and he's just messing with us

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Ed21 choses he's words carefully, when he has something to say you will listen or read.

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Maybe some posts just leave him speechless.

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26 Jun 2013 16:28:19
EuroSport France is reporting that we've had an �18 million bid for PEA rejected by St Etienne in favour of a �20 million bid from Anzhi.

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Can't see PEA going to Russia, yes he will get higher wages but he has already said (I think) he does not fancy Russia so even if Anzhi offer more does mean he is going there, the player has a choice. I'll beleive it when I see it though NUFC spending £18m on a player. We'd be better off paying that to Chelsea to get Ba back and Moses IMO.

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How much would a shirt with Emerick Aubameyang on the back cost in the club shop? I reckon this is teh only way Ashley would sanction the bid to get him.

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It was 18 million euros so that's about £15 million which is more in Ashley's range.

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Its £18 million euro, s I believe so about £15.2 million in £££, s. but don't believe it. k

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He only has Aubameyang on the kit. Sure MA would have the full thing if the shirt was big enough

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26 Jun 2013 15:04:57
Straw poll everyone!

Has Ashley done more harm than good to our club since he took over? Financially we are in the best position we've ever been in and look solid for the future.

Would the fact that if he made us fans more aware of his plans and direction for the club we may be more receptive to him?

I think its the general idea that I've done it so stuff you all attitude that is really getting up peoples noses, he's got a lot to learn about "branding" the club properly and that starts with keeping the fans informed of what's going on and why.

Just my opinion but would like to know if anyone else feels this way.

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Under ashley, we will never win the title or even get into the champions league, he's too stubborn. To be a champions league club, you need to spend around 30-50million at least each summer transfer window on top quality players.

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He has put the club on a good footing
And a sellable asset
Under freddy shepherd we were heading for administration FACT
The only thing I can say the Ashley has done very poorly is lack of communication wether it be with the fans or the media

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Ashley's only flaw is his appalling managerial, coaching and staffing appointments and he shows no sign of stopping. Who employs JFK once, let alone twice!

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JTOON its not just 30/40 million on players now its the 200k a week wages aswell which for 1 player on a 4 year contract is 40 million

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People want Ashley to spend large amounts on transfers and wages. They seem to forget that in terms of billionaires he's quite poor, only has £1-£2 billion so there's a point where the lack of spending isn't because he doesn't want to but because he can't afford to.

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Been saying that for ages mate his money is all tied up in investments the guy is a genius when it comes to business deals the worrying thing is mike Ashley selling shares in some of his business's something he hasn't done since 2007 on the other hand could he have cashed his shares in to invest the 100mill on Newcastle in transfers

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You realise of course that 2 billion is 2000 million? I don't think spending £30m on players is going to leave a big dent. Especially considering how much he generates.

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Ashley is only a billionaire on paper

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The best teams pay the most wages. Let's assume the first team get's paid £100k/week. That's £52.8 million/year. Let's say the reserve 11 get's paid half that, that's £26.4 million/year. So that plus the £30-£50 million people say he should spend on transfers is £79.2 million/year. Then there's wages for youth players, coaching staff, non-football staff ( e. g. cleaners), wages for directors, stadium and training ground upkeep, paying puma to make the kits, the cost of food and drink foe match days, energy bills etc. Last year I think he generated something like £250 million in revenue from the club. So at the end of the year chances are he'd be losing money. Basically the moral of the story is Ashley cannot afford to spend the amounts of money people are demanding without going bankrupt.

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Do u lot all know this is a website for transfer rumours. There are plenty of forums if you would like to discuss the fat man thank you, not on here though.

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How are we in a good financial position when we owe ashley £267 million we owe the bank nowt now but our debt has risen by £150 million since he took over FACT!

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Its going to take a multi billionaire to buy you and take on your debt. To think the people who bought man city actually wanted to buy newcastle.

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We are actually more in debt now than ever, we just owe it to Ashley.
I would rather we were in the championship with a proper club than this Sh*t!

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Ashleys a very private person he needs someone he trusts at the club to be his link he trusts jfk lambeezi was behind all the embarrasing sponsors and name changes and he's gone now ash trusted him too but even though we moved forward financially the repurcusions were too embarrasing

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How are we in DEBT!

Ashely bought a DEBT ridden club for just under 140 Million.

He has cleared the DEBT and his total investment is around 270 million including the purchase of the CLUB.

Ashley is in this to earn money hence the reason why he is borrowing the money to the club opposed to throwing it around like Chelsea and City do.

Newcastle in todays market would be worth at least 200 million considering how financially sound we are.

The city chairman offered over 280 million for Newcastle before they bought City, Ashely wanted 450 Million and that's the reason why they bought CITY.

You don't owe money to your Chairman, the next person who were to buy newcastle would so its a win win.

I don't agree with some of his policys and most of the times his decisions however you don't become a billionaire over night, With this new TV money were only going to become more investable.

Since relgation we have bought some great players such as Cabaye, Santon, Ben Arfa, Cisse, Debuchy, Mbiwa, Sissoko, TIOTE (prior to last season he was a beast) ETC so we are moving in the right direction.

We have a team now capable of getting to Europe every season however with further investment we could go a top 6 finish year in year out.

I do agree with some that we will never win the PL with Ashley but at the end of the day what would you prefer, Ashely and Newcastle or the same situation like Portsmouth, Crazy chairman borrowing like no tomorrow and virtually creating a bombshell.

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26 Jun 2013 13:43:14
I read someones idea on having a 41212 narrow diamond for next season and I agree with him. And we don't need that many players I think, our squad is already top 10 quality easily. Aubameyang/Bony, a creative winger and a centre back who should be Zouma in my opinion. He's got great potential, although he's being looked at by Chelsea, man u, liverpool I think we've still got a chance because he'd get more first team football here.
Debuchy Taylor Coloccini Santon
Cabaye Sissoko
Ben Arfa
Cisse Aubameyang

Subs Elliot, Zouma, M'Biwa, Anita, Marveaux, Bigirimana, Gouffran


Debuchy Taylor Coloccini Santon
Cabaye Tiote Sissoko
Ben Arfa Cisse Aubameyang

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You state that Zouma would come to Newcastle due to getting more first team football then stick him on the bench in your lineup?!

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We need a creative winger in a narrow diamond? How exactly does that work out?

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2nd post, if you didn't know we had about 11 injuries last year so its bound to rotate, its not like we're going to stick with that starting 11 in all 38 games are we? and 3rd post, a winger can fit into the 433 that I posted, as again it will always rotate.

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26 Jun 2013 13:42:24
Would any one welcome freddy shephard back. I would love sir john hall to come back but he's to old and I think he has cancer to God bless his soul.

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Nope. Having an owner who is a Geordie/supports NUFC leads to irresponsible decisions because they're too in touch with what the fans want.

Our financials with Shepperd were terrible. That said we need a better middle ground than MA.

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Get real SJH is the reason NUFC are in the S. T Renaging on KK and selling to Ashley for 120m Hall Started something great and lost faith & sold us all down the river He should be ashamed

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Give your head a shake, we would be playing Gateshead if it wasn't for SJH, we would have been like Portsmouth are today, cannot believe people calling him, {Ed021's Note -

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The guy slating SJH is crazy. end of. It would be nice if he was in charge as he would maybe look to get the team where it should be, but financially not a good idea. OK the banks would throw money at him and allow him to pay off the deby over 100 years again. ;)

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JH did all these things and made a bundle
No wonder we are where we are after
creating a súper team with KK then putting his person son in charge he realised the task was to much for him

But he got out A true Geordie who could have continued the changes
he gave us Ashley behind Shephards
back. Honorable my A. SE

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Sir John Hall gave us Keegan, credibility, respect, a fabulous stadium and some wonderful football we'll never forget.
What the hell has Ashley ever given us (apart from relegation)?

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Seem to remember good things with Hall & Keegan but Hall changed all that and list KK who had been the figure head of the changes by changing the promises made to fans & kK stating it was not like the brochure
The rest is history and as much good Hall did he did as much bad taking his 120m behind Shephards back and giving us Ashley & that is when the real problems started

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26 Jun 2013 12:05:44
just watched a video of bony, he's exactly what we need, just wanna say i'm not happy bout kinnear thing but what is moaning about it going to do, let's get behind the team and wait and see what happens. nobody knows who we will buy because we dontrelease it till its done. I hope we get bony though looks a class act

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Would like both bony and PEA but don't think we'd get both of them, I would probs prefer aubameyang because he's quick and that's what we need, but I wouldn't mind either of them!

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Bony's got a far better scoring record, he'd be a far better choice.

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Ligue 1 is better than eredivise

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26 Jun 2013 10:55:22
Anyone heard david craig on tv.! Apparenty we are for sale but at a price. Basically if ashley gets a 200 million plus offer he will sell. Got a feeling ashley mite have his eye on glasgow rangers. What you think ed.?

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The old saying be careful what you wish for springs to mind. Unless we get a seriously wealthy new owner anyone paying £270m for the club will not be ploughing much money in for transfers/wages. Pompey/Reading/Leeds/QPR even Notts County got new supposed mega rich owners and look what happened. Mind you if a tin pot outfit like Monaco with their paltry support can get one why can't we, and we have the Quayside to rival thier harbour!

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Is it another tactic not to invest in signings

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Remember that Monaco's has no income tax and only the extremely wealthy can afford to live there

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Nobody would pay over £150m for us. Absolute maximum. {Ed021's Note -

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What happened Reading. City costed £200 m and needed more investment than we do.

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I cannot believe you have just mentioned Newcastle Quayside and the beautiful Monaco in the same breath.

You lot need to go travelling there is a whole world out there and 99% of it is better than newcastle.

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Monaco is a tax haven which makes it very attractive, especially with French club players having to pay a very high rate of tax but not Monaco's you can lind of understand why.

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26 Jun 2013 10:18:47
12 mill seems to be the budget for a new striker. Gignac, bony and PEA are all linked with us around that mark. I hope this is not the total transfer budget and kinnear has to sell to increase it.

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I' say it's most likely between £12 and £15 million for a striker. Initial bids of £12 million with an extra £3 million in case a bidding war starts. The budget for the cb we need will probably be between £4 and £7 million. Don't worry too much about selling players to raise funds, remember there are a number of fringe players who look like they'll be sold during the window.

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Hey who knows Ashley may suprise us all and buy both players and not sell any of or crown jewells. unlikey though, but if he did it would surely show his intent and also may heal some of the damage caused by his tomfoolery!

Best way to shut the fans up is spend money on big name players! 2 strikers and a defender you say.

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Concerned its all talk about signings - until we put offers in we won't know whether we have a chance to sign our targets - I would have hoped by now to have made some bids and have a strong indication (or have signed them!) whether our targets are interested in signing for us - it feels like all talk currently

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And getting a good manager

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26 Jun 2013 08:06:21
Have I missed something. why is everyone putting Marin in next seasons starting 11

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Totally agree. why does everyone think we are getting him. this is the only page I've seen this on. He's only been at Chelsea 1 season.

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To be fair, i'd like to know too. Any ideas ed?

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Ed. how do west ham, man city, Liverpool, all sign players now, then I hear pardew say the transfer market will hot up when it opens on July the 1st,

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I think it started from people saying things like "the type of player we need is. " and people saw that, combined it with the results of his first season at Chelsea and decided that it meant we're interested.

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It's not everyone, it is one person.

I think it is the same person that kept putting Danny Rose in their starting team for next year.

They must think if they keep repeating a players name they will eventually be signed lol.

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"They must think if they keep repeating a players name they will eventually be signed lol. "

Reet. Everyone start putting Messi and Ronaldo in their line ups.

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26 Jun 2013 04:00:47
Why does everyone think ashley will sell? He has done this a couple of times already. Pure smokescreens! He'll sign a couple of players win a few games and slip nufc back off the market. don't u guys get it? Its all bout the advertising. The fact he loaned the club 130 million was a joke, its his club, lending money to himself. U really believe he didn't know bout all that debt when he took over? Have a day off guys. Sports direct has gone up ten fold since he arrived and nufc havnt. Ill let u all make your minds up but that's where I stand! He'll never part with us. I bet if someone came in to buy us he would ask for something stupid like 400 mill. Funny how the only people who were interested last time it was up for sale were part of a private consortium, who were mates with ashley. Its all BS till it all blows over. Business tricks and manipulation!

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Man city's owner tried to buy us but Ashley wanted 250mil whereas the last owner of man city wanted 50mil

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Ashley wanted 800 million off citeh owners

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Newcastle has never not been for sale as far as I knew.

Ashley has always maintained he at least wants his money back before he gets out.

Ashley may not be publicly trying to sell the club, but I have no doubt the club has been for sale since the year we went down.

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Ask yourself, what does Ashley get out of NUFC? He doesn't make a profit, he hasn't sold big except Carroll, so why? It must be the publicity for SD. And it works. When he took over he was worth around£800m, now it's a tad over £2bn. If he sold every player on the books he'd only make small change. Anybody who says he sells players to stuff his back pocket is talking s****. Do they actually understand what £2bn is? It's two THOUSAND million.

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His love is SD not NUFC. Noticed any SD logos at the ground? We have been the perfect marketing tool for him must have saved a fortune in advertising. We are still in debt so whoever thinks we r on a good financial footing is deluded

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Our debt is tiny in comparison to what it was, tiny. We're well run as a business but he doesn't realise what else goes into it. Sir JH knew the club, knew the area and the fans, even that scrote Shepard understood even, if he didn't care what it meant to us. HOPEFULLY Ashley will find a balance, he'll run the club at a profit, keep the books balanced (very imp with the new rulings that are due) and finally get what it means to us, I have my doubts but you have to keep some hope in there, however slim the chances are, don't you?

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25 Jun 2013 23:56:24
The daily mail is reporting that we've made a £12 million bid for 27 year old Marseille and France striker Andre-Pierre Gignac.

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The Daily Mail? That means we haven't then. I'd stoop as low as believing The Sun over them (now that is low, or as they'd say Now THAT is LOW)

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Wasn't Gignac going to Fulham last season for next to nothing? Can't see how he's valued anywhere near £12m when Aubameyang and Bony are supposedly £12m-£15m players.

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The Marseille fan's reactions to this rumour are all along the lines of "£12 million, are you serious?" and "I'd give him a piggyback to Newcastle for that much" They seem to want rid of him asafp.

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