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25 Mar 2013 10:54:31
I've just found out that Benfica haven't lost a game all season they've played 23 won 19 drew 4 lost 0 we've done really well to get this far but I think its as far as we'll probably go.
Prediction for the game Benfica 3-1 Newcastle


We are something like 6/1 to beat them away.

Benfica will probably be less than 2/1 to beat us away, more like 1/1.

The bookies do not tell lies.

Benfica will likely win the Europa League.

I for one am under no illusions, I know how good Benfica are.

I am saying this for those fans who think Benfica are no big deal, so that they are not let down.

1-0 away loss, 1-0 home win, extra time? Pens? Should be a cracking game either way

Celtic beat benfica m8

Anzhi had 13/2 and we beat them. no negatives please

Im not being negative its just i'm not biased either as much as i'd love to win and get to the final its going to be the hardest challenge of the season

The bookies do not tell lies. if the bookies were right and the favourite always won they would have absolutely no business model and would lose a significant amount of money. My predictions is a score draw away from home followed by a 0-0 at st james' sending us through to the semi finals.

26 Mar 2013 11:08:55
my mate's a bookie and he lies

Celtic didn't beat them this season though. Away leg will be incredibly tough but they are beatable at home.

Celtic beat Barcelona.

Does that mean we could be Barcelona?

Celtic parked the bus and rode their luck, that is not how we play.

Celtic got a 0-0 draw at home and away lost, but we have much better players than them, yet again I am a Rangers and Newcastle fan

We don't park the bus? Really?

''We don't park the bus? Really?''

Why don't you watch a game and find out?

We have dominated Arsenal and Swansea for possession of the ball this season, what does that tell you?

The only time we sit back is if we are protecting a lead.

We are Newcastle, not Sunderland.

Parking the bus is unacceptable at 'our' club.

You will find out about it when we play 5under1and next.

I really don't care how we win in Europe if we get the win in the end. This run reminds me of the fulham run that ended in a europa league final who beat juventus along the way, and also the rangers run which also ended in a europa league final parking the bus a long the way in many matches, neither won it but just to get there would be amazing, don't think amsterdam will see a better night, don't think the fans will either.

Were we winning away at Anzhi? One shot on target.

So because I think we play differently to how you think we do that makes me a Mackem?

Just look at how we set up two defensive mids a winger who is only useful defending and only in the team because he works hard and Gouffran who spends more time in our half than the oppositions.

Gouffran doesn't play in europe

Never said he did.

The posts are about europe

I mentioned Europe in the first sentence and then talked about something else.

Benfica are a decent team but not European giants, they're good but then we would be in their league. They have good players but so did Anzhi, so do Chelsea and Manchester United and we've performed against them this season. We have every chance of beating them and every chance of losing. Chin up lads and just try to enjoy the game eh?

So do city. Oh wait

At the end of the day no one can say, all this doom and gloom about we will never beat them. etc etc, it is football and anything can happen, I have faith until we lose. HWTL.


Lol if you playede barelona now you would get humped it wasnt parking a bus celtic played attacking football as well you play like barca you will get beat 5 nil so you have to defend but celtic still attackedceltic beat spartak moscow home and away lucky not to get a draw with benfica away and in barcelona look at chealsea they beat them and they defending

That last posted by the Scot desperately needed a few full stops.




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