Newcastle Rumours Archive June 24 2014


24 Jun 2014 08:04:26
As Pardew has stated English players could feature a lot in nufc plans. Mbiwa, marveux and obertan are set to be offloaded. These are set to be replaced with caulker, ravel Morrison and tom ince. All are said to be available at a reasonable price. Also debuchy is set to get back on the cabaye dreamboat and join him at psg for around 14mill. His replacement could well be Micah Richards but a deal would depend on wages.
I'm not sure which striker could join newcastle but I really hope it is Abel Hernandez. He has had interest from big English teams but in a press conference stated his dream clubs are Madrid teams and nufc. Can't think of many other strikers at the World Cup that could be postponing the deal to nufc


Are you sure Hernandez didn't say Mufc? As for the rest it seems fairly legit if Debuch does go I'm not sure I'd want Richards to replace him, high wages somewhat poor disciplinary record but at the same time I can't think of anyone who'd replace him unless Santon gets moved over to the right and Haidara/Dummet becomes first choice LB.

Id like us to go for Boroni he is and will get better. works hard

Santon should be Debuchy's replacement and Raylor could back him up. I think Javier Hernandez is available as well so why not go for him, oh wait FCB is our owner

24 Jun 2014 18:42:45
Abel Hernandez wants to join Newcastle United

Danno: hope you're right with your four out and four in, but who'd take Marveaux or Obertan? Bet you a Gregg's pastie that six out of those eight moves don't happen, because strikers are priority.

I do agree, whenever Newcastle say we need to sign 1 or 2 players we sign 0 permanents. The only time we signed a lot was when we were flirting with relegation and cashley knew if we went down it would be a disaster. We definitely need some more depth though, we have very little players breaking through and the ones that are deemed useless, such as ameobi MkII, ferguson, tavernier, vuckic. This would mean we either have to sign some good youngish players 20-23 that have potential for high resale. Perez was signed for this reason. At centre back we have williamson colo taylor and mbiwa, we need a young centre back to be comfortable in the team for next season when I think colo will be on his last legs. We have very little depth with creative attacking players and even less strikers. Although the next crop of youngster have 'hype' so did our previous, whether armstrong, campbell, streete, satka and others can make the step as cover i'm not certain.

Danno: everything you say is dead right. That's why being an NU supporter is so difficult. My big complaint is about how Pardew's stupidity wasted half of last season, when all of our young kids should have been thrown in at the deep end - not all in one game of course, but systematically. We could have found out whether Campbell, Streete, Abeid, Vuckic, Good, Armstrong etc are genuine Prem quality or not, and where we absolutely must sign replacements. I notice that there's been no talk at all about us signing a CB, even though Mapou and possibly Taylor may be on their way out, so it seems that a decision has already been made that Streete and Good can fill in.




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