Newcastle Rumours Archive August 23 2013


23 Aug 2013 13:12:57
What happened to claims of Ashley selling up and also their claims that senior officials were overseas concluding deals for 2 players?


Ashley will probably ask any1 who's interested in nufc for a billion £'s n not holding my breath 4 any signings i'll b long tym dead b4 we sign any1 permanently

Heard Lyon have agreed to let Gomis go on a Free Transfer this year. If we don't do this, it would be bad business

Gomis will be free to sign pre-contract in january 2014 why would they let him go now for free when they can get some thing for him now as they have money problems. k

Why would they let him go for free when we have already bid 8m for him and they accepted it

Why would they let him go on a free if we've already had a 10million bid accepted?




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