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25 Aug 2013 17:29:33
as posted here early last week Arsenal was double bid for Krul and Cabaye - will be upped this week and finalised - ITV football now reporting it too - my source hasn't ever let me down.

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Well it just did let you down. Because we won't be selling them unless its min. 35m

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Not Krul please we will be done for without him.

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Arsenal will not spend big on a keeper, they could not even be bothered to get Cesar in on a free.

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35 mil for krul and caBYE you'll be lucky

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Might have something to do with Cesar's alleged 200K+ a week wages!

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It's not exactly being lucky we just don't want to sell them

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I think 15mil for cabs plus bentner I have wanted this guy in a Newcastle shirt for years

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Transfer business is closed for NUFC. All the signs are there. Think they gave up after Gomis.

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''Might have something to do with Cesar's alleged 200K+ a week wages!''

What a load of rubbish lol.

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Does look that way although I've still got a feeling we will get a striker and a winger through the door. Gomis and ayew are the two I think we will get.

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Kebab and Krull both want to leave and NUFC will get good money. NUFC will make a last minute bid for a big name player that will fall through at the last minute, Ashley will reap some of his £130M NUFC owe him and the sheep will still follow.

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£7m offer gone in for Ayew being reported by George Caulkin at the Times newspaper.

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Thats how u beat city lol scored a goal yet

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Kebab going krul going no one comeing in wats going on here unreal pmsl

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Read in paper that pards and joker had a talk before season and both agreed squad was big and good enough so joker says so pards been lieing about getting sum over the line woo hoo

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Could be worse. we could have been born Makems.

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You will get 10m tops for krul and 15m for cabaye so that's 25m to go straight into ashleys bank account

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It is worse you were born and bred to be mags, unlucky!

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Try and be original.

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Heard David Holdsworth is to be named as new manager of Gateshead FC in the next few days. Players have been shouting out for him and the chairman seems to be a huge fan!

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Good choice in my opinion.

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25 Aug 2013 02:47:49
heard a rumour today from a friend of the coaching staff, that the club has already been sold (gentlemen agreement between ma and american consort) deal will go through next season if rangers get promoted and nufc stay up. Ma will buy rangers with proceeds of nufc sale. pards and co given 8 year deals by Ma just in case us consort don't want them, so therefore will get a payout if sacked. MA'S IDEA OF BEING LOYAL?

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What a load and would that usa consortium be interested if the club got relegated

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Fantastic dream you must have had last night mate.

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Read the post, nufc must stay in premier league.

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Read it through, it said dependent on not being relegated

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We need Ashley out NOW not next season yesterday performance just showed me we'll get relagated no1 comin from midfield 2 help cissie no service 4 him 2 put. the ball in the net n hba tryin 2 do everything himself total joke of a football club

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Mancini should replace Pardew.

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Why would a consortium wait one year to complete a deal? Surely if they had that much money they'd want it sorted immediately. Utter tosh!

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Obviously some body can't read as it says if nufc stay up but don't believe the first post. k

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Didn't you READ what was posted?
"If rangers get promoted and WE STAY UP"
The clues in what's written.

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So Mancini should come here? just imagine ashley saying hey mr mancini do u want a job at the toon? no players coming in no cash for you and you do as your told by SIR JOE KINNEAR! the jobs yours if you want it.

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Wot r u on about he'll b able 2 buy rangers now cheaper than next year n we r in the epl now so name's sense 2 do it now

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If this is true it will be ashley who will be waiting for the 60million tv money which will come at the end of the season not now

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So the SIX payers in Jan and Remy no are all fictional then. We have a top 8 squad but a bottom 5 manager, simple as.

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We don't have a top 8 squad -we have zero creativity, a lack of class forwards and a dodgy defence
Let the facts tell the truth
1. We were appalling last year and have not improved t his season
2. We have played two matches this Xeon, scored zero goals, had one shot on target in total over both matches and only had 3 touches in the Man city penalty area - is that the sign of a top 8 club
3. We have not invested in the squad this summer - exactly what happened last year and see what happened then -I don't think we will be that fortunate again as we sold our top scorer last year and he was top scorer playing half a season
4. We have a DOF who is intent on getting rid of the manager to feather his own bed - it's the only way he could get back into football as zero clubs were knocking on his door getting him back in the game -his actions so far have either been appalling ( how he announced his position) and incompetent ( lack of signings and talking out of his arse)
5. We have a owner who is happy to let the club tick over so he can make some money out of it with minimal investment. Plus he goes out of the way to antagonise the fans ( think he gets up in a morning and think what he can do to antagonise the fans further- there are plenty of examples )
6. Other clubs have been busy strengthening their squads - we've done nothing and ultimately will pay the penalty through relaxation to the championship

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Relaxation? I know Shola is a bit lazy!

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Yes Cardiff have so many big signings and superstars don't they.

Our squad under a manager who can motivate and get the best out of his players is definitely top 9 or higher.

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Good post - entirely true.
Now you can add that the Man City team who destroyed us have just been beaten by promoted Cardiff.
Oh yes Mr Pardew, "not many teams will beat City this season"
It should be "not many teams will drop points this season against the Toon".
Relegation is looming on the horizon I'm afraid

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No Cardiff don't have big names, they have not made massive signings, but they have got new players, with a team that believes and itsn't getting dragged through all the SH!T memebers of our board are dragging the club throguh!

Makes a lot of difference when you know your club is stable all the time, and the owner doesn't just do what he wants when he wants!

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