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24 Jan 2013 19:41:50
Offered 3 million euros + future fees to Bastia for Thauvin, club president has confirmed they are considering the offer

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They are waiting for Arsenal to bid more
He will be losend back to his Club for the Rest of the Season

Sissoko Signed Great

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I think it's likely they'll wait for only two or three more days for arsenal though

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As a lifelong mags fan I can honestly say we overachieved last season. We deserved to finish 5th as the PL is over 38 games, but I think we were fortunate with injuries and players we signed hitting the ground running (Ba in the first half of the season, Cisse in the second and Cabaye pretty much outstanding throughout.) I think the board have realised their mistake in not strengthening during the summer as a Europa campaign and injuries have blighted our season. I'm pleased to see they are backing Pards with some quality signings (Mbwia and fingers crossed Sisokko.) Gouffran may be a unknown quantity at the moment and the LB one for the future but I'm happy with our activity in the market. I think MA has realised our league position could be in jeopardy and with the tv riches of next season at stake acted. Also once HBA is back ill be a happy mag! Lets look forward to the second half of the season and get behind our beloved toon!

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Well said mate, nice to see we will have a stronger side through the second half of the season, not wanting to be greedy but in would still like us to fetch another striker in for some competition for cisse

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We should in the top 8, challenging for 6th. Like Everton have 10 good players (Jelavic, Fellani, Osman, Jagelika, Distin, Pienaar, Coleman, Naismith, Baines and the belgian striker Millas or something) we have 15 or 16 (Krul, Debuchy, Colo, Mbwia, Both Taylors, Santon, Tiote, Cabaye, Marveaux, Cisse, Ben Arfa) then Sissoko when signs, possibly Gourffan and Haidara, Jonas and Anita is decent, Bigi, Fergie, Campbell and Vuckic all have very good potentional as is Haidara

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The Thauvin deal if it comes off will be for next season, he will just return to Bastia on loan.

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Bigi has great potential I agree but has been outstanding already. I rate him more than either Taylor.

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Taylor has not turned out to be the player that was expected wether that's due to recurant injuries who knows big does not look out of place in epl tbh...k

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WENGER said in press conference he won't be signing any french players and thauvin is french

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24 Jan 2013 18:37:30
Haidara signed. Next is Sissoko. Also chasing another Centre Back in the event that Coloccini's situation doesn't end favourably.

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24 Jan 2013 18:07:23
Heidara asigned on 5 1/2 year deal....vive la France!

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Vive le toon!

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24 Jan 2013 17:50:39
Sissko terminated his contract affective today

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24 Jan 2013 17:49:37
tv reporting Sissoko has left Toulouse to join Newcastle! This is fantastic news! This window has been good for us.

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Sissoko is a very good player, we will see this straight away ! {Ed001's Note - it wasn't that long ago that Commolli was telling him that he was seen as the long term replacement for Steven Gerrard. That would suggest he is a decent player.}

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24 Jan 2013 17:24:12
Toulouse official website reporting sissoko is on his way to newcastle for a medical fee has been agreed 2.2 million

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He is worth 9 million - bargain

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More like 15m as they turned down that offer 6 months ago and said he was worth 30m

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24 Jan 2013 17:23:47
sissoko signing confirmed by his old club toulose..del

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24 Jan 2013 14:43:14
Jimmy Kebe joining from reading

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That was a joke he made because we've signed so many French players. It's more insulting that he thinks he's good enough for us than anything

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He was joking

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He was joking...

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It was him playing a prank about how we've signed every French player alive.... sacrebleu!

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Dont start!

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He, s joking because he, s french aswell.....k

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24 Jan 2013 23:09:41
That was a joke he put on twitter!

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Pretty obvious it was a joke as soon as I heard.... We are only interested in decent French footballers..... Bit of jealousy from Kebe I think...

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I think Kebe forgot he represents Mali and that we're buying French U21/ Full Internationals so we weren't going to consider him

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24 Jan 2013 12:35:33
Reports coming from France that a fee has now been agreed for Sissoko (Chronicle), and he has stated his preference to join us, (Chronicle & tv) wish we would get this one over the line, I realy think the guy will be a fantastic addition, heard anything solid Ed? {Ed013's Note - A deal is close}

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24 Jan 2013 13:12:03
Sissoko done deal to sign this window for a fee believed to be roughly £2 million, reported in france.

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What a bargain, it was not that long ago Toulouse knocked back 15 million for him and priced him at 30 million Euros.

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Another french player and I can't stop thinking all of this was done because all players coming in will know each other and be able to play together straight away so they should have no problems gelling could go either way for the club as they need to not only adapt to the club but the premiership but I for one am extremely excited to watch this new team

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Just been on Toulouse website. They reporting he is in Newcastle to sign and they wish him well for the rest of his career

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He's worth about 8 million now according to transfer markt

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RB sorted, CB sorted (if Colo settles) and CM sorted. Now bring on RVW or similar and January looks a damn sight better than expected. Unless a star has to be sold to pay for all these new faces...

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24 Jan 2013 12:52:35
French publication le10sport is reporting that NUFC and Toulouse have agreed a E2.5m (£2m) fee for Sissoko to move to NUFC now.

The player has apparently had to make a concession on a signing-on bonus for NUFC to up their bid from 1m to 2m (reading between the lines).


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Really really hope so
Very positive news as this would prove
He wants to come for football reasons and not money

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Will he come in January ? Or a Orr contract ? Be good too see him in this window. Also any news on a striker ? Still think we need 1 more ?

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Just read on tv that sissoko has terminated his contract with Toulouse and will sign up with immediate effect

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24 Jan 2013 00:36:37
Collocini Finished at Newcastke and will not play again
for the club
Registration held by NUFC so he can not play
for anyone. Sad End for a good player and
leaves us in the sh...t
We need get at least on of the defenders
we are chasing. AND Now

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Perhaps his 'personal' issues are with the club or individuals within it. I am rapidly losing respect for a man who deserves so much.... he is literally manufacturing a move away from the club. if I were newc I would stand on principles and suspend him if he returns to argentina, and withhold his registration to prevent him playing with san lorenzo. and why arent fifa investigating this matter? no negotiations took place with the club, and they were clearly in talkes with the player!
if he needs time off, give him a month then get him back to work, because that's what it is... a very well paid job of work!

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He's arrived at training tv

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He has turned up for training 24/01/13
at 0925 so I think he will play. don't believe everything you read

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Turned up to training this morning keep faith in him at least until the summer.

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Ed's is it true Colo has walked out on us or just gossip /rags stirring? {Ed001's Note - I can't find anything on him walking out, there have been heated discussions, as happens, but I expect an amicable solution to be found in the end.}

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This was reported in one of the newspapers and is totally false.

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If the story was ture why is it not in every paper and all over the Internet and on tv think it just paper talk colo is a fair man and said that he wanted to find a fair way to leave the club and I think he will because for one I could see Ashley doing wat manc did to tevez fining him and making his life hell

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If the lad wants to go I really don't see the point in keeping him, then again if he was/is been a d!ck about it, i'd toss him in with the under 21s and tell him to rot there until his contract is finished.

I really think we need another CB I don't think his heart will be there for us anymore

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It personal issues outside the club and he is talking further with the club today.

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Maybe not for this window but perhaps the summer, heard from Kicker in Germany today that Dortmund are letting Felipe Santana go at the end of the season. 6'3, 26 (27 in Summer), a million euro release clause, and he gets time in a very good side that has Hummels and Subotic. Think he would be a good signing and for cheap

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Wish the whole back 4 had his spirit, and desire!whatever happens good luck to him..class act!

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