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23 Feb 2013 16:33:32
Ed who do you expect will be the ins and outs in the summer? Personally I think there will be a big clearout and lots of players brought in, and apparently Aubameyang, Isimat-Mirin and Siem de Jong are the main targets. Do you know anything else?
Cheers, Chris {Ed001's Note - I expect mostly the ins to be dependent on outs. Fringe players, such as Ranger, cleared out and replaced with more of the bargain signings of higher quality. Aubameyang is possible, he was being watched by a lot of teams, but no one has been willing to take a chance on him. Isimat-Mirin the same and Siem de Jong, all players like Sissoko that have attracted attention and yet never got a move. All players Newcastle have had watched, all possible targets for the summer. It is a long way off though, your final place will make a hell of a difference to which targets you move for. I really don't expect a huge turnover of players, but Ashley is not going to make the same mistake as last summer, I believe.}

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Ranger will be gone I the summer as will Harper who is retiring. Probably those who have had a chance and not taken it from the reserves may be allowed to leave and the likes of Curtis Goode added to the senior squad. I doubt there will be many outs from the first team. maybe Simpson and Collo if he still wants his move. Ins I think will be two forwards, one to replace Ranger although anyone could do better than he has. and a replacement for Collo. We will need a third keeper but other than that don't see too much movement.

I hope they get in early and have the deals tied up before they return for pre-season though. that will be important for the start of the season.

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Aye especially in the championship, games come at you thick & fast at the start of the season

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23 Feb 2013 12:53:05
Takeover talk is back, apparently Ashley has rejected 2 offers so far, have you heard anything Ed? {Ed001's Note - nothing recently.}

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Where did you hear this? is it true, and who are the investors? Please say its some quatarian billionaires! It would be a dream come true if we taken over by some billionaires! 50million to spend in each window! Back with the big boys.

Sad thing is, as ed has not heard anything, I don't believe there is any takeover talk : (

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I saw something saying a big chinese sportswear company was interested about a month ago

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Apparently Chinese company Li Ning were interested in investing. Do you know if they'd be proper owners for us ed? or is just for shares or something?
Geordie Moses {Ed001's Note - I was told they were involved in a deal with Sports Direct, people were putting 2 and 2 together I think. You never know though, that could have been a story put out to keep the media off the scent.}

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Last thing I want is a team full of cashleys and nasri's

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If it means bringing trophies and champions league them i'm all for it.

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Just so long as they're not just looking to be Li Ning their pockets!


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Honest football teams do not win anything, look at Everton, Fulham etc etc. If you want to win anything these days you have to spend mega money.

If we are taken over, they will only need to buy 3 world class players - say a 30 mil striker, 30 mil mf player and a 20 mil defender or something like that. the foundations are there which I honestly think was or is Ashleys main objective, to build an attractive looking investment.

I have long pondered the pros and cons and think it is a pro if we are bought by multi muliti quadgillionare

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It is all about having the infrastructure in place ie having a stadium that you can fill and a loyal fan base, both of which we have.

The next thing is have a good set of assets ie players to begin with, which again we have.

All in all it is an attractive purchase.

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Chinese sportswear firm to take over?
Aye Spolts dilect

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I hope he does sell can't wait for him 2 walkout the door

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22 Feb 2013 14:49:47
Ed do you know if we're interested in Maxime Lestienne of Club Brugge at all? {Ed001's Note - no idea sorry.}

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