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23 Jun 2012 18:59:23
Hi ed, im curious i remember in january newcastle were quite heavily linked with matias fernandez of sporting lisbon. Do you know if there was any weight to this rumour. Hes a cracking player and a great age so wouldnt be disapointed if it were true. {Ed022's Note - Not that I know of mate.}

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Ranger 1,000000 It won't be Wednesday then

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23 Jun 2012 22:12:02
my transfers i think are gonna happen:
-Debuchy 7m
-Cissokho 4m
-Douglas 6m
-Kalou free
-Anita 8m
-Smith free
-Ranger 1m
-williamson 2m
-best 4m
obertan (loan)
Gosling 3m

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Interest in Cissoko dropped a while ago, would be suprised to see him come after all the hype. Doubt we'll pay 7mill for Debuchy, although I wouldnt be surprised to see him come in. Very unlikely if we get Douglas as interest in him has also dropped. Kalou's wages will be too high, plus he is a very average player, no better than what we currently have.
As for outs, I cant see Pardew getting rid of Williamson (although id love to see it!) and seems Best is on his way, but for just 2 million. Hopefully Ranger goes, i would pay someone to take him of our hands. Gosling will stay, he just needs time, he never properly returned from injury.

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Cissokho is seen as one of the biggest flops for the price tag lyon paid for him so not to sure why there is so much hype on him, and sick of these kalou rumours hes not a good player what so ever better than what we've got but there are many many better players out there, anita 8 mil i hope thats a joke we payed 3 for tiote and 4 for cabaye thats 7, douglas has about 15 agents and all would demand money, but debuchy for under 7 would be a great signing and were not selling gosling, and certainly not getting 4 for best be serious

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Just because we got Tiote for a Bargain because noone noticed him and we got Cabaye on a buy out clause we cannot base all our future targets on the price we paid for those 2, If you want to Base the quality of our Targets against the Price of Tiote and Cabaye then Use the Current Value of Tiote and Cabaye (Not the price we paid)

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That is all you can base our signings on i would not be happy spending 8 mil on anita what so ever, hes an unknown player really and when we can find players like tiote and cabaye im sure we can find more instead of wasting money that we dont have no chance we're paying 8 mil for him

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23 Jun 2012 21:52:32
I think we should get De Jong, Debuchy, a centre back Alderwierld or M'Bwia, and Anita as starters or pushing for starts at least, get also Niang from Caen who is only 2 years older than me

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Not a bad wish list but ye looking over 30mill there plus wages agents fees would be too high or mean that other players will have to go to make way

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23 Jun 2012 17:44:39
Best a target for Blackburn (1-2m)
Shola possibly to west Ham or Stoke
Nile Ranger to Barnsley or Shef Wed.
Orbetan loan back to france or West ham.

I'd have like to see the toon concentrate more on getting the good free signings like Kalou (good age and experience, excellent goals to game ratio, great cover for both wings and up front), Diame (to late now went to West Ham, but would have give us great options in midfield) Manuel Fernandes (would have prefered Diame but this guy is quality, good season last year). And then spend some money on Debuchy, a good CB and bring in a young striker like Castaignos or Sturridge (still only 22) on loan. If we get De Jong (too pricey at 15m) or Sturridge I can see Ba being sold at the end of the transfer window to cover the costs.

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Kalou's wages would be massive, around 60k/week. I see Diame signed for west ham at 50k/week (not at all worth that) again, way too much.
I dont see why people are turning on the scouting system, its proven that buying young, unknowns is a lot more effective than signing these 'big names'
I would much rather see us sign 4 or 5 young unknown players for 20 million, than splash it out on De Jong and Debuchy.
We need to build a squad capable of competing in europe AND the prem.
At the minute, we have round and about the right starting XI, but we need a much stronger bench.
Finally, The Mackem Slayer will never leave NUFC

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Pards speaks very highly of Shola and we wouldn't get stupid money for him (altho the W.Ham owners are stupid), so i can't see him leaving.

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Kalou has pace and good work rate but he is not a player with a winning mentality. Let Liverpool waste money on him i say.

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I would never like to see shola leave our club, even if he is not the best player he has been there all his life and is a massive character within our club and for what we would sell him he is worth more to us

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Agree with the person above, Shola is part of the furniture here. Not the greatest player but is newcastle through and through, cares for the club, has played through multiple injuries in the past and is a good squad player and option from the bench.
Would hate to see him leave tbh.

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Agree with the shola comments, i remember a time when he played with a problematic hip when it really needed operated on. just got on with it without complaining. things like that has probably hindered his career although he was never gonna replace shearer.

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24 Jun 2012 19:50:01
Kalou will demand high wages, but he's free (so we'd save 8m) he's at his prime, has great goal ratio and experience and he's a better winger then jonas and orbetan.
I know Amiobi has been here since the dawn of time, but one last big pay day and regular playing time would appeal i bet.

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23 Jun 2012 10:08:07
i can see us signing debuchy, id go up to £7m for him. im not so sure about de jong. yes his agent has said he would be interested in newcastle and that we are the first club to formally make a bid, for de jong i cant see us going over £11m. we should then look for bargins after that. maybe a winger, with pace, to come on second half and out run defenders .

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Twente just want a bidding war for de Jong and debuchy value will go up again if he plays well against Spain, I can't see us going with that, bit u can never tell with us

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Well after last nights showing albeit not his normal position I ain't that fussed .

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We've got Obertan to come on second half and race past defenders.

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23 Jun 2012 09:57:00
Ins - Amalfitano - free
Debuchy - £7.5m
De Jong - £12m
Curtis Good - £1m
Elia - loan with view to buy.
Outs - Guthrie - Reading - free
- Best - Swansea - £3m
- Lovenkrands - Blackburn - free
- Streete - loan - Carlisle

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Yh i think we could get these players but i think we will get a couple more cause pardew knowsthat we need some depth to carry on like last season

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Don't think we're gonna get 3m for Best, nor do I think we'll pay 12m for De Jong. Also apparently Good is rated at about 500k by Melbourne Heart?

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We need more than that if we want to do anything in the league and europe

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Supposedly 11 players have left Newcastle so far this Summer, That should free up the wage bill a bit. For me a Centreback is top Priority, Colo has been immense so 1 more Centreback would send Newcastle into next season with the back sorted out which is a good start.

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Saylor is back people need to remember that, and yeah best will go for 2 mil, dont see us paying 12 for de jong or 7.5 for debuchy we are not made of money, no1 ever predicts our transfers right no1 saw the cisse deal coming or the cabaye deal or tiote, lets be serious pardew knows who he wants and we do not we will have to wait and see, we would like those players but we need depth more than quality at the moment but hopefully with one brings the other

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23 Jun 2012 09:17:21
I think de Jong and debuchy are smokescreens for are real targets, we did the same last season with erdinc and maiga, if you think about properly it makes sense with all the attention Graham Carr has been getting, other clubs must be thinking about trying to steal any one we go for and why all of a sudden would they let the press know our targets and risk that happening in the first place, and the bids we put in for them are half the price the clubs want for the players, the lads we signed last season there was no messing around met the fee agreed terms and had them singed before any one could even speculate {Ed026's Note - It's possible, but I would say Debuchy is definitely a real target and I think we will sign him.

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Let's hope the ed is right!

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Pardew has been talking about bringing in a player that Cabaye wants there for a while now (Which is almost certainly a reference to Debuchy). I doubt that he would say this so confidently if he wasn't 99% certain of signing him.

NUFC never reveal an interest in a player until the deal is about done.


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Pardew has also said don't believe what anything untill a player has signed, cabaye may have more than one pal too, debuchy could still be who he's after but I think him playing for France in the euros might have priced him out of a move, I hope I'm wrong like because I like the look of him

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He's great going forward not so sure about his defensive abilty though.

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23 Jun 2012 05:12:47
I work in sports rehab with some NUFC staff. Players I've heard mention lately are obvious one's like Debuchy and De jong...others I've heard include Zapata (villareal defender, now relegated and need to cut) Alderweireld (although unlikely as Ajax looking to loose Verthongen) Torosidis (incase Debuchy deal fails)....also Morata, Guideit or Castaignos loan deals (if De jong deal fails and Best and Amiobi move)...they were laughing when someone mentioned Sahin (love to see it though)

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22 Jun 2012 22:33:14
Ed is it true that we had a £4 million bid for Toby Alderweireld rejected from Ajax?
Would be a cracking signing if we could get him. {Ed001's Note - I don't know mate, I haven't heard anything about that, so can't say yes or no, sorry.}

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