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23 Jun 2013 20:52:14
Poyet sacked at Brighton, will be newcastle manager by Friday

Pleased about this!, shame how Ashley has done it

Spineless as always

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Yeah his annoy the manager into quitting strategy is working well for him

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Nothing surprises me in football.

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Actually wouldn't mind him as manager, might actually get the best out of the players we've got

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Ashley doesn't deserve the support the fans give, maybe he will buy Sunderland

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Have you heard yourselves?

You wouldn't mind Poyet!!

Poyet is no better than Pardrew, why rock the boat again for no progression.

One of this guys best friends is Dennis Wise, Do you guys have a short memory of what happend when he came to Newcastle.

Ill remind you, We lost a soldier of the TOON Army which is King Keegan.

Poyet is just another Roberto Martínez, he actually thinks he's a great boss yet what did he really do at Wigan! nothing! He signed that many players a couple worked out to be ok but again Roberto Martínez is and will always be a poor mans Mourinho.

Stay well clear Ashley.

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Really hope it is Poyet coming in. We may see some attacking football and the ball actually staying on the ground

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Seems you have memory problems as Martinez did win the FA Cup

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I would argue Poyet is far better than Pardew as he actually let's his teams attack, plays it on the deck and goes out to win games.

Martinez won the FA cup. not bad for the team with the lowest crowds and no money and always having to sell their good players.

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Winning the FA CUP is nothing when the teams you manage never progress and always seem to go the wrong side of the table.

A poor manager is one that doesn't improve a team or progresses a team. For him to come out and say he will take everton to the next level makes him sound delusional because moyes got everthing out of that team with basically no money. Moyes is a great manager even if he is now with the REDS. My overall opinion is Poyet is no better than Pardrew and we will be taking a step backwards if he were to take over because he thinks the same way as Matrinez, they think they have made it to the top when realistically there still way down the pecking order interms of Good Managers.

Having a team who only wake up in the final 10 games is not acceptable which always seems to be the case with Martinez.

Regardless of what anyone thinks you all know he is a poor mans Mourinho. Talks plenty but doesn't come through with the goods.

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You conveniently overlook the FA cup win then.

Martinez has only had 2 teams one of them he had virtually back to back promotions with!

He performed minor miracles keeping Wigan up with no money year after year and having to always sell their best players like Moses.

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How on earth is Poyet a step backwards from Pardew? A man who virtually relegated 3 different teams and had 2 record losing streaks at 2 different clubs as well as taking Charlton from the EPL to the bottom 3 of the championship while playing rubbish negative defensive hoof ball. That takes some doing.

As far as I know in his short managerial career Poyet took Brighton from league 1 to the championship and only just missed out on the EPL by the play-offs while playing great football. he was also the guy who got Leeds going again.

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Has Pardew progressed us at all in any way. has he developed one good player. All I see is people like Sissoko arrive looking a million dollars and in a few weeks they have been completely pardewed.

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Sorry but Martinez had more than enough resources at Wigan to keep them up without scrapping every season. The team they had last season shouldn't have went down. Overrated manager.

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Has ANYBODY on here bothered to actually check their 'facts'? Just a couple of examples: Agent Bruce had Wigan safely in mid table, Martinez took them down into relegation territory; in Charlton's relegation season, Pardew was their THIRD and most successful manager. Oh yes, and Poyet has actually achieved what? Steadied Leeds, did somebody say? Looked at Leeds lately? Some persons think that anybody but Pardew will do - I say, be careful what you wish for.

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You never explain why you are happy to watch rubbish negative hoof ball. Why are you happy to keep doing that?

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Agree. Its the same with people who want Lee Clark brought in. What has he done? Not a lot. If he wasn't an ex-player, nobody would want him anywhere near the club.

Fair enough, Martinez won a cup for Wigan. Big achievement. But that side shouldn't have been relegated. Plenty of Premier League quality players in it, unlike Reading. Attractive football =/= success.

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23 Jun 2013 18:54:01
everybody knows you have got to score goals to win a game. so go get Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang when window is open. he's awesome. before we end up with the dregs

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For once and for all aubameyang will not come here some really big clubs in for him

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Why not? He went to St Etienne?

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That was before people realised he's actually a good player

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Aubameyang has got potential but what you guys are forgetting is this season was the first consistent season he's ever had.

I think he scored 19 goal which to be honest is half decent for the team he was in but overall I wouldn't say he could come and light up the PL as he has already tried and failed in the Italian League hence the reason why he is where he is now.

I would like to think Aubameyang would come in and take off but I have my doubts.

Look at Giroud, he was banging them in year before last which was again his most consistent, he moves to Arsenal and struggles.

If were going to buy someone decent and for a decent price. for me we should try and get Doumbia from CSKA, he would cost around 16 mil and would be amazing.

Other than Aubameyang, what other strikers would you lot sign if you had say 16 million??

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Doumbia would be a fantastic signing but let's face it Ashley won't spend £16 million on one player, the most he'll be willing to spend per player is probably going to be around £10 million at the most

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I do agree, the reason why I said 16 mil is because I recon its going to cost around 14 mil for Aubameyang.

I think I would rather stick an extra 2 in and get someone who could be the next big thing in the PL.

But your correct, Ashley will only want to spend 10 Mil, I can see either Bony or Remy coming in.

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23 Jun 2013 16:15:33
Ben arfa is negotiating a new contract

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Yeh he will sign a new contract no other team wants him, misses most of the season injured.

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Only plays a dozen games a season

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The broken leg was obviously a freak injury which kept him out for a while but since then he has played more then "a dozen games a season" 45 prem appearances is a decent amount, but we'd like to have him fit for all 76

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West ham bought Carroll and he's always injured, some one will buy him and take toons prize asset, wweekenns team f or the season then,

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23 Jun 2013 11:47:05
What about a move for Victor Moses, I don't think he's in Mourinho's plans, good player I think.

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I would love victor moses. Real decent shout there. can't see kinnear going for him though he is to good!

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Kinnear probs not even heard of him! Would be a decent signing though.

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23 Jun 2013 11:45:36
There's probably quite a few people who would disagree with me on this, but I think as long as this Kinnear situation gets finally sorted and people just get along with their jobs, I think our stars would stay and I think we could see some top players coming in. I still think we've got a very good possibility on signing Aubameyang. £11-13m would probably accepted, and if we're the only club who go in for him, I reckon we'd have a good chance.

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Can't see it mate. Kinnear can't keep his trap shut. He is an embarrassment to the club.

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There's a chance that with a trusted figure like Kinnear in the setup, Ashley might be ready to spend more of his own money. I think we'd have to offer well over the odds to even be in with a sniff of landing PEA though. Expect we'll be in for a frustrating summer, with JFK trying to prise established players that he's heard of away for peanuts.

I predict we'll get Remy and a couple of deadline day horrors like Gary Caldwell and Matty Etherington.

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They have to be the first to offer a good deal for PEA and don't say anything while there doing it

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Club just need to stop him from doing interviews, he's a PR nightmare.

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Trouble is the rags are already saying Kinnear wants lee Cattermole! and Bent, I would like to think we can attract a bit better than that but hey ho nothing is as it seems anymore.

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There is no way we will sign cattermole and bent. Firstly they both played for the and wouldn't go down well what so ever with the fans. Secondly bent is getting on a bit and although he is a lethal finisher is a awful footballer and wouldn't be much of an improvement on the squad especially with the price he would cost fee's and wages. Thridly lee cattermole is absolutely woeful he wouldn't get anywhere near our team he'd be 6th or 7th choice, sissoko, cabaye, bigi, tuite, anita and even perch are all better.
We'll just have to wait and see.

p/s: Kinnear really is doing everything he can to get the newcastle fans to hate him, first giving one ridiculous interview mispronouncing many names, second insulting the one and only God Shearer, does the man have a brain

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23 Jun 2013 11:39:42
Team I think will play City first game of the season:

GK - Krul

RB - Debuchy
CB - Coloccini
CB - M'Biwa
LB - Santon

CM - Cabaye
CM - Tiote
RM - Marin
LM - Ben Arfa

ST - Aubameyang
ST - Cisse

Subs: Elliot, Taylor, Haidara, Sissoko, Ince, Marveaux, Gouffran

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Aubameyang? youve got to be joking

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Sissoko on the bench?

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Wow. not even 1 player in the starting 11 that's from the UK? even arsenal had atleast 1. that's shocking.

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The shocking thing is we have a dark age english manager coaching them

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Every time I see sissoko play, all he does is give the ball away.

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You must not have seen sissoko against chelsea and villa then. he will improve vastly for next year and I expect him to be a power house for us in the middle of the park next year.

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He was more like a wendy house against the Mackems

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Sissoko was good in his first 2 games but then almost disappeared towards the end of the season and didn't really do much

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23 Jun 2013 10:02:16
When I heard Dries Mertens was going to Napoli I thought it would have been for a huge fee but itis only£8.1m, why oh why did we not bid for him?

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Why? as if anyone in their right mind would come here especially anyone of that calibre

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23 Jun 2013 09:22:15
Gus Poyet coming in if a compensation package can be agreed with Pardew.

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One made-up story in the Mirror gets regurgitated by the s*** blogs and suddenly it's 'fact'.

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Poyet would be great. JFK is hopefully a temporary sideshow but Pardew was, is and always will be the problem. With a ''footballing '' coach we now have the players to thrive. Something they will never do under Pardew.

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Nah, laudrup is having arguments with the swansea board, go for him if it doesn't work out with pardew.

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Why would poyet come to a club that is at loggerheads with their staff? he's just left a club like that talking about jumping from the frying pan into the fire

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He's also good pals with Dennis Wise is Poyet, nuff said.

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Why would any player/manager come here its a farce. ASHLEY OUT and the rest of the wide boys

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23 Jun 2013 09:17:17
If Pardew walks it seems Gus Poyet will become Newcastle Manager.

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More chance of Glenn Joddle coming in as he and JFK both have totingham links, would not mind to be honest.
Spire Toon

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If Pardew can get what he wants as a compensation package, he's gone.
He does NOT want to work with Kinnear.
And quite frankly, I don't blame him.

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So many stories, so few direct quotes, so little evidence to back them up.

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Check ya dictionary and look up the word rumour

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Really hope so. better still Hoddle a D. O. F, Poyet as manager. 2 polar opposites of the dire dinosaurs we have at the moment.

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23 Jun 2013 06:17:06
Toon to sell cabaye to manuire for £24.25m and use it to buy fellani. HBA to go, possibly swap with moses, Ba plus 10m for lukaku. or £19m to monaco

JFKs appointment was based on bring given good ammount of money to spend and to utilise all generated funds.

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Lololol have u been smoking crack?

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This was posted by a Sunderland fan, who then went over to their page to make fun us of for thinking we are getting these players.

The Mackems attempt at espionage isn't a very good one.

How about this one Mackems?

I was on your page a few weeks ago and released the rumour that Sunderland were getting Rossi from Fiorentina, and they were all suckered in and actually were drawing up first 11s with Rossi in their team for next season. LOLOL

That is how it is done ;)

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I ain't a makem.

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To Rossi poster, I was going to come on here a few weeks ago, and make up a story about joke inear returning as director of football, but then I thought, it was just to far fetched, and not even the dumbest ge0rdi3 would believe it! Haha FTM

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