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25 Nov 2012 22:29:44
Ha pardew says we need to get rhe fans behind us for trip to stoke? What hav we got to roar on? Hoofing the ball over the top? I've felt sorry for all our fans this season who hav went to see a match. We've had nothing in our play to get excited about and get the stadium rocking. Really cheesed off. Southampton is a prime example of Wat we want to see, they made triangles and split our defense apart with quick one touch passing and the stadium was rocking. Last time we had that was last season.

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Alan the fans are always behind the team look at the crowds listen to the roar...who do you think is making the noice....the team need to play in front of the fans

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We were a load of sh1te against saints and u get that pr1ck pardew telling fans 2 get behind the team keep pardew and relegation is on its way 3000of us down southampton wast of money

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25 Nov 2012 20:08:15
Ba and Cisse does not work, it hasnt worked it wont work.
against Southampton we had
No pace
No skill
no heart
no idea
what does that equal
4 x 0 NO GOALS
Please stop going on about getting behind the team thousands upon thousands turn up home and away its not the supporters who are letting the team down its the team who are letting the supporters down,some blokes will be short of money this week after travelling all the way to Southampton and then to Stoke on Wednesday, will any of the players be short of money....dont think so

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I'm a Makum and if you just cut and paste your comments onto our pages you would be spot on too !

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Just got back from game .some questions need an answer . 1 why was Danny sim moaning at players just after 2nd goal when he clearly bottled a challenge moments before , which lead to goal , 2 . Why as a pro footballer is he incapable of putting in a cross , three times he put it behind goal , f rubbish ! , its time they stopped making excuses. All the time , rolled up their sleeves and got on with it ! You had all the praise last season , now take the flack , not been for woodwork and krull , it could of Ben 6 or 7 !! That is just not good enough lads ! question , what is Jonas giving us ? Please someone tell me !

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Ba and Cisse does work, when Ba plays on the left and Cisse through the middle and HBA on the right.

we ripped teams to bits last season, but Ba was not happy as he was not scoring. The fact is that it is a team game and if we win with Ba playing on the left, then Ba should play on the left and stop moaning. He can play in the middle once we are ahead and when Shola comes on.


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Ba insisted on him being played in the c.f. position in the summer when he refused galatasary. No player should be able to do this and it has to be said that Simpson and Williamson was pathetic. Stopped chasing back when Southampton player got past him every time.

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In my opinion we need to play about with the formation with the squad we have, we aint really got any real wingers so a would give HBA a free role behind two strikers we need to be less catious and take more risks getting body forward, i would play this team when fully fit!
CB-s.taylor colo williamson
WB-santon jonas
CM-tiote cabaye
CAM/free role-HBA
CF- Cisse BA

we defo need to purchase at least 3 players in january who can fight for first team places not youngsters who cant cut it

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Too late we will be in the bottom 4/5 by January and deservedly so
Incompetence arrogance and complete ignorance by Ashleysheite has doomed this team to being an also ran but the other also
rans will leave us behind get ready for anther embarrassing season from the person from Mansfield & keep your
money in your pockets

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25 Nov 2012 17:57:48
Well what an exciting 8 years we've got to look forward to.
Alan...We are clearly best with 433 yet you stick to 442 when we clearly get outnumbered in the middle.
Alan...Why do you post the tactic hoof it up the field and see what happens coz it just doesn't get the crowd off their seats when we clearly want to see fluent attacking football to excite us.
Alan...Why when we are 1-0 up we just sit back and relax (maritomo prime example) why dont we just go for a riveting 5-0 win so we fans can enjoy ourselves rather than just shouting "cmon get another! Clear it! Counter attack!"
Is pardew just a mid table manager? We'll find out against stoke.

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There will not be any midfield play at all the next game

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Let's just see what happens in January, then the real judgements can be made!

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25 Nov 2012 17:37:08
Really trying not to sound like a fickle fan but after the recent results I think that we deserve to be pissed off at the stupidity of some of pardew's decisions. Yeah we've been unlucky with injuries etc but surely they should have sorted out the depth of the squad in the summer? It's just been one bad decision after another.

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More Llambias and Ashley tbh rather than Pardew, only difference really is last year we were lucky with injuries etc, this year we haven't been so lucky

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25 Nov 2012 17:36:38
I think today has proved that if ashley doesn't splash out in january to buy more good players we're gonna struggle. We need another good cb, another creative cm or at least someone who can make a good pass, another decent striker, and a decent new winger ( i have no problem with jonas, sammy, marveaux, etc but jonas is starting to get on, sammy needs more experience and marveaux so far hasn't shown he's good enough). And while he's at it he might as well sign debuchy. (Yeah I know I'm expecting more than we'll get, so what?)

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Jonas is useless, contributes nothing, how he gets in our team I'll never know.

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25 Nov 2012 17:27:45
I think its time to take the blinkers off. We WILL be in a relegation fight this season. Today showed me that Pardew fluked last season because the team picked itself due to lack of injuries. This season he has to shake it up and doesnt know how to. Where is next win coming from? Why long ball football? Why not 4-3-3 formation that served us so well last season? Why are we so negative? Why do we respect our opponents too much? Questions Pardew needs to answer because everyone must be getting sick of the same excuses he spews out week after week. Before anyone comes on and says `` we will start playing soon`` `` we will turn corner soon`` WHEN???? In late April when its too late?

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I said in the summer we would struggle this season cos we didn't add to the squad except for Anita who isn't cutting it. Need at least 3 first teamers in Jan or we screwed. New defence new creative goal scorer from midfield and a striker who will challenge cisse and wantaway ba

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I honestly have to say I spent last season scratching my head and wondering how we were winning games, teams like Norwich were dominating us on the ball but that cabaye pass into Ba/Cisse somehow by almost a miracle kept us going, also the defence was heroic last season. We were getting a lucky goal up and playing like a scottish team against European giants when it came to playing midtable teams. This has been coming a long time.

What is seriously worrying if that Pardew was given a 8 year contract recently.

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25 Nov 2012 16:10:14
Starting line up and formation was so negative today! Weve been playing like real negative football recently and thats pissing me off more than the losing!

Im fine with a middle 4 and 2 up front as long as there some creativity and fluidity where is that coming from today! Why didnt we start with Marveaux or Sammy on!!

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We should start Maveaux and Obertan for the Stoke game, get some crosses into the box rather than over the top

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When has Obertan ever put decent cross in

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25 Nov 2012 15:50:50
Half time, southampton 1-0 newcastle. ridiculous. Why 442? WHY 442! DOES PARDEW NOT EVEN THINK WE'RE GOOD WITH 433? Every time southampton attack, they're sooooo dangerous but when we attack, we're just clueless. What tactics does pardew give them? Just hoof it up the field? NOO i was watching swansea against liverpool, and they're passing was brilliant, ours is sh*t. Cisse is sooooo badly out of form. if we don't beat southampton today, someone could mistake pardew for just a mid table manager and we fluked it last season.

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Can't believe im watching the same group of players, none of them deserve to wear the shirt at the moment absolute disgrace, 442 again just dont understand it at all never looked good with it, simmo and williamson need to go watching them feels like we are still in the championship

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25 Nov 2012 11:43:04
Pardew is hoping to add about 3 players to the squad in January by the sounds of things. Preferably a right back, centre back and forward.

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