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23 Jul 2012 21:12:19
{Ed022's Note - Hi all, there has been a Player Profile Updated on Seydou Doumbia of CSKA Moscow. In January, Newcastle had a failed bid for the Striker, and to say he is prolific is an understatement. Be sure to check out the 'Your Profiles' section also, as there are plenty of profiles for you Newcastle fans to look through etc, or you can even post some if you so wish. - thanks all.}

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I don't remember any bid being made for Doumbia in January... the only two strikers I remember us being linked with were Maiga and Cisse.

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There wasn't

just a plug

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Ed, could Seydou Doumbia be considered a possible target for Newcastle still, or is he too expensive? scores loads of goals! {Ed001's Note - it is more a question of wages.}

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Doumbia is way too expensive he's worth like 25-20 million.

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Fed up of same 5 strikers rumouring around,can any one name a striker of quality who would want to play third fiddle to Ba and Cisse, no? we need some experience upfront if they go to africa,

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23 Jul 2012 20:59:13
Liverpool have asked andy carrol to hand in transfer request so they don't have to give him any pay offer. carrol has been told he is not in Rodgers plan but wants the money prior to move. only club he will come to is Newcastle. Newcastle will not pay the money he is on but will pay 50 k per week. all depends on Liverpool paying the money for selling. deal is in the region of 13 to 14 million

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Why would they want Carroll to hand in a transfer request and what difference would it make when the club already want to sell him? {Ed001's Note - it means they don't have to pay up a percentage of the player's remaining contract with the club.}

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23 Jul 2012 17:25:20
liverpool askin 20m for carroll and newcastle are considerin 17m but y wud u pay dat wen u can get huntelaar for 15m and remy for 15m who are better players. If ba goes we could use the money and go for hulk. He said its up to god where he goes and newcastle is known to be the land of the gods plus we have the angel of the north like the god statue in rio. His fee would be 32m 100k a wk not bad for a young up and comin striker

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32m and 100k?!! away back to sleep mate. newcastle would never pay that

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Hulk up and comming, thought he'd already arrived. Well never sign player for 32m and pay them in excess of £100,000 p/w under this regime. And quiete rightly so.

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Hulk will want a CL club and weeey off out budget. Plus Huntelaar would also want high wages. Remy? can't see PSG accepting anything less than 17m.I think Gameiro is our best bet. Also sick of hearing about Carroll and think we should be defo going for pace than height.

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You need to turn football manager off mate!
Yes he said its up to god but don't think he means the one most of us no about he means the money god! Plus he will go to a team with CL football!

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Remy plays for Marseille and due to there financial problem they are looking at off loading Remy for £15 million.

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Remy plays marseille not psg.. well obertan on 30k a wk and got rid of smith was on 60k.wud rather av 1 great player like hulk than 4 or 5 average league 1 players.

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FYI Remy plays for Marseille not PSG mate.

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Everyone keeps mentioning remy, gamerio etc but why not victor moses available for 10mil?

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Haha... must be aving a laugh!

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We could have got him for 1 mil before he went to Wigan.

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Never really rated Huntelaar. Overhyped and over expensive.

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Hulk??? haha. Next it will be ronaldo and tevez etc

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Hi villa fan eya andy carroll will be at the villa next season not that i am overly excited but this will happen liverpool still owe us 7 million for downin that will be wiped clean and we r payin another 13 million on top this will happen wen villa get back from america....

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And why are you telling us about Villas signings? .Do you think we are that interested if you sign Carroll?

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Last I heard Angel of North was in Gateshead not Newcastle. It is approx 1 mile from the border of Sunderland (at Washington) and 4 miles from the River Tyne where Newcastle starts. So, arguably as Gateshead has no premier team it is Sunderland who "have the Angel..."

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We will never get Hulk... come off it mate. Also Victor Moses on his way to Chelsea. Andy Carroll was hated by all NUFC fans when he left, and now he's being praised as god...

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23 Jul 2012 16:09:45
genuine interest in scott dann from blackburn, player wants a move into the premier league however there are at least 6-7 premier league teams all interested.

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Let them have him, relegated twice in 2 seasons with different teams so obviously not good enough.

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Dann and the other one who ended up at Wolves seemed a decent pair at Birmingham but once separated done nowt. Bit like Arshavin and Pav looked immense for the Russians about 4 years ago but didn't seem to be the same when split in North London... Although to be fair Arshavin did have one decent season for the gunners

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23 Jul 2012 15:01:28
Newcastle is looking to bring in Ryan Babel from Hoffenheim. He can leave for around £3 mill. And he is really desperate to leave to a Premier league club. Swansea and Tottenham also want Babel.
Iam a big fan of Babel and i think he would be a good signing for the Magpies! ;-)

What do you think?

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He chose Liverpool instead of us the first time so why woudl we takle him now.... even ethough he was so good last time he was in the EPL??

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Oh lord please no.

Similar to Obertan only Obertan is actually better.

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The lad is a prolific striker lets get him

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23 Jul 2012 12:42:14
Lille has signed Djibril Sidibé (defender playing on the wings) from ESTAC who were promoted to League 1 last season. Will they be willing to sell Debuchy now? Hopefully!

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He's failed to turn up for training apparently

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This rumour has ran for months now. I wont hold my breath until he has 100% signed. this story has, however given me renewed sense of optimism

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Who didn't turn up for training?

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Debuchy didn't turn up to training. He wants to leave Lille, the Lille hierarchy are being a pain in the ar$e.

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You would think if Lille wanted a replacement for Debuchy they would take Newcastles upfront money and go and get one, What exactly are they playing at.

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Lille dont need the money at the moment, They can play hard ball because they got something like 35 million off chelsea for Hazard. I would think they would of at least got 15mil up front from Cheslea. It could be a Long Summer! Hope not though.

I would personally be happy to see Debuchy and Remy, I think even if we added only these two players we would still be going places.

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23 Jul 2012 12:00:51
sat watching sky sports and transfers and apparently lfc intrested in swap with demba ba for carroll......k

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23 Jul 2012 09:45:03
Hey Ed. Any news on when Curtis Good will return and come here for a medical? {Ed001's Note - sorry not a clue about that move at all.}

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