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24 Aug 2013 15:24:28
we have a problem with cabaye, 6 of 1 and half a dozen of the other, cabaye is unsettled and not playing, same time club don't want him to get injured. he won't play at Fulham either.
Arsenal, if they really want him, will be on transfer deadline day, cabaye will hand in a transfer request. and we're screwed. as much as we have a game plan, buying any player on deadline day is hard.
psg have cooled their interest. let's hope they lose on the weekend which may force them to look again.

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PSG just offered 20m euros

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The major problem is the total lack of creativity in the team -2 matches and the sum total of 1shot on target says it all
We are the embarrassment of the premiership. Surely JK Pardew et all can see the problem -after all they keep telling us how good they are and how many contacts they have in football
Quite frankly I wouldn't wipe my backside on what they say - that would be too good for their comments!

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A mate of mine who works at the club. none football side tells me cabs is not being risked on ashleys orders

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I worked at the club, non football side, you really think management just tell random staff owners orders? Things will be sorted, we are financially sound! Shepard would of run us into the ground, buying people like Owen for 16m and paying 120k a week? I'd love a Russian billionaire to waste his fantasy money on us but let's get real

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As real as the arsenal style players u say u have? arsenal ladies would beat u hands down! u lot don't half think a lot of yaselfs, shame the rest of the world see u as the shocking side u are!

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Football is a game, it is about winning. Supporters want excitement and a team that competes and wins.
We want hero's. Not this shXXe we are seeing in our beloved black and white.
We want to go to work on a Monday with our chest's puffed out.
We want to talk about how Shearer destroyed the Arsenal back four. How Beardsley beat Des Walker for pace. How Robert almost scored taking a corner. SuperMac's hattrick on his home debut against Liverpool. Andy Cole's 41 goals in a season.

Yes be sensible with the finances - but if that is all that matters - count me out.

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Newcastle are in no need to sell any player for any price. Why would we when we make a profit and we aren't in debt.
If Freddy was still in charge of our club I hope people understand that NUFC as a football club would not be where it is not. We would have an Asda there in place of SJP.

We lack creativity because we are lacking our playermaker. you know Cabaye!
Yer I know that we have the likes of HBA in the team, but if he makes something then it is normally a moment of brilliance for himself.
While Cabaye can bring others into the game and make them look good!

We lose Cabaye I think it is the start of the spiral and we will be doomed by the end of the year!

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Like always you live in the past, Newcastle are one of the worst teams in the league mate & when they sell your best player on deadline day your will be in an even worse position. In my opinion Cabaye is worth 5M he hides to much when the going gets tough, like last season when you played the Mackems he went missing.

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Have come to terms that Cabeye will be leaving but the biggest worry is that we still will not be signing anyone.

When Cabeye goes that means we need a CB, 2x creative CM, LW and CF. and that's just for the first 11 as a lot of the backup players just aren't premier league class.

Look at Redmond for Norwich, he looked like their best player the other day so why don't we go for the like of Ince and will Hughes and see if they can make the step up.

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I still remember the day when we broke the world transfer record to sign Alan Shearer.

I remember when every team in England trembled at the thought of going to Newcastle to face the most attacking side in the Country, backed by a booming fortress.

What has happened to us.

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Just to clarify, we are in debt, debt to mike ashley to the tune of £130m.

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Mike Cashley.

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Well he ain't getting his money back if he continues to run the club down is he.?
I was at the training ground Friday and the atmosphere is terrible. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE was miserable.
There's something poison in that club, and it's only a matter of time before it implodes on itself. it's the worst I've experienced for years and years.

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Cannot understand how Ashlwy can be in debt to Ashley. Different pockets in he same suit

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Yes we are in debt to ashley but there's no intrest and just to clarify every team in epl is in debt but we owe the least to our owner unlike all them

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But that doesn't mean we should increase our debt to our owner. the higher the debt the less likely ashley will find a buyer.
In the championship, ashley added 25m to keep the club going. that was his last financial addition. he is trying to get the club to live within its own means. this will make it a more attractive proposition to prospective buyers. remember, worst kept secret in football = Newcastle United are for sale.

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24 Aug 2013 06:33:23
who thinks we will get a win vs west ham? i'm of the thinking that its cabaya we should be complaining about. "his head isn't right" what a crock!. really there saying is he can't be arsed to play because he doesn't want to be at the club. pards is trying to hold on to him and cabaya's spiting the dummy! well I for one say "well take your bat and ball and chuff off and don't let the door hit you on the ass on your way out" so called world class pros, on huge cash and they can't be arsed to play. sigh!! this is what's wrong with modern day football!! its all too much about the cash.


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For someone who seems to know everything you know nothing.
Cabaye is just the start all the players can see what a joke of a club NUFC is and just speaking with other players they klnow the can see it is a hard slog at Newcastle for NO reward. Cabaye is right to want out as was KK, Nolan Carroll and a few more.

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Nolan didn't want to leave, he wanted a longer contract than we were willing to offer.

Carroll also stated he was forced out of Newcastle because the offer was so big.

Kevin Keagan had his reasons for leaving, but if he loved the club and fans so much would he have left us in the lurch like that before leaving? he could have waited the season out at least, we got relegated that season.

1st comment, you have no idea why Cabaye is not playing. It is possible Newcastle are not risking Cabaye getting an injury as they intend to sell him.

1st & 2nd comment are both making things up.

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3rd comment us in dreamland 2nd quote spot on

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Cabaye out. Unsettled is the excuse. More like you don't want him injured so you can sell him. Absolute joke. Pardeaux knows exactly what he is at. Puppet. Will remain at the club as long as Ashley does. No service for Cisse. Can't see us scoring. So best we can hope for is a stalemate. Hopefully he starts Marveaux or HBA can get us out of a hole.

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Cabaye out. Unsettled is the excuse. More like you don't want him injured so you can sell him. Absolute joke. Pardeaux knows exactly what he is at. Puppet. Will remain at the club as long as Ashley does. No service for Cisse. Can't see us scoring. So best we can hope for is a stalemate. Hopefully he starts Marveaux or HBA can get us out of a hole.

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Cabeye not in team or on bench, looks like he will be gone within the next week. Come on fatman and your new clown give us some signings

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Hope he's not picking up his salary whilst he is pissing us about
If I did that at work I'd soon be sacked -about time he started acting like an adult and respecting the people who pay his mega salary -must be a hard life acting like a spoilt brat

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Krul. Debuchy Colo. Yanga. Santon. Ben Arfa. Sissoko. Anita. Marvs. Cisse. Shola.

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Marveaux taken off. He was looking decent. Sissoko giving us drive but he is a it headless. Can't fault his effort. Sholes putting in a decent shift to.

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Gouffran to the reserves

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Why people are claiming Cabaye is refusing to play and want out is beyond me, there has been no report of this at all, and your completely making up rumour after rumours.

If you knew the player at all you would know there is a high chance he is very unsettled and doesn't have the right mind frame at the moment, he has suffered from depression and mental exhaustion previously and it is more than fair for Pardew to want to protect his player, as he or someone else could get injured because of this. Yes we'd all love him to play but there is no point playing a player who isn't up to it.

In my opinion Cabaye will be a newcastle player come september 3rd and all you fans who jumped on his back, will be back on the bandwagon before he even kicks a ball.

We need to support our players instead of bad mouthing them without knowing diddlysquat, especially our best player.

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''3rd comment us in dreamland 2nd quote spot on''

Would you care to point out which fact was in ''dreamland. ''

I am quite interested.

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A web sites reports cabaye refuses refuses to play

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Cabaye deal already agreed. he's gone.
And the reason he's not playing is purely a financial one passed down by Cashley who doesn't want one of his prize asserts crocked before the contract is signed.
Some people need to take their heads out their arses. LOOK AT THE CLUB!
This is Newcastle United. which means its run like no other club ever.

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23 Aug 2013 18:31:17
so gomis has refused to sign a new contract. what's the hold up us not going for him? could it be we don't want him now? don't know about everyone else but me heeds done in now. ED any news on any signings for us m8. geordie tom

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{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, nothing new. I can't believe the club would make the same mistake as last summer though!}

Chesterfield are in for him so there's another one gone! Baz

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Cos we are doing things on the cheap again -we will wait and mess him around thinking we will get him for free next year -thus allowing another team to nip in and sign him

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He was always refusing to sign a new contract.

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The hold up is that Gomis won't sign a new contract. Which to our owners translates as just wait and get him for free!

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He's also allegedly said he's staying at Lyon this season and leaving for free. Means a bigger signing on fee for him I guess.

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