Newcastle Rumours Archive March 25 2012


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25 Mar 2012 18:40:59
with Taylor back next season, a back up centre half, a couple of full backs and another top midfield player and we could do even better next year.......Dagliesh and Rednap will be after Benarfa and Cisse

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Centre half and a full back as long as we dont sell anyone

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The thing is everyone but Ba is on a long term contract, and that's only due to this supposed 'clause'. so really it's down to Fatman if we sell.

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What do ya mean fatman- he's actually building us a strong side and losing weight, whatever his past has done he's sort of turning it around!

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Ash the cash the man was right we have done a bobby robson without the debt

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25 Mar 2012 18:14:55
Class today lads. Looked really look going forward. They simple couldn't handle Ben Arfa. Lets carry this to the end and we could pinch 5th.

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Ben arfa is hitting world class form. beware liverfools!

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