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24 Jun 2013 19:29:59
first of many

The Independent: They understand that Joe Kinnear wants to transfer Hatem Ben Arfa and will likely put him on the transfer list

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I very much doubt that, he wants a new contract and kinnear already said our stars are staying.

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Do you think we have bid for bony or pea?
hope so, desperate for strikers

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24 Jun 2013 17:47:45
What would people think if we bought in james tomkins if williamson departs? not sure what to make of him really.

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Can not get a game at whufc so why would he be good for us?

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He is a decent defender but West Ham want £10 million for him. He is not worth that. I would prefer us to give Curtis Good a chance.

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Both donkeys

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I hope they release Williamson and replace him with youth. Keep two out of Streete, Good and Mbabu, whilst having the other out on loan, rotating between Coloccini, Taylor and Yanga-Mbiwa for the first team. Bring in a full back, a winger and a striker and replace anyone who leaves. That's give us a great squad for the season with only the league and two cups. I really believe the management need to have more faith in youth

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We don't need more fullbacks but we do need a striker and then a winger

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Tomkins is a good player but he was injured most of last season. Hens him not getting a game for WHUFC. Would be a good replacement for Willo but then a 10yr old is a better replacement than him. WHUFC want too much for a player with injury problems we won't buy him

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Why all the abuse for willo?No he's not the best centre half we've ever seen but he gives his all and never hides away. should give the lad a break.

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Giving your all should be a given but if Willo is a premiership player on £30k a week then so am I and I'm 52!

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Willo is decent enough as a depth player. Provided he's not given an extended run in the side he's alright. If he's happy to stay around and play that role then fair enough. If he wants first team, then he needs to go.

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24 Jun 2013 17:47:14
Ed, do you reckon its true that we've put in bids for aubameyang and bony?

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24 Jun 2013 17:45:56
A lot of people are criticising our team just after one poor season, they finished 5th in 11/12 FIFTH! And our squad is much more improved with the likes of M'Biwa (Who has bags of potential) debuchy, sissoko, haidara. Yes there are players like jonas, gosling, williamson, ameobi, obertan, perch who need moving out but other than that, our squad is a top 8 team!

Lets compare it with tottenham
Lloris > Krul
Walker > Debuchy
Kaboul < Coloccini
Vertonghen > M'Biwa
Assou ekotto < Santon
Lennon < Ben Arfa
Dembele < Cabaye
Parker > Tiote
Bale > Sissoko
Sigurdsson > Gouffran
Defoe/Adebayor < Cisse

Tottenham win by 6-5, that's pretty even considering tottenham are in europa league.

We need to stay a bit more positive now especially as there are reports of us putting in bids for bony and aubameyang and as its a new season.

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As a defender Debuchy beats Walker every time. Going forward, Walker's good but he's not that good at defending. To be honest this list is far too subjective to make any actual claims about who is better than who

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We have great players but Spurs have a modern, progressive continental manager with an impressive CV who manages more than one flash in the pan one off good season and a well respected D. O. F

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Top 8 are you kidding, you missed relegation by pure luck, last minute goals if you like, the truth is you are a top17 club, like it or not.

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Sigurdsson better than Gouffran?

No chance!

Sugurdsson is one of the most wasteful players I have ever seen in the Premier League.

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Sigurdsson had a good half a season at Swansea and that's it. He's been mediocre at Spurs

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Debuchy is decent going forward but a s**** defender. He's looked all over the place and gun ho. Constantly out of position and has been run ragged in every game! Plus Marveaux is better than Gouffran. Gouffran is a championship player at best!

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Gourffan is championship by best. Even though he did well for a top half French team and played Champions League football.
Anyway Sissoko is better than Sigburdsson you are saying Sissoko is a winger but he is better as a CAM. Also Marveaux over Gourffan

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Oh dear. I can't believe what i'm reading! if half of you actually paid the money I pay to go watch the lads ON THE ROAD never mind at home, then a) youd realise gouffran was actually one of our better players when he come in and b) they all need to adapt to the league.
none of the signings were poor, or average for that matter. all have improved the squad immensely, you will see next season after they've had a full pre season together! il be at city away 1st game of the season, will you??

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And tiote is better than Parker by a mile

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How can you say they have improved the squad, wher did you finish last season, is that an improved squad, they won't be any better next season either, so don't expect much.

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AVB knows how to use his players to their strengths. Pardew doesn't. So comparison doesn't even matter. {Ed021's Note -

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Debucy. Taylor. Coloccini. Mbiwa/Haidara
Santon. Cabaye. Sissoko. Guttierz

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Mbiwa will be a CB. Santon will remain at LB. HBA will be at RM. Marveaux probably won't get a game unless there's an injury. Tiote would likely start ahead of Sissoko.

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Tiote ahead of Sissoko?! I seriously hope not. Tiote contributed nothing positive last season, he was truly shocking.

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Debuchy. Taylor. Coloccini. santon
Cabaye. sissoko. valbeuna
Ben10. Cisse. Aubeyang

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Mbiwa should be picked ahead of Taylor. Chances are we won't get Aubameyang. We won't move for someone like Valbuena unless we lose Cabaye and even then we'll probably go for a younger player.

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24 Jun 2013 15:44:24
BREAKING: Good sources are reporting that Newcastle have put in a bid of £13million for Pierre Emerick Aubameyang and a £12million bid for Wilfried Bony. Finally something to cheer us up, we will only get one of them though (I hope its PEA) but we don't want to get our hopes up too high. Apparently we are supposed to get either Aubameyang or Bony and Bent, which would be very good business in my eyes.

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I heard Bony was 12m on talk sport. Not heard anything else.


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Is your good source talksport by any chance? I ve just read that myself. Hope its true but can't see us getting both of them.

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You've been on news now aswell then lol

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We won't get both PEA and Bony. Chances are, if this is true, we'll get one of them, (preferably and most likely Bony) and Bent if it's true we're interested in him.

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Wahey, about time.

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This was on nufc blog

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Please no Bent!

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Talksports info is the worst on the net

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24 Jun 2013 13:44:21
I predict:

James Tomkins - 5m
Tom Ince - 8m
Darren Bent - 6m
Maybe Loic Remy - 8m

Williamson - 2m
Jonas - 2m
Obertan - 2m
Gosling - 1m
Shola Ameobi - 1m

I defo want to see more of Gael Bigirimana, Sammy Ameobi and Adam Campbell, they look like very exciting prospects. I reckon Anita will be used more as cover for right back, as simpson is gone. I can see us going with a 4-4-2 against city, but not giving them too much respect like we have the past two meetings.
Maybe this lineup for city?
GK Krul
RB Debuchy
CB Taylor
CB Coloccini
LB Santon
RM Ben Arfa
CM Cabaye
CM Tiote
LM Ince
ST Remy/Bent
ST Cisse

But i'd like to see us go with a 4-1-2-1-2 narrow diamond:
GK Krul
RB Debuchy
CB Taylor
CB Coloccini
LB Santon
DM Tiote
CM Cabaye
CM Sissoko
AM Ben Arfa
ST Remy/Bent
ST Cisse {Ed021's Note -

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Cant see your notes ed21

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Change Remy to Aubameyang.

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I think we can forget about Ince, reports in papers are saying Blackpool have accepted a bid from Cardiff for him.

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Change Aubameyang to Bony and Taylor to Mbiwa.

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Why would we want remy and bent remy wanted to go to QPR and bent is not good enough anyway let's just get our act together in the board room who would want to come when that is such a mess I just wish Kinnear had not come back and is poyet coming in what a mess please get your act together

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You seriously think we'll spend that much? I foresee one signing and another "we just couldn't get them over the line. " and no real money spent again.

Also, Pardew will never sell Jonas, he won't even drop him when he's playing abysmally!

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24 Jun 2013 13:17:19
Heard from a really good sorce in the club that when Gus has sorted out his wrangle with Brighton he will become our gaffer and has links with fellow contryman Folan, how good would Cisse and Folan be up front for the mighty Toon? Do not shoot me just what I am hearing FDM

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I was never a fan of Caleb Folan myself.

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Lol too funny.

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Forlan's over 30, would be great but won't happen anyway last time Forlan played in the PL it didn't go well for him

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You just made this up - tell the truth!

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I did not make it up not like the 5_1 fans do on there site! Diego Forlan to come after Sir Gus is appointted when Pards gets his pay out! He maybe a little old but we are interested in Bent, not the reject of the SMB's and he is old to! Forlan to the mighty Toon {Ed021's Note -

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Yes you did. Forlan's nearly as old as me.

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