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24 Jul 2013 18:54:26
Gosling pulled out of move to Palace as he was unfairly treated.

Heading back to Newcastle.

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I am quite happy about this.

For the reported 750k or whatever the paltry fee was for him, I think he has a lot of potential.

If it was not for Injuries he could have been pushing Cleverley for his place in the England squad.

1 more season to give him a chance to break into the team would do no harm, if it does not work out, then he can go.

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Happy for him to say, need to get rid of Obertan. Sir Alex saw us coming with that one. Should part-ex him for a left winger or just let him go for free as is not worth his wages. Would be better off giving younger players a chance than keep having Obertan on the bench.

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What potential? what does he offer exactly? would have freed up wages.

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''What potential? what does he offer exactly?''

The potential he showed at Everton, which is the REASON we signed him.

What else did you think?

Are you saying Gosling has no potential?

What a silly thing to say, obviously he was signed for that very reason!

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SAF saw us coming? who saw SAF coming when he bought him from Bordeaux?

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You can't wait forever for potential.
The games I've seen him play he has not produced anything of note whatsoever.

What a silly thing to do to keep subsidising a sick note who has shown absolutely nothing in 3 years to suggest he is anywhere near worth a first team spot.

Generally you need to do one of 3 things in his position, namely create / assist, score a few or totally dominate and break up play. Gosling has shown no ability to do 1, let alone all 3.

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Potential. HAHAA, you need to actually train and play in matches to atchieve potential!

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Which is why I said ''1 more season to give him a chance to break into the team would do no harm, if it does not work out, then he can go. '' duh!

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''Potential. HAHAA, you need to actually train and play in matches to atchieve potential!''

He is now fit and training, or didn't you know that?

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We are talking about a lad who he since signing for Everton has had one season he has stayed fit - his first one with Everton!
Not surprising as he was only used now a again!
Then he did his anterior cruciate ligament, and out for nine months!

Joined us in 2010, injured again in Jan 2011 and out for a season!

Came back again and scored in a 3-1 loss to City (his only goal)
He has been sent off, and after that he has only played against Man City (second time) and Benfica!

Sorry but am I missing something here? Your saying he has potential, based on what? Not playing football? Been injured? Getting sent off? The odd goal? Or them very spaced out odd moments (when we actually see him) where he looks like an average player!
He's just another Sick Note, having a free ride at Newcastle expense!

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Do you know what the word potential means?

Obviously he is not the finished article, but the word 'potential' means that he may have the ability to improve himself and be a good good player.

He would not be in the Premier League or have been signed by Newcastle if he did no have ''potential. ''

I honestly have no idea what you are arguing about.

And the fact that he has been injured and not had a good run of games in the team only goes to prove the point against you, not for you.

People that know a bit about Gosling know that he is a goal scoring type midfielder, similar to Kevin Nolan for positional sense. The lad just has not had enough minutes or run in the team to get comfortable and prove himself.

The fact that you think Gosling is involved in some kind of conspiracy to disenfranchise the club out of money says it all.

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24 Jul 2013 16:07:25
someone on main rumours says james Tavernier and remi streete played on trial for shrewsbury v birminham last night and may both join on loan {Ed001's Note - it was a mix up, no Streete, just Tavernier was on trial.}

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Really one guy I wish we would go for a favorite of mine. Latvian striker Artjoms Rudnevs. first season in Germany with HSV he got 12 goals in 34 games. but if you look him up on Youtube he looks like a real solid striker. Heard asking price is 4, 5 mil which is peanuts. Were to french focus atm.

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How come on transfer deadline day you hear of a player getting a phone call off his agent in the afternoon, then has a medical and personal terms agreed all before the deadline, but we take months to put a bid in for a player!!

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Because the last minute deals are just desperate, and have to be done at all costs.
nufc try to get a bargain deal, hence they always mess about with clubs haggling over fee's.

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''Generally you need to do one of 3 things in his position, namely create / assist, score a few or totally dominate and break up play. Gosling has shown no ability to do 1, let alone all 3. ''

That is informative, so midfielders only have to be able to do 3 things? LOL what?

Just be honest, you have not seen Gosling play much have you?

Catching him getting a 10 minute cameo appearance after coming back from injury 'does not count. '

When you have seen Gosling play to his potential in a run of games, get back to me.

You are probably the same person that said we should spend 12 million of McCarthy from a relegated side, and called Vuckic rubbish. Vuckic then a few days later went on to score and set up a few goals in a friendly.

Great idea, let's spend over 10 million on young players from relegated sides, and just get rid of our own very talented younger players.

You should really have seen players play before chirping in with an uniformed opinion, you are amongst fans that know a thing or two about these players.

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24 Jul 2013 14:42:35
We better not lose out to west ham on Loic Remy.

I heard that Remy wants to come to newcastle, where do you reckon he'll go Ed? {Ed001's Note - I actually thought he would end up at Stoke to be honest, but it doesn't seem likely to happen as QPR are not keen on a loan to buy move. They are about to sign Hooper to replace him though, so a move must be close, I just don't know where to, unfortunately.}

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I can think it will be newcastle

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West ham is in london! was that not one of the reasons he went to qpr besides money, makes sense for him to stay in london plus west ham are showing some forward direction, while we are not even stuttering forward at the mo, strikers are getting short

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24 Jul 2013 11:37:52
Joe Kinnear and Lee Charnley are in active talks to bring in French strikers Loic Remy and Bafetimbi Gomis to the club.

Source: evening chronicle

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We have heard this daily for weeks now. This will go on right up until deadline day. We will miss out on both and Pardew will be thrown to the fans and come out with his usual statement of " we just couldn't get them over the line " The frustrating thing is if we got both I would be happy to go into the season with the squad.

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Hope this is true, would certainly give the lift that Pardew wants

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The Chronicle actualy states :-

The club remain in talks for Loic Remy of Queens Park Rangers and Lyon’s Bafetimbi Gomis.
Pardew said: “I’m pushing Joe to get a transfer in.
“I think we need a boost now.
“We are in a situation where we want to progress now. "

How long does this all take -we have been expecting these signings for ages. What is JK doing?

On Shola pardew also states :-

He said: “Shola is a player that is under contract here.
“He’s not made any noises to me that he wants to leave.
“Certainly with my striker situation at the moment, I need as many as I can get. ”

Is AP also now thinking we are not going to get new faces and be stuck with Shola.


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West ham want remy they can offer him a much bigger wage and like we have already seen he will go to the highest bidder

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We should not need a lift we have persons making NUFC into a poor championship side and we are almost there

Like it or not Sunderland are trying and will be way ahead of the Toon next season.

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Sunderland have spent £5m net! why don't we wait til the window is closeed before making judgements?

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5mil and 9 players in. we still got plenty to spend to so expect some big names cumming in too. cabral looks a bargain:)

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How can a free transfer be classed as a bargain. fair enough its a good deal as no fee was involved but to say bargain is a bit much. Rob Lee was a bargain, cabaye was a bargain but free transfers are not bargains their free

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Demba Ba was free. Was he not a bargain? Still a signing. And there are still fees involved.

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If u get sumthing free or cheap and its good then it's a bargain. or am I missing something

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