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26 Aug 2013 20:44:48
Bid for McCarthy. So have everton so there's another target who won't be joining. Source ssn

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Mark Douglas from the Journal Tweeted saying there hasn't been a bid for him. Conflicting reports at the minute.

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How many times does this have to be said.
For gods sake people get a grip.
This is our owner, a man who has a permanent 70-80% off in his outlets.
We are NOT buying any quality players unless they cost less than 6-7 mil. end of.

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Unlikely kinnear seems be looking at ayew, these are the same persons who said we all had a meeting and know the mistakes we made last summer and we won't make them again, 1 week to go all I can say to them is bull ****

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Replacement for kebab?

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Mc Carthy would rather sit on the bench half of the season at Everton than sign for the Toon

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McCarthy would be a far superior signing to Ayew. Has all the potential to be one of the best in the league. But Pardew probably isn't the one to bring out the best in him. As a Newcastle fan, I would love him to come, also as an Irish fan, I think Martinez might be better suited to allow him to fulfill his potential.

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We know our mistake off last summer and we won't make them again!

I actually give up with our club. I can not beileve that we haen't bought anyone.
And I can NOT believe that I just signed up for the extened 8 year season ticket deals. STUPID MISTAKE

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8 year season ticket deals? with that team?

You lot would watch 2 spiders running up the wall and pay for it.

Can you not get your money back as your team are not fit for purpose?

Its worth a shot.

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26 Aug 2013 20:39:21
Newcastle place bid for james mccarthy so have everton tv tv

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Not true sadly.

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