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24 May 2012 17:12:31
Ed do you know if we are interested in Adam Johnson at all or if he is a possability?
Surely he will want to leave city for more game time, plus isnt he a toon fan? {Ed001's Note - he signed a new contract mid season, so I can't see him going anywhere unless he is replaced.}

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Adam Johnson is a mackem fan. he hates the toon

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His family are mackems but he supports Toon his idol growing up was Ginola .

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24 May 2012 20:52:30
or former target Barnetta from Bayen Leverkuson is up for a free transfer. Id take him. What u tink ed?

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I thought he was still locked up in Jesmond Dene Hotel waiting to sign for us since last summer?

In all seriousness I'd take him definitely.

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24 May 2012 18:03:48
The NUFC Blog is repoting that Newcastle are in pole position to sign Mathieu Debuchy Mapou Yanga Mbiwa and Luke James ed can u confirm these

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M'Biwa and Coloccini as a CB pair would rival City's (unless they got Thiago Silva).

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Hope so, M'Biwa looks the best centre back option to me from all the names ive seen us linked with. And he is only 23, would love to see it come off.

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24 May 2012 21:03:20
heard neymar been linked with us from a source in brazil would be quality with cisse and ba {Ed018's Note - haha}

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I hear Whitley Bay is his favourite place to party

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Ive heard he wants to come but we arent willing to match their value.
Last i heard we put a take it or leave, 3.8 million plus Nile Rangers Left boot offer on the table.
Wouldnt get ya hopes up like.

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Hhaahhhh.... SMB

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They want Guthrie as part of the deal

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Apparently its a straight swap for james perch. him and our other new signing of heskey will be great upfront

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Lifelong Newcastle fan, Neymar. In his youth he had 'Fumaca' on the back of his shirt.

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Neymar will be playing in newcastle in august....mark my words....

...however it will be the olympics haha

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I hear messi is going to rangers
nice joke guys
barca go a bid rejected of 40m and chelsea

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24 May 2012 09:01:12
So we've signed Amalfitano... does this mean that Adam Johnson will no longer be coming? TOONKARLOS

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Johnson is a winger and Amilfitano is an attacking midfielder so I wouldn't think so. However I haven't seen us linked with Johnson anywhere which is a shame as I would love to see him wearing a Toon shirt. Would fit perfectly into the left side of the front 3 if Ba goes.

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He's a attacking midfielder not a winger.

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Who said adam johnson was coming ?????????

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I wish A Johnson was coming to the toon....

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All this adam johnson talk is just people wishing, has no source at all.
I imagine johnsons wages will be pretty high, and i hear he had a bad attitude

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Has a bad attitude

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I dont know why people would even wont this guy. Yeah he is good on his day but has far to many off days and overall is a very lazy player. Whats the point making 10 steps forward, Signing talent that can spark a match only to take 5 steps backward to go after a typical old school signing. I like the fact that most payers we have signed over the last 2 years have litrally come out of the blue and so far most if not all have hit the ground running other than OBERTAN LOL

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24 May 2012 07:56:27
according to the BBC (notice the according) we are refusing to negotiate Ba's contract to remove the 'release clause' please tell me this is b****cks!

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Demba ba is refusing to take release clause out!! Sell him hes crap in formation we play when hes not in the central role and u cant move cisse in ny opinion

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Good, the man has had half a good season, to bump up further on an already 50.000 wage would be poor business by us. If he goes, we'll replace with equally good or better.

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Ba had a horrendous end to the season, not only with his lack of goals, but some of his shooting reminded me of Obafemi Martins from 30 yards and some of his passing reminded me of joey Barton when the blood was entrenched in his head. He hasn't looked happy, and I for one think he was more of a liability over the last couple of months than a help.

I'm not too fussed that we are not 'bending over'. I say instill the mentality that nobody is a certainty on the team sheet. If he wants to go, he will go.

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Demba was brilliant in the first half of the season but if he'snot happy let him go and bring in de jong on Ba's wages.

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Cannot believe some of these comments on here. Ba crap? He was stuck out on the wing when Cisse came and still put the effort in without the rewards and never once moaned about it. He is quality and a good team player. We call ourselves the best fans in the world and we support our players. Ba himself said he couldn't wait for the new season, he might re-think reading some of these fickle comments. Hang your heads in shame.

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Yah, its not like Ba have been looking for a way out is it? It was someone else who leaked his contract situation to the press. And being played out of position or not, fact is that these people are right, he didnt play well and he did seem moody and sulky. So dont make him a saint for his ½ good season, the club comes before any one player so take your rant so where the sun dont shine.

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Rant? Club comes first? Make him a saint? At what point has Ba said he wants to be away? His release clause still even after Redknapp exposed to the press is unclear, most likely leaked by his agent for him/her to benefit from a move away. I wonder if you feel the same about CISSE if he has a poor start to the season. Form is temporary class is permanent.

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Thought it was karen brady who had told rednapp..? even so ba has done well and allthough he aint scored last 12 games or so he made plenty of assists replace ba we would need to soend a few quid possible 10 million and then hope they adapt tp premiership straight away which to find a striker than can score 15 to 20 goals a season aint easy at all...edd whats your opinion..?

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Spot on mate ,it was Karen Brady she discussed it in an interview said he had the same clause when with them. Harry just picked up on it and when press asked him about Ba he mentioned the Clause.

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