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26 Jun 2012 16:28:37
U heard it first. Lescott and coloccini are swapping clubs. I bet a few guys are laughing at this one but it's true. {Ed026's Note - No chance

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Dont listen to talks...t they just fill their programme with rubbish

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This is one of those guys.

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Its not true but id taje that swap,both good players but lescott younger so id take it

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Who ever thinks lescott is anywhere near the quality of colo clearly knows nothing about football, if this was the case why would man city swap the younger player for the older think about what you say before you say it

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First of all its not gonna happen lol.

Seconds of all, agree with the person above. Although Lescott has a had a good season tbf, Colo is a much much better defender imo.

Third of all, its not gonna happen lol.

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U having a laugh.

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Do I smell a mackem?

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26 Jun 2012 14:57:57
any update on Debuchy and/or De Jong?

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Would they not go straight on holiday. i hope not because could be weeks before they sign

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This has been going on far too long - neither will come to fruition - let's face it.
Both should have been in the bag by now. Typical feet dragging by this club.

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Hardly say pardew draggs his feet. we will have all our signings ready for pre season tour.

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To be fair, it hasn't been long, it was obvious we wouldn't sign anyone whilst euros was on, maybe we'll have the next signing soon, just hopefully not that toilen or whatever

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Calm down man, what you want a signing everyday, we cant sign anyone until the 1st anyways. as for de jong and debuchy theyve both just been knocked out the euros and this is the first real oppurtunity for them to have some time off. give it time

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Lille Manager Rudi Garcia has been interviewed for A french radio station and has confirmed that Mathieu Debuchy has told the club he wants to leave Lille. It's also understood Newcastle have upped their bid. With the fact Debuchy wants to leave, this may be a chance for Newcastle to get him for cheaper than he is valued because of the fact he wants to leave. Time will only tell... ToonThomas

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26 Jun 2012 13:04:26
Forster to Celtic deal looks off. He'll be returning for pre season with Newcastle while he finds a new club

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Newcastle fan and shouldnt really look to be trying to strengthen other teams in the same league but if i was an arsenal fan surely Forster is worth a punt.

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Lets not get ahead of ourselves with the mention of Arsenal etc, REMEMBER he was doing it in the SPL which to be honest is conference level most weeks.

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This is very true but he also did it at norwich and again i know you could argue about the level of football but the goals are still the same size. i do understand where your coming from though. i just thought in general he still seems better than what they have currently

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Conference level? Is this the same nation who said they'll win the Euros!

Have FF back, we'll attract better than players at the sportsdirectwethinkweareabigteam stadium


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Conference level maybe a little low but to take a swipe at a team that is doing it in the premier league when your league is all but falling apart is quite funny. with the SPL how it is at the minute if you put our newcastle side in with you lot champions league wouldnt be a target it would be a guarantee.

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At least we were in the euros kid.

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Haha Richybhoy, No one thought England were going to win the Euros. A bit like everyone knows Scotland will never have a top league especially now as the biggest team is getting kicked out.

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All that aside Richybhoy me old mucker, you are right you have been in europe. what an acheivement that must be for celtic. it must be really hard at the start of a season getting a team together that is capable of beating all those other amazing scottish teams and finishing in europe. I take it all back. Celtic are amazing.


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I really wish NUFCcould sign players like samaras, commons etc,etc.....I take it all back agreat team Celtic and a great league....

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Not a chance

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26 Jun 2012 13:00:51
Rumours that we've agreed a fee for Curtis Good of around £350, and also that we've made a bid for FC Twente Right Back Roberto Rosales.

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Curtis will cost more than that.

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I hope Curtis is Good.... (I'm sorry).

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His team valued him at 500k, I think 350k seems viable

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£350 is very reasonable lol

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LOL! 600k is the fee i heard.

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Sorry meant around £350k.

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26 Jun 2012 11:09:30
Curtis Good the Australian CB is set to sign for Newcastle 375K

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Is he any good.

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26 Jun 2012 00:51:52
Apparently Ola Toivonenís agent has said we have been in contact with him. Does this mean the end of Luuk De Jong pusuit? I really hope not, Toivonen is a good player but De Jong is as good now and has the potential to be alot better.

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This guy could be good for us or a total XISCO!!!!!! he is not an out and out striker, he is more and AM, acCording to the law of FIFA.

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More to the point ,have heard reports from a dutch pal that he's a complete nutter! ,makes Ballotelli look like a pussy cat ! .

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