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23 Mar 2012 22:23:09
Newcastle have had 18 year old Barnsley defender on trial. Played in the U-18 match against Derby.
Apparantly pretty good prospect this one, will be interesting to see wether we sign him up.

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First name eludes me but second name is Kilburn

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Brad Kilburn, there's a vid of him on youtube.

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Brad Kilburn

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Was released by barnsley though and played against us earlier this season

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Brad Kilburn also played the U-18s match against the Blades. Result was 1-1. Anyone who was there to watch?

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Thank you looks a great Prospect.SIGN HIM UP MIKE ASHLEY!

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MA's not gonna sign a player released form a championship club- seen him play and he's not that impressive.

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23 Mar 2012 15:06:35
apparently french youngster been on trial for the past 2 weeks, anyone heard anything about it?

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Not seen or heard anything but not out of the realms of possibility, we were linked with a French youngster in the same way we were with Abeid last year, I just cannot remember his name.

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Wasn't it Darnel situ, who ended up at Swansea?

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Geordiesteve it is Omrani u mean

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It could be, think he's at Lens too. Know he was on a free in the summer. Geordiesteve

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23 Mar 2012 14:17:03
newcastle monitioring M.Javis have been for 6months so if wolves go down expect this deal to happen with possible fee plus player/s offer. TooNHeaD

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What's your source? This would be an amazing signing if pulled off.

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Matt Jarvis to the Toon? what are ya on- we got HBA and Jonas and Marveaux who are all classy wide players and ferguson and Vuckic waiting in the wings. There will be more youth development at NUFC! Although Obertan should leave (fingers crossed)

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Mat jarvis would be a cracking signing...quality player

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Not really a cracking signing- not enough technical ability.

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23 Mar 2012 12:57:32
Been linked again today with Erik Pieters of PSV and Douglas for Fc Twente would be good signings for us and would bolster out defence. Would this mean simpson on the way out though?

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I hope so

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Danny simpson is a good player for me....hes been soliidly in the team all the way through and keep alot of people quiet out there

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Watched Pieters play against Ajax last sunday, not to impressed but cant really judge him on one game, he did little wrong but didnt stand out either if that makes sense however Eriksen ran the show from midfield but mom gota be Vertonghen, totally different class, if we get him and pair him with colo and weve got (IMO) one of the top 2 pairings in the PL

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Pieters was quite solid actually against Ajax, nothing special but would fit us perfectly for the Europa League and EPL.

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Simo has been class this season, if you remember the manu game etc where he made clearnaces off the line. Hopefully, with Euro football - yeah I know we have not got it yet... but with Euro football he will sign the contract that is being offered otherwise he will be off to Everton / Fulham / Villa.

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