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24 Jan 2012 18:12:58
Rumours on Leeds United rumours page about Smithy having said his goodbyes to friends in Newcastle and had all but agreed a pay as you play deal with a Championship club. Anyone know anything about this? I've heard a raft of Leeds rumours in the last few days but nothing concrete Ed? {Ed001's Note - I have heard nothing regarding Smith at all recently.}

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I guess smith is in tenerife with the rest of the squad at the moment.

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Smith is not in tenerife was at benton on monday morning

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He wont leave till the summer when he can move for free! getting too much pay to want to go to leeds for next to nothing!

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Whywould smith leave now when he can make another million quid for sittin in the reserves for the next 6 monthe

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He doesnt even play reserve games now

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He's not getting in the reserve team, just thought I'd point that out

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24 Jan 2012 18:08:35
i see this x.shaqiri rumour aint fading away with sports man from the gaurdian statin us of interest now galatasaray move collapsed? Dont hold ur breath tho (WelshToon)

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Id love him but too expensive at 12 million and will demand high wages!

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Yeh i have heard bits and pieces about this too...would love it to happen but his agent said there in interested from man utd and bayern munich so i really cant see it

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Hes less than 8m according to Galatasaray with add ons to just under 11m

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Its bull**** mate its a SMB on the wind up as there is no reporter for the Gaurdian by that name and the twitter account where he posted was only set up 24 hours before.. i wish it was true though..

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24 Jan 2012 15:39:33
Well seems to be quiet at the moment,
But reading between the lines my money
is on Ally Sissocho,should sign this week
he is waiting for green light from Lyon.
{what do you think Ed} {Ed001's Note - I am not convinced he will join Newcastle, I am beginning to think his agent, or club, used Newcastle to bring attention to his availability.}

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I think that if he was coming he would be here by now as it doesnt take long to sort a deal out (look at cisse) im with the ED on this one! Clubs know we in the market so using our name!

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Kevin gameiro, erik peiters. all too much talk just like cissoko.

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24 Jan 2012 15:49:23
Newcastle United are monitoring FC Twente defender Douglas
The Brazilian stopper is out of contract at the end of the season and the Magpies are looking at a cut-price deal
Twente are struggling financially and may reluctantly have to let the 6ft 4in defender go if a substantial offer is made.

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Hope we get this player as the Watford player is to small

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24 Jan 2012 14:06:52
Toon looking at 2 central defenders from lower league's-and not the watford boy, hell, when are we going to show some ambition?

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If this is true it is typical of the clubs buying policy these days. I am becoming disallusioned at the lack of ambition at our club.

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Ambition? we just spent 10 million or whatever on a striker which no one was expecting, i think thats ambition enough. give AP some time he will get someone in

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Cabaye cisse ba santon stop moaning

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Don't forget HBA, Tiote, Krul (one of the best goalkeepers in the prem now) and Cabaye.

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No ambition im getting abit sick of hearing this bulls~~t we are building a gd squad here now with gd players and not spending stupid money so gd on ap and ma dont you remember idiots like owen coming in for 16 million and doing jack s~~t so stop moaning KID

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Some people are just never happy. We have a well run club now which most clubs are jealous of. We have brought in some top players and have recently added to that with Cisse. Newcastle never discuss transfer or targets its all smokescreens and mis-direction. Pardew has already stated we are looking at CB's and judging by his recent signings I happy to put confidence in him.

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Complete and utter tripe. We've got Taylor back next season, Williamson doesn't look out of his depth in the premier league, we're looking for cover.

And as lower league players go, where was Chris Smalling playing a couple of season ago?

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"Lack of ambition"? we've just spent 10 million on Cisse, signed Ba, Cabaye and Santon in the summer and signed Ben Arfa and Tiote last January all for fantastic prices.
So im guessing you would rather us spunk 20 million on crap like downing and henderson like Liverpool?
Agree with the person above, STOP MOANING!

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I don't understand why people get lack of ambition from not spending large sums of money, Ashley isn't one of these big Russian/Abu Dhabi businessman who can pour money into the club, he's got us on a sound financial footing with some great signings in the last year, give him time and the club will be back in Europe where we belong.

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Kruls been around for years, Pardew or Ashley had nothing to do with his signing ha

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I bet that if we signed Lionel Messi fans would complain that he is unproven in the prem or that he would be too big a burden on our wage bill.
I'd much rather build a side slowly in the next ten years that can consistently challenge for trophies rather than just building a team that wins a few trophies in five years before being bogged down with masses of debt.

If you measure ambition by amount of money spent, Liverpool spent a fortune on average players like Carroll and Henderson; Ashley's ambition is more long term and arguably more ambitious as building a team over a large period of time is much tougher. For all his faults Ashley is a fantastic businessman. I dislike him and Llambias but with them managing the finances of the team alongside Carr, Beardsley and Pardew managing the scouting, youth and senior teams respectively I actually have no worries.

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Didnt bobby robson sign him from holland as a 17 year old? he also gave him his debut in the europa and i think it was against AZ Alkmaar! Im sure SBR got him through his contacts in holland!

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Exactly, well said, our scouting network is becoming world class and we seem to have people to negotiate good deals and we are establishing good links round europe....if we keep this up there is no reason we cannot build like spurs have done (but using our money better and spending less) and compete for champs league in a season or two, unless you have city's money these things take time

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Krul was signed in 2005 when Graeme Souness was manager. The one good thing Souness did for us was signing Tim Krul

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You don't have to spend big to show ambition just wisely. Bring on talanted youngsters and make profit at the exspense of big clubs and watch em all go tits up when it all goes pear shape ,which it will you mark my words.

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Krul made his debut against palermo away in the uefa cup - won 1 nil with lugue scoring the winner with a headed from a cross from the right by james milner, andy carroll came on as sub 4 his debut 2 but thats all i remember sorry i couldnt help with more info.

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24 Jan 2012 10:19:11
watford reject bid for mariappa ...geordie tom

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Hes going to arsenal

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Who cares.

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I think douglas from fc twente
is our best bet or if we could persuade blackburn to do buisness on samba

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22 Jan 2012 15:20:35
Several PL clubs are looking at Rasmus Elm from AZ, ed is Newcastle one of them? I think he would be a great signing for us. {Ed001's Note - the only one I am sure of that is looking at him, from the Prem, is Man Utd.}

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