Newcastle Rumours Archive September 24 2013


24 Sep 2013 18:21:35
Newcastle will have first option to sign Loic Remy on the 6.8million release clause, either in January or the summer if he is innocent from his court case.


No we haven't.

If qpr get promoted then he will stay there

No he won't we have the option to buy.

He will only stay there if 'arry forces him to. he already realises what a better and bigger club we are

QPR have strikers coming out of their ears, they just signed another one.

Harry will not want Remy or Taarabt back at the club, apparently they did not want to play in the championship.

Who owns his registration papers end of

Lets hope so,, if qpr come up ad we struggle like last year, he may prefer to go back

Yes, there is the bigger word again, great stuff, lol.

No you don't if you listened to JFK when he sgined he said he goes back to qpr at the end of the season!

Yeah because we all listen to what JFK has to say.

"Yeah because we all listen top what JFK has to say".

Maybe for once you should listen. JFK (with his head full of magic) WOULD HAVE SAID if we have an option to buy. IT MAKES HIM LOOK A LOAD BETTER!

Never forget how important JFK is to himself and how much he bigs himself up ALL the time.
If that option to buy Remy was there JFK would have told us, as it makes him look as he has done something good and he would still be boasting about it now.
God that is just common logic!




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