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25 Jan 2013 21:47:07
On one unofficial Toon website it says that we are still going after Thauvin and Butland and loaning them back to their clubs until Summer. Also trying to sign RVW. I think a previous poster has also stated this. I cannot believe it's true, but I also cannot believe what has happened in the last four days!

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I think we are done to be honest. would be great getting another striker but I don't think we could Benzema at the moment

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No Benzema is a quality French player not average

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25 Jan 2013 18:33:28
Ed, will there be any more or is it wishful thinking. {Ed001's Note - well the second centre back is on hold now Colo is staying, so I would only expect one more forward, if anything. Certainly the club were looking to sign a striker, though I would personally normally expect Newcastle to be done for this transfer window.}

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Rickey Van Wolfswinkel, 10m announced by sunday........or am I just living in a fantasy? with all tese new signings its hard to tell....

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Think 5 in this window is much better than I could have imagined - a final striker would be good but if we didn't I wouldn't be complaining

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Dont go over broad about colo he was told by fatman do you want to go colo YES fatman ok it will cost 7mil colo ok I will stay, we will get the best out of colo ??

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Just to add to my reply to post above apparently the Thauvin bid has been rejected.

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10.5 million euro offer been made for PEA

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Lets not get greedy now. Although it would be fantastic if we got RVW or Audemeyang

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25 Jan 2013 19:05:23
Sissoko has signed! NorthantsMag

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Dont want to rain on our parade but how many been in senior squat ? not under 21 or under 17 or school boy answer none we just spend 13 mil on who ? fatman why ?

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They have all played senior level at their old clubs and three of them are established french internationals. Get your facts right before you post mate.

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Every single one of them will be first team players or cover for first team, 3 have played for france if you think they are going into our reserve team you have another thing coming

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Wow played for France ! I reckon Northampton town could beat France

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25 Jan 2013 18:58:57
sissoko signed 6 1/2 year deal, whos next ...del

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Probably get the Eiffel Tower for 10 million,

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25 Jan 2013 15:37:41
seen a rumour that on top of the player's we've signed so far (including sissoko) we're looking to sign Jack Butland to provide competition for Krul and to replace Harper who's retiring at the end of the season, Florain Thauvin, and Ricky van Wolfswinkle to strengthen our strike force

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The Thauvin transfer, as far as I understand, is as good as done. I think Butland was seen as more of a replacement if Milan bought Krul, he has openly said he will not goto a club where he'll sit on the bench and as for RVW so far it's just agent hype and paper talk.

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The 3 million euro bid for Thauvin has been rejected

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Thauvin bid being considered by his club answer this weekend, arsenal sniffing about

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What happened to Steve Harper ? very ambitious player 120 appearances in 15 years

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25 Jan 2013 10:59:33
ed, any signs on whether sissoko has arrived in newcastle yet, surely he can't be too far off the medical stage etc? {Ed001's Note - I thought he had his medical over night? Maybe I misread the text and he arrived overnight, but that is what I could have sworn it said. In which case the announcement should be any time now really.}

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Dont get carried away lads, The French league is on par with the Scottish prem & the championship at best.
Lets wait & see after 4 or 5 games what these players are like, they aren't no fighters are they Ben Arfa, Cabaye out injured more than they play.

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Are you for real ?? you must be a mackem are you ? get behind the team don't be little signing always add confidence we will climb the league no problem. Top ten this season.

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Might be the stupidest comparison I have ever read, same level as scottish prem and championship.... its so much better look at the teams and players playing there you wouldn't see zlatan lavezzi thiago silver and many many more playing in the championship or spl

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Watch sissoko on YouTube, he's a beast in midfield, like tiote but has better feet

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What planet are you on?
mbiwa, 23yr old, captain, leads his club to the title... there's got to be something about him if other european clubs were after him.
gouffran will be an instant success, he has the pace, strength, eye for goal and can head a ball!
and as for cissoko, he will prove just why he's so in demand, youll see!
i trust graham carrs judgement, not done anything wrong yet so I aren't going to start doubting him now...

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Good news colo is staying for rest of season

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Ligue 1 on par with Scottish and Championship football?

You mackems are not very good at the covert stuff.

And the fact you do not know is Debuchy, Mbiwa or Sissoko are any good just shows your lack of knowledge to do with anything football.

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Cabaye played 34 league games last season... (Duh)

Ben Arfa played 26, and remember he did not start last season as a first teamer.

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Weren't the Mackems after sissoko and they bought n'diaye. Surely that's a glass house/stones statement.

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Sossoko is a top top player wait and see ! Biggest problem we will have is keeping hold of him in a year !

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Moussa sissoko currently having medical, transfer to be confirmed in the next few hours

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Not that long ago that France gave England the runaround at Wembley and on that night some of their players were playing in Ligue 1. Every French player on that night was technically better than any of the English.....Scottish Prem indeed !!!

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Same as sweaty sock league SMB... Yeah Pires, juninhio, essien, Henry, Weah and ginola all would've struggled north of the border.. sissoko going to be super star just hope it don't mean end of tiote Cabaye or HBA... surely would make em wanna stay a little longer...

oh and those who ridiculed me 2 weeks ago for my sissoko post... Glad I was correct


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Sissoko has signed. 6 1/2 yr contract, confirmed on club website

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Hes signed number 7 shirt, 6 and a half year deal.

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It's done he is here 6.5 years Yes yes yes .......

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25 Jan 2013 22:32:16
Moussa Sissoko is a beast... and here is the proof

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Thanks for video of sissoko, looks a quality player, pace power, can tackle score, look forward to see him playing for le toon

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25 Jan 2013 00:59:21
tv reporting that norwich are going after van wolfswinkle

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Why the hell would he want to go there? We could offer more wages, plus we're one of the biggest clubs in England.

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If we lose a player like that to Norwich I will definitely cry....TOONKARLOS

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Yes but if they bid and we don't he has no option of choosing newcastle over norwich.

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Have we enquired about him in this window or is it just the press ?? honestly think we have a fight on our hands and would prefer to have graham the last 15 or so games(i know rvw is better than graham) its just graham knows the EPL...k

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Yeah but they're apparently only bidding 6 million and Sporting want about 12 million which is about 10 million and RVW's agent said that an unnamed premier league club which he couldn't have made more obvious it was us had made a bid and thqt Sporting are considering it so if that's true then assuming it's accepted we should get him

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No chance he'd leave sporting to go to norwich

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Other clubs are saving pounds on scouting, sit back and go for everything newcastle go for.

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Im sure Bassong is on a decent wage at Norwich so what is to say they couldn't beat our offer.

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I saw a report saying that Norwich were making a bid of 6 million which is a bit less than half of Sporting's 12 million valuation

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Exactly mate Graham knows the prem not like these French pile em high sell em cheap average players, Tell MA involved.

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Post further back, said we are one of the biggest clubs in england ! That is our problem we think we are ! On the basis of what ? Before you answer NO not 50,000 plus. Until we change this mentality we never will be !

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On the basis that yes we don't have a Sheik running the place! and we still made the top TWENTY for clubs that make revenue from attendance ..... released like three days ago

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Actually the footbal rich list was posted and we're 20th richest in the world. Only the likes of ManU, Barca, Bayern, the world's top teams are beating us

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''Post further back, said we are one of the biggest clubs in england ! That is our problem we think we are ! On the basis of what ? Before you answer NO not 50,000 plus. Until we change this mentality we never will be !''

Based on we fact we are 7th in England in terms of Revenue, and we are currently the 20th biggest club in Europe in terms of revenue. Newcastle would be the 3rd biggest team in La Liga in terms of revenue.

So I would like to ask you, why do we need to have the mentality of a small club (when we are not) to become a big club?

Could you care to explain it to me, because I am having a truly difficult time understanding your logic.

I cannot for the life of me understand how an alleged fan can not know this about his own club... bizarre.

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News is that Odemwingie has officially handed in a transfer request. Thinking he could provide solid depth and will play a bunch too

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Post above about club size . My logic is simple if have loved this club since I was 6 ! I am now 49 . Followed club all over, we need to restrain from expect the world, before we achieve out ! I have always dreamed and always will, but modern football perception is diff whether or not what qualifies to bing a big club, to me it can change, being top end season after season and winning the odd trophy is regarded as a big club regardless of support ground etc, because that's the only thing we have in common with the so called big clubs . Years ago I would say, wolves Leeds villa, Sheffield clubs derby all were regarded as big clubs, nothing would please me more to actually be regarded as a truly big club, but lets be there every year before we claim that ! THAT'S MY LOGIC

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