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26 Jan 2014 16:25:44
Ao there's been quite a bit of news today:

We are believed to be interested in £10million rated Clement Grenier from Lyon, He has good skill and is very good and a huge potential. Would like him in but I can't see it happening if we don't sell Cabaye.

PSG have bid £14million for Cabaye, I think they are trying to do what Arsenal did earlier in the season and unsettle him. Would agree anything above £25million. Now let's go annoy them and bid £3m for cavani and ibra.

Also I hope we sell Cisse because it will get Campbell nearer when he comes back and it will get Armstrong closer too. That Aarons guy looks good and I think he will be in the squad in the next few seasons.

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I agree anuva blatant attempt 2 unsettle yohan personally I wud'nt sell 2 them for 40mill because of the amount of tyms blanc been in press with his dirty tricks there a mega rich club that's just disrespecting nufc if Mata can sign for mufc for 37mil with no game tym this year then the form yohan has shown this year i'd b tellin them that's the price or jog on u mugs!

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Is no way Lyon will sell any of their good players. They are challenging for a champions league qualification.

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Here we go again silly season people dreaming again. wake up ashlEy will NOT SPEND MONEY. we might get a loan signing

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26 Jan 2014 16:02:27
Cabaye has two years left on his current deal at St James' Park, although under FIFA rules he could in theory buy out the remainder of his own contract this summer.
Who said it was not possible for him to buy himself out 3 months and he can make himself 6/7 m

PSG coming back with 17m after being told no go
Only way Ashley gets anywhere near 25m
us if Moyes comes in
Rent not interested in signing for Newcastle
and will move where the money is
No offer has been made for De Jong
4 days & Ashley's legacy is there for all to see
Lets hope we get the striker we need and who else

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Apparently kinnear has been in Germany for the last week or so, wtf has he been doing?

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Looking for the Berlin wall

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Vida: you've been told this before but it hasn't sunk in. You don't know, and I don't know, whether Cab's contract allows him to buy it out. The "Webster" ruling is very unclear and there is no general "FIFA rule" as you put it, that says for certain that Cabaye can unilaterally terminate his contract. I put this point to you before but you haven't addressed it: if Cabs' contract allows him to buy it out, don't you think he would have done it to force through a move to Arsenal last summer? And if he tried, do you really believe that Ashley would just roll over? If PSG, or Man Utd, or Arsenal believed this, they don't need to make any offer to NUFC at all, they could just agree to advance Cabs £6m in June and simply negotiate with him and his agent on the matter of wages and signing-on fee, without involving NUFC at all. Why pay £10m, £15m more for him now?

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And how do you calculate that in 3 months' time he can make himself £6/7 million? And who told you that PSG are coming back with an offer of £17m?

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Vic you've been told this before Cabaye
will leave & we will see what price for
You like me know Jack S. t & offer only an opinion
Cabye if he buys his contract out will make 6m for himself. Why don't YOU just wait & see instead if saying what he can do or won't do
Watch PSG in the next days like me they value Cabaye a lot less than you are saying
Everything written on here is pure speculation so it does not matter what we think
When I speak to Yohan I will update you

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Vida: wrong again, twice. You're the one making statements that you can't back up. And how does Cabs make £6m for himself? He has to PAY that amount (if his contract allows) to buy himself out.

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Vic U Can't really be bothered to debate this with you Just watch and see
Cabaye if he buys himself out of his contract can sell himself to the highest bidder Did you not know that. Well you do now

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Vic This is for you and you alone I think most of the rest understand this. Webster its a rule which states that ANY player who signed a contract before the age of 28 can buy himself out of the contract three years after the deal it was signed. If he is 28 or older the time limit is shortened to two years.

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Vida: 'cause I like you, here's one last attempt to explain this buy-out business, in small words so you understand. Here goes. If Cabs tries to buy out his contract, he has to pay NUFC a certain amount of money, called "com pen station". Got that? In the very first case (Webster) the com pen station was based on the wages payable during the remainder of his contract. This in ter pret action is now held by lawyers to be in correct ect (wrong). This money is now most likely to be cal cu lated on his current market value or on the amount NUFC have to pay to replace him. That's a lot more than £6m. Now have you got that? Say thank you.

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Vic sorry m8 respectfully you need see a doctor or someone who knows about football. You yourself keep spouting how rueful Ashley is and of course as we know he will never spend anywhere like the money you are suggesting to replace Cabaye.
It is NUFC 2014 with a tyrant at the helm. The whole blog is about if NUFC do not sell this window Cabaye in fact can walk for a lot less than the club will get in a normal transfer and that is what this is all about Bells are ringing. Are we a little clearer on that now.
I wait in ernest for you to come on here and Gleefully say You were right OR apologise for all the misunderstood rubbish you come out with.

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Vic Sorry forgot to mention You would not like me if you met me.

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Vida: Ask your Mam to read the lawyer's opinion to you again, slowly. And when have I EVER said that Ashley will or should spend any sum of money to replace Cabs? Just another thing you've made up? But credit where it's due, m8, you were right about one thing - you know Jack s***. I'll have another bet with you - if Cabs stays, and buys himself out in the summer, I say Ashley will screw him for £30m and take the case to court. You say £6m. You win, I'll treat you to TWO Gregg's' pasties. And don't forget, if Cabs goes for something nearer £25m than your cocky guess of £15m you owe me a drink.

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Well Vic Cabaye will be gone in 1 week
Don't need my Mum to read anything to do with Lawyers as I said you would not like me if you met me I am a Lawyer
AND I Always pay my bets so you will definitely get your sausage roll from Gregg's

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28 Jan 2014 19:07:39
Lawyers are literate. But it's all academic, now that Cabs is going. But you might learn something if you read the Mathuzalem case

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Because you still follow this Vic your 25m is far short & has been proven NO British clubs were interested over 14m

Give my pastie to the needy & you don't need give me any advice just keep snarling it us what you do best

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26 Jan 2014 01:20:47
Report suggesting that we're interested in Clement Grenier, a 23 year old attacking mid/ right winger from Lyon who's valued at £10 million. Might be because we're probably not going to get Cabella this window and we still need to bring someone in just in case we do lose Cabaye this window although I don't think he'll move.

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Would love him in. He is very good and consistent

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He looks really good, just the player we need for CM. Very creative and great from dead balls. Don't think he is really a direct replacement for Cabeye though, not the same sort of player. Grenier sits a little more unlike Cabeye who gets forward well. He would take Anita's place in the first 11 which is a shame unless Anita drops more defensive and Tiote gets dropped.

CF is still the biggest concern. If Gomis is available for £3mil, we would be better off getting him now than getting know one.

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