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26 Jan 2013 23:20:01
william vainquer from france, plays in belgium. another def mid 2.5m bid for him...del

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I don't know if he's any good but not sure of having a player who has a funny name.....
Willy Vanquer??

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What with Wonger on the front and Vanquer on the back, I'll be wearing my old toon shirt thank you!

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26 Jan 2013 22:53:24
According to a newspaper we've made a £12 million bid for Vitesse striker Wilfried Bony. Would be a great signing if true. He's quick, he's strong, he can finish, everything you want in a striker. The only problem is Vitesse are pushing for Europe so they probably won't want to sell their star striker right in the middle of the season.

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Just read this in the telegraph. Would be nice but I really can't see him coming. Like you said Vitesse are pushing for Europe. I can see us going for someone more like Darren Bent. Although he is ex but would be a good edition and less than 12M

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Why would either of them come to a side staring at relegation ? {Ed002's Note - Wilfried Bony has been of interest to Newcastle and has been a player Chelsea have been considering for a while. Recently there has also been varying degrees of interest from Marseille, Aston Villa, QPR, Liverpool, Everton and a couple of German sides (Hamburg and Schalke) but of these only Marseille seems to still have interest. It would not be a surprise to see interest from other teams, possibly Napoli and Roma. The player has said he would like to join Chelsea. Whilst an offer has been made by Newcastle efforts are still being made to get interest from Russia, any move in January is by no means certain and he will be away at the ACON until the middle of February.}

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And bony is at ACON apparently so 12m on a striker we can't have until February?

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Can't have until Feb? So a week?


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We bought Cisse when he was at ACON so maybe although I'd prefer RVW or, as others have been suggesting, Dries Mertens mainly because we don't have time to wait 2 weeks for a new striker

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If Ivory coast get to the final, which they will, it'll be 2 weeks into February so he wouldn't have much, if any, time to settle before being thrown into the fray

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We signed cisse in between the acon so how will we not sign bony between the acon

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26 Jan 2013 18:01:03
toon to go for danny graham last ditch if no look with rvw

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We don't want you Danny graham so stop putting up posts saying we are going for you any way we should put a 12m bid in for DRIES MERTENS this lad is class would take the prem by storm has pace good in the air can score for fun and is a canny free kick taker look this fella up he's mint by the way I'm not his agent.WASHYTOON

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I agree with that dries mertens would be the great player to have as the lwf of the front three and cisse in the middle and Ben arfa on the rwf, mertens between 10-12m.

Toon jegz

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Should of been looking at Mertens all along!

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Suddenly players are going to take prem by storm if they come to Toon ? we are 2 points from relegation place man with games against Chelsea & Tottenham looming, survival is the aim

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I want danny graham

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Survival could be much easier if we had mertens, wot a signing he would be

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Danny graham played for leam rangers who I play for ;D(better than shola)

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26 Jan 2013 16:51:09
Ed what do you think is going to happen with aubamayang, sorry spelling may be wrong? {Ed001's Note - I think he will stay where he is until the summer. Having said that, who would have foreseen Newcastle making all these signings in one window? So Ashley might surprise us all and cough up the dosh to get him, because that is all that it comes down to.}

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26 Jan 2013 15:16:39
Highly unlikely that anymore major transfers will be done in this window.

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Whats going to happen when the french go on strike and barricade the tunnel wi lorrys full of sheeples

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Can't argue with what's happened in this window

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How do you know, where after about Five different Strikers at the moment, we will sign a top striker before the end of the window...

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Why would they barricade the tyne tunnel and what the hell is a sheeple?

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I don't know about anyone else but I am absolutely chuffed with our buisness this transfer window. I think we've been very clever, strengthened the key areas that needed work, bought good exciting players with bright futures for very reasonable prices, and as much as I love the guy and what he did for the club, I think there are positives in Ba's departure. Ok, so he was top scorer, but he needed to move on and for saying he arrived on a free, it was a good bit of buisness. As far as Colo goes, I am very pleased with the apparent outcome that he will stay till at least the summer.

If anything, it's been toon good to be true.

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Another striker needed & we have bids in but the panic station button has stopped being pressed

If players are on the last 6 months of a contract it is better now as we have been told(right or wrong by Llambias) Free does not mean Free
Butland and a striker and winger would lift this team to a challenging team

First things first get out of the s...t Ashley created

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Got to agree with an earlier post, I am thrilled we have brought some players in through January, 3 are undoubtedly top quality international players, one is a good young player for the future and the other I think he feels he has a point to prove and be will use this opportunity to his advantage. However I do think we still need another striker, if ba would have stayed I would be saying the same, we never replaced best and lovenkrands, I like shola but he just has not got what it takes to play in the premier league any more, Europa league maybe but not the prem, so to make this the best transfer window ever lets get a striker in, some good names been linked and some not so good, I have faith we will get the right one if we do make another signing

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Bought 5 players for 15M ? do you think that is good business ? they will sink in the prem as quick as they came & don't get to excited about Colo, do you think he will perform after being denied the chance to be with his family ? watch him develop a mysterious back injury that will keep him out for most of the season

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Yeah I do think 5 players for 15m is good business. Especially if you think average price of a prem player transfer is probably about 5m. Sorry you're too good for French internationals. And I do think he will perform, because its what he does, and I like to think he's a bigger man than that.

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SMB, so sad that nobody wants to go to 5under1and

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26 Jan 2013 12:35:06
RVW to sign before end of Jan window.

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Who would you have incur team rvw or luuk de jong and I would go in for luuk de jong with the money we are using for rvw and in the summer bid for siem de jong.

Toon jegz

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Wow hope so but a bit optimistic

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Id have rvw he's scored loads of goal in every team he has played for. De Jong has only played for 1 team in the Dutch in like rvw

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26 Jan 2013 00:19:01
Rumours on twitter (yes I know) st. Ettien reject £10.5m bid for Aubamayang (spelling)


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26 Jan 2013 15:45:55
ashley, best thing since sliced bread now? 11mill spent. a good player cost more than that he is still a greedy person. he will still take us down.

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Quantity but verdicts definately out on quality and I still expect he will balance the books with at least one purple leaving

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We will offer 11mil to get him in.

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Does it matter if we spend 11m or 100m, it's about the quality of player not the size of the price tag, maybe if we'd spent 20m on Henderson or 17m on Downing people would be more happy

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You forgot to mention Carrol the clown for 35M

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Totally agree with the guy who posted about Henderson and downing. I'd rather go about the transfer window the way we have than Tottenham, Liverpool, etc. I have always said I'm fully behind the way the club is run.

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25 Jan 2013 23:24:47
according to news in France we have had a 10.2 euro bid turned down for aubeymang. they are stating he he can go in the summer. mike splash the cash and go for rvw

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Mike has splashed the cash and we have brought in 5 players

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Splashed the cash ? 15m would only buy an average british player

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^^^^^^^no wonder were called fickle fans

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15m would by an overrated British player

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Yes, and that average British player would be average, where should we put our money? On players who cost 3 or 4 times more than we can get elsewhere?

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We have been amazing in this window the players we have brought in last year commanded ridiculous price tags, m'biwa was touted before at around 20mil euros same for sissoko, debuchy is class, and haidara and gouffran the verdict are still out but paying less than 4mil they don't need to be amazing to pay back their price tag

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How many of them have played in the prem? exactly none !

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So what's your point? Ronaldo had never played in the PL before he went to Man Utd, loads of players came into this league from abroad, most of them in fact, some make it and some don't, would you prefer it if we were spending 15mill on these players only to find out that they're gash?

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