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25 Jun 2013 17:03:05
People's INS and OUTS for the summer transfer window (realistic)

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IN: Zouma (10m), Aubameyang (13m), Ince (8m)/Redmond (2m), Marin (8m)

OUT: Harper (free), simpson (free), williamson (2m), Gosling (1m), Perch (1m), Obertan (1m), Gutierrez (3m), Shola Ameobi (1m)

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The person who wrote 2nd post needs a slap

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Outs: Ashley and kinnear In: a chairman who cares about our club

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We won't get rid of Gutierrez, he Captains the side part of the time. He's been a role model for newcastles work ethic.

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Apparently Ashley will only sell the club for the fee he paid which was approximately £276 million (including paying the debts he inherited in doing so). To put that in perspective the takeover of Man City cost £200 million and the takeover of Liverpool cost £300 million so we're somewhere in between those two.

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Outs: Williamson, Simpson, Gosling, Amalfitano, Abeid, Obertan, Shola

Ins: Bony

This may be contoversial (!), but I really don't think we need too many additions. We certainly need a striker but aside from that, let's show some faith in the youngsters and spend whatever money is available on youth development and coaching. Our starting XI is strong and I believe we'll play more of a diamond in midfield, with two strikers and attacking full backs for width

Debuchy, Coloccini, Mbiwa, Santon
Cabaye, Sissoko
Ben Arfa
Cisse, Bony

To me, that is a first team to be proud of, provided they are utilised properly!

Tavernier, Taylor, Good, Haidara
Anita, Perch
Campbell, Gouffran

I'd trust any of that second string and would certainly rotate frequently. Haidara, Bigirimana, Anita, Perch, Marveaux and Gouffran are all quality. They offer plenty of options, have abundant versatility between them and would be the first choice substitutes.

Along with the aforementioned, there are enough hungry youngsters to come in and do a job too (Streete, Mbabu, Ferguson, Dummet, Newton, Richardson, Vuckic, Ameobi)

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Unless you're suggesting using Cabaye and Sissoko as wingers that leaves us a) exposed on the flanks and b) lacking a threat when we attack from the wings. I'd prefer a 4, 3, 3 with the same back 4 but then Cabaye, Sissoko, Tiote in the middle and then Ben Arfa, Bony, Gouffran as a front three. That would be the same system we used in the 2011/12 season which got us to 5th.

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But 4 3 3 does not work. Cisse is left up top by himself time and time again he is the only player in the box and crosses come in to 3 defenders? pfft

4 4 2 I am affraid with the 2 striker able to drop into the middle or push out wide, same as when Ba was here, he would drift to the left and also play in the middle.

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Yeah. We gave lots of youth players a chance last season and look what happened. Half of them are nowhere near ready for the first team.

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They didn't give youth a chance at all last season, stop being silly. Our (apparently) most promising youngster, Campbell, played 2/3 times, always as a sub. The biggest flaw last season was lack of players, followed by a large influx of players in January, which is very disruptive mid-season. But with no midweek European games, that won't be a problem this season, so long as we get that striker. Also, no ACON

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25 Jun 2013 13:30:43
IN - 42, 500,000
Young centre back - 4,000,000
Nathan Redmond - 4,000,000
Marko Marin - 8,000,000
Pierre Emerick Aubameyang - 13, 500,000
Wilfried Bony - 13,000,000

OUT - 10,000,000
Harper - Free
Simpson - Free
Williamson - 2,000,000
Obertan - 1, 500,000
Gosling - 1, 500,000
Jonas - 3,000,000
Perch - 1,000,000
Shola Ameobi - 1,000,000

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Not sure we'd get both aubameyang and bony

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JFK may be daft but he ain't that stupid. is he?

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We won't get both PEA and Bony and we definitely won't spend £42.5 million. It's ok to be ambitious and optimistic but there's a point where people just start being ridiculous.

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Technically ashley's only spending 32.5m

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Well so it starts (the only reliable source on 'tinternet) has said that Mehdi Abeid and Romain Amalfitano are the first two players to be told that their services are no longer required at St. James' Park. Here we go, get rid of young uns who need nurturing and buy 30+ year olds with 'proven' records at clubs like Wimbledon and Port Vale (no disrespect), flog our stars, say they'll 'reinvest' don't reinvest and cling onto Premiership status all the while blaming Pards and the fans, the weather, the flapping of bird's wings, a misdemeanour in 1908 Chile and so on and so forth. We had a year or 2 of improvement, I hope this isn't the beginning of a very embarrassing and nut kicking end.

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Bonny and Aubameyang would be real deal, but I doubt it's possible. One maybe, but two of them, never.

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What 30 year olds have we bought who have we bought from Port Vale or the like what you moaning about now

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Pardew will blame everything on anyone and anything but himself

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I'm moaning, my little wum, about the fact that once again your hero MA has seemingly done something to wind everyone up, he seems to be taking us back. If you cared to read (or get someone, like your Mammy) to read for you, my original statement before you would see that I clearly say 'Here we go. ' I don't claim at any point we have bought any players from Port vale in recent years, just using Port Vale (no disrespect) as a metaphor for mediocrity in the transfer market.

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Who are these 30-year olds? Have I missed something?

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25 Jun 2013 13:26:11
What about a move for 17 year old saint etteine centre back Kurt Zouma? 10m being sniffed around by chelsea, man u and liverpool. I still think we'd have a chance as he'd get more first team football here. Would be a fantastic signing.

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Would love Zouma. I wouldn't even be surprised if we've already made contact with the club and his agent and it just hasn't been reported. He's the type of player that Graham Carr would scout. A gem.

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He's a gem, but everyone who knows anything would know about Zouma not just Graham Carr! Us Toon fans need to realised Carr doesn't find unknown players he gets well known players at reasonable prices or on a free!

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Zouma has been heavily linked with Chelsea. Also Ac Milan, doubt we will have a chance. Would be a great signing tho.

I can see us getting bony. But defender I have no idea but going to need one

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Even if he did come here (which he wouldn't. ), he'd be gone within 3 seasons maximum. A player of his potential? We'd be nothing but a stepping stone.

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25 Jun 2013 13:24:14
Newcastle could be one of the two clubs who have had a bid accepted for Birmingham winger Nathan Redmond.

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Add Norwich and Swansea to that mate and that makes 3

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25 Jun 2013 05:51:21
Did anyone attend the meeting at Wallsend Labour club last night with the NUFC officals? If so was it worth it? Lot of mix reporting.

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No, because it was at Newcastle Labour Club. Sorry couldn't resist pointing this out.

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